Saturday, May 28, 2011

Will the One Nation Tour stop at Gettysburg?

"She has such a huge following here"
On the SarahPAC website, there's a map which will show the stops on Gov. Palin's One Nation bus tour. As of this writing, no stops have been officially announced. But the buzz is growing, fueled by a Politico article, that the tour will include a visit to the historic Gettysburg National Military Park this weekend. Tim Prudente of the Hanover, PA Evening Sun reports:
Walt Tuchalski, communications coordinator for the Adams County Republican Committee, said he's heard speculation of a Sunday visit.

"The rumor from reliable sources on the street is that Sarah Palin's campaign has made some inquiries into what's going on in Gettysburg this Sunday," he said.

The Palin campaign did not respond Friday to requests for information.

The SarahPAC site states tour stops will include "historical sites that were key to the formation, survival, and growth of the United States of America."

The site, however, doesn't list any specific stops.

Still, Tuchalski said he's hopeful for a visit.

"That would be huge, she has such a huge following here," he said. "It would really energize Adams County."

We suspect the SarahPAC website's bus tour page will get an awesome number of hits this weekend as people check in to learn where the first announced stops will be. While there, it wouldn't hurt for Sarah's army troops to each make a small donation, say, twenty dollars and ten cents. It lets the guv know how much we want her to run in 2012. Although she likely has some inkling of that, we need to leave no doubts.

Although donations to SarahPAC cannot legally be transferred to any presidential campaign Gov. Palin may later decide to engage in, FEC regulations governing leadership PACs (such as SarahPAC) allow contributions to be used for her travel expenses and can thus help finance the One Nation Tour.

- JP

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  1. Somewhere on the south side of Little Round Top.....

    Civil War officer re-enactor: "20th Maine, FIX BAYONETS!"

    "Hey Sarah, what are you doin here?"

    Sarah: "I'm here with my family touring the historical sites from DC to Boston. Because of you guys here back in 1863 we are still 'ONE NATION'. Thanks."

    Officer: "Sarah, you runnin for President?"

    Sarah: (smiles and give the patented Cuda wink)