Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Todd Palin: 'This family has been tested'

"Local politics is in your face every day."
Todd Palin disclosed Tuesday that he is not pushing his wife to run or forgo at run for president. He told a small group of reporters Tuesday that she will decide on her own whether or not to seek the presidency, according to CNN producer Peter Hamby:
But he emphasized that if the former Alaska governor does choose to embark on another national campaign, he and their children will be ready.

"This family has been tested," Palin said. "When people talk about how she was just plucked up out of Wasilla, you have to look at her career. Every step in her career is another step for the family, and we were prepared.

"These kids grew up around the mayor of small town," he added. "Local politics is in your face every day. It's not like you get on a plane and fly to D.C. or Juneau."

The normally-reserved Palin opened up about his family for a few moments after he and Sarah pulled over their "One Nation" bus at Coffee Express, a charming café in the central Pennsylvania town of Dillsburg.

Palin said there is a list of "pros and cons" that the family is weighing. "But this country, we have to get back on the right track," he said.

Todd agrees with Sarah Palin that she still has plenty of time to decide whether or not to compete for the GOP presidential nomination and ultimately the White House.

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