Friday, May 20, 2011

There's a reason it's called 'The Fix'

At the corrupt Washington Post, the fix is always in
At The Fix, his blog at the liberal Washington Post, Chris Cillizza Friday reached all the way back to March to cite a questionable poll conducted by his biased newspaper and the equally biased ABC News to portray Sarah Palin as unpopular with Republicans. The WaPo/ABC News poll surveyed only 414 Republicans and independents who lean Republican, a sample size which is about half that of the most reliable surveys. The poll allegedly "found" that Gov. Palin's favorable-to-unfavorable ratio to be 47 to 37.

Cillizza did not mention a more recent Gallup Poll which measured Sarah Palin's favorable rating at 72 percent among Republicans and Republican-leaners. Unlike the less reliable survey Cillizza cited, the Gallup Poll had a large sample size of 1,000.

Another more recent poll Cillizza could have referred to, but chose not to, is a survey released by Public Policy Polling May 10. Although PPP clients are mostly Democrats, the firm's results are more accurate than those of Washington Post/ABC or any other media outlets who do political polling, including Fox News, CNN, Wall Street Journal/NBC and New York Times/CBS. This PPP poll found Gov. Palin's favorable rating to be 61 percent, nearly double her unfavorable 31 percent, higher, in fact than Mitt Romney (53 percent), Newt Gingrich (54 percent) and even two points better than Mike Huckabee's 59 percent.

Why did Cillizza ignore more recent and more accurate surveys and reach all the way back to March to cite a flawed poll? His blog, like the newspaper which hosts it, has an agenda. The corrupt media needs to reinforce its narrative by generating poll numbers specifically tailored to fit that narrative. That's just one reason why Americans' trust in the media, like their trust in government, has been at or near record low levels in recent years. There's a reason why Cillizza's blog is called "The Fix." That's because at the corrupt Washington Post, the fix is always in.

- JP

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