Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 287

"Rockin' Down The Highway" Edition

Phineas, at Sister Toldjah:
“You may have heard that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin is about to embark on a ‘One Nation’ bus tour of historic sites in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions... Many are speculating that this may be a prelude to announcing her candidacy for president. I don’t think there’s any ‘may be’ about it: I think she’s 95% in and this plus her documentary (which, contrary to the MSM slander, she neither commissioned nor paid for) are the final ‘testing the waters’ to gauge reaction... I greatly admire her and think she’d be a fine president — and not just by comparison to the low bar set by the current occupant of the office. She’s my preferred candidate... Oh, yeah, I almost forgot: Go, ‘Cuda!”
Andrea Tantaros, on Fox News' "Hannity":
“If she doesn't run Sean, this is the biggest head fake in presidential politics I've ever seen.”
Marooned in Marin:
“What would be good about a Palin candidacy is she has the name recognition, and she has been at the forefront of taking on the Obama Regime via social networking websites and the media. She is an ‘outsider’ to the GOP Party appraratus - the elites and Country Clubbers hate her just like the liberals do. Finally, she espouses conservative ideas in a passionate way that attracts people to listen to her. She talks at a level people can understand, instead of talking down to them. Just this announcement has fired up conservatives at all the message boards I've seen, in a way no one else has. One Nation is a good theme for her bus tour, especially in contrast to the way liberals and the Obama Regime have tried to divide us by class, gender, race and sexual orientation.”
Smitty, at The Other McCain:
“I’m upgrading my Sarah Palin prediction from ‘not running’ to ‘not running a traditional campaign’... Pay close attention to that bus tour, GOP. As you go under it.”
Michael D. Shear, at The Caucus:
“The announcement by the former governor of Alaska on Thursday that she will begin a slick, campaign-style bus tour this weekend immediately set off a frenzy of media and political speculation about her intentions for the 2012 presidential race. Her small band of advisers was flooded with hundreds of phone calls and e-mails the moment the story broke. Helicopters hovered over the new home that she and her family have bought in Arizona, hoping for a glimpse. And in Iowa and New Hampshire, her potential candidacy diverted attention, at least for the moment, from her rivals. The political flurry foreshadowed the kind of adrenaline shot to the heart that Ms. Palin’s candidacy could be for a Republican presidential campaign that had recently looked like it was coalescing around a pretty traditional set of contenders. Traditional she is not.”
Herman Cain, to Fox News' Neil Cavuto:
“I have a lot of respect for Governor Palin. Governor Palin is helping to stir the pot. What I like about her most is that she tells it like it is.”
Curt, at Flopping Aces:
“It seems Sarah is in... And Rush says the establishment, as well as Obama, are pretty worried about her... But she hasn’t announced yet… there is not even a peep that she will announce soon. So is she going to run or not? Make no mistake…if she announces it will send shockwaves throughout the establishment ranks who will do their best to destroy her before she can hurt their favorite RINOs. Palin’s role over the last few years has been quite important in helping to rally the opposition to Obama…opposition that seemed impossible days after his inauguration. So you can bet your a## Obama will be worried.”
Falze, at Albany Media Bias:
“Roll on, Sarah. Roll on.”
Glenn Beck:
“The question is whether or not this is still a country that can handle — you want to talk about a, quote/unquote, maverick. It is Sarah Palin. Can the country still elect or still give a lot of credibility to somebody who works alone and says I’m charting my own course. Those used to be pioneers. Those used to be people that would go out west and people would tell stories of them... They attack Sarah Palin with such anger, it’s just — it makes me like her more, because I get defensive about her and Bachmann and others that get attacked so angrily over and over again. They must be doing something right.”
Bernie Quigley, at The Hill's Pundits Blog:
“It may be that the MSM no longer reports news, but denies news... It is now and always has been about Sarah Palin. On the Republican side, the rest is side meat.”
Rush Limbaugh:
“I think the Democrat Party and Obama, the White House, number one objective is going to be to depress the Republican base... They are not going to focus their reelection campaign on four more years of the Obama agenda, 'cause nobody wants to run on this. There isn't anything Obama's done that people are clamoring for more of. People want less Obamaism. People want less Obama. But the Obamaites wanna get reelected. They wanna win. They don't care how. They just want four more years to continue this path and swath of ‘transformation,’ i.e., destruction of America as constitutionally founded... So if they're rubbing their hands together in the White House at Sarah Palin's bus trip, it's because they think they've got another opportunity to destroy your state of mind by attacking her. You and every other conservative voter are the primary targets of the regime and the Democrat Party. The more they can depress you, the more they can get you irritated at your party -- the more they can get you swearing not to donate, not to participate; the more they can get you so angry, you say, ‘To hell with it, I'm not even gonna vote; I'm not even gonna pay attention anymore’ -- that's how they win." That's what this is all about.”
Wild Thing, at PC Free Zone:
“Rolling thunder break out... perfect.”
Stacy McCain, at The Real McCain:
“Comedy Gold: Meghan McCain Blames Her Lousy Dating Life on Sarah Palin... This is the part of the blog post where normally I’d include some snarky comment about why Meghan’s dating life is really so bad. However, recent events have caused me to reconsider my ill-advised penchant for juvenile humor. For example, it would be wrong to make fun of Meghan by suggesting that maybe she shouldn’t date guys she meets at the pharmacy while picking up her Valtrex prescription. So I’m not going to make any jokes like that, because such crude humor would be in poor taste. However...”
Doug Powers, at
“If Sarah runs for president, [Meghan] McCain might as well go ahead and join a convent.”
Rob Port, at
“Like totally. Whose fault is it that her dates find Sarah Palin more interesting than her? And if it weren’t for Sarah Palin, would Meghan McCain even be appearing on Jay Leno? After all, it has been Meghan’s attacks on Palin after the campaign that have kept her in the limelight of the adoring liberal media that is always hungry for a nominal Republican willing to sling mud at conservatives. Especially when the conservative in question is Palin. Let’s face it. Meghan McCain’s media career is only slightly more credible than Levi Johnston’s.”
- JP

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