Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 272

"Says what she means, means what she says" Edition

Peter Andrew, at
“Palin knows how to do something so many Washington professional politicians are unable to do: talk to real people. Palin has people power. If she announces that she will run for President in 2012, you will see huge crowds gather each time she appears. And not just rows of people, rows of people who are pumped up! These people will be energized, motivated, willing to volunteer, and willing to open up their checkbooks to donate. Are you a doubter? Name another GOP candidate right now who can get people excited, donating and motivated to act... The real candidate Obama is afraid of is Sarah Palin. She can raise money. She can relate to people. She means what she says and speaks the truth. She embraces the tea party (unlike the RNC and the GOP who still cling to their Washington politicians and rules of waiting your turn to run). If Sarah joins a small field of candidates, she will quickly be among the top two or three. If Sarah joins a large field of candidates, she will be in the top four and grow steadily as each lesser candidate drops out.”
Erick Erickson, at
“The establishment fears her. I’d gladly support her.”
Patrick S. Adams, at Sarah Palin Information Blog:
“The political science degree and the textbooks are no help when trying to analyze an unconventional candidate. The answers were not in the political science textbook when she resigned as governor. Only Sarah had the answers, which she gave us in her speech and Facebook post. We are at another ‘trust me’ moment... Her diehard supporters want her to run. There are so many who are hungry for her leadership and willing to do what it takes if she does run. We chomp at the bit. Every time we watch another candidate announce, we wish it was her. But we know one thing about her. She is unconventional. She is different. She is unique. She has to have a plan. She tells Martha MacCallum it’s too early. As I watch some of the GOP candidates stumble coming out of the gate, I wonder what’s up her sleeve? This isn’t the first time we’ve had to put blind trust in Sarah’s wisdom. It’s okay to wait if that’s what she wants us to do. She has never let her army of supporters down yet.”
Scott Conroy, via Twitter:
“Paging Ms. Palin...MT If Huck decides against a run, there is no Iowa front-runner and it removes a ‘must-win-Iowa’ candidate”
iusbvision, at The IUSB Vision Weblog:
“The Atlantic Monthly: On Second Thought, Sarah Palin was a Great Governor... Sarah Palin did not just ‘raise taxes’ as MSNBC tried to spin this piece, Sarah Palin pushed through an entirely new royalty structure for the oil companies buying oil from the people of Alaska. The old royalty system was not just a good deal for the oil companies, it resulted in a royalty so low that the people of Alaska were being ripped off... The Murkowski machine was corrupt and on the take, they were also corrupt in the contract bidding process which Palin also fixed.”
Uffda, at Barbaric Thoughts:
“Palin’s record as Governor was not that of a hyper-partisan. To her, the most important thing was that they got the job done and got a good deal for Alaskans, all Alaskans. And she’d work with whoever was willing to work toward that goal with her, including Democrats...”
“No doubt the response from the White House will be they had no idea this twerp rapped about a cop killer. That's how they roll. Play dumb and call it all a misunderstanding or something. Or when that fails, just make fun of the people who've got a legitimate complaint. Should be interesting to see how they manage to trash the president of a police union... A shame it takes Fox, the Daily Caller and Sarah Palin to notice this stuff while the White House press corps sits in silence... Common finds it all very amusing. The police do not.”
Andrew Malcolm, at Top of the Ticket:
“Paul's been in Washington a generation, but he talks like an outsider. His followers, now with one cycle's campaign experience under their tightened belts, are like Sarah Palin's believers: genuinely motivated...”
Peter Ingemi, at Datechguy's Blog:
“For several mouths we have been told by the MSM that the Republicans in Wisconsin were overreaching, that their actions are energizing democrats, that things like the Ryan budget were going to turn into disaster for the GOP. Even after the Supreme Court win in Wisconsin the meme continued unabated. Now after months of this we see a concrete measure of democratic confidence. Herb Kohl a 4 term Democratic Senator has decided to call it quits... In 2012 President Obama will be on the top of the ticket. We have been told repeatedly that he is a shoe-in for re-election. Hasn’t the left been trumpeting poll after poll saying that no Republican in the field, certainly not a conservative like Sarah Palin, has any prayer against him? This would be the time when democrats would turn out en-mass to support him joined by the elderly in revolt against the Ryan plan! Yet with all these trends that the media is pushing, Mr Kohl decides its time to head for the hills.”
Ron Devito, at US for Palin:
“When the number of Governor Palin’s Facebook supporters reaches 3 million, let’s donate $30, $300, or $3,000 to SarahPAC.”
Bill, at City On A Hill Political Observer:
“Palin's rogue political instincts make her an enemy of the political power players in both parties and a friend to the little guy. She's repeatedly defeated incumbents and establishments that she had no business defeating and the media caricature of some air-headed reality star will fade as the American people begin to see more of her directly. The recent Gallup poll found Palin's favorability the highest (at 71%) of any of the contenders among GOP and GOP-leaning independent voters. Palin's recent policy-heavy and politically passionate speeches have demonstrated that the Obama White House would have much to fear from the fearless Reaganite outsider. She wouldn't hold back and would play to win. That alone in the debate would leave Obama stuttering and angry within mere minutes... If Palin gets in, she's my candidate.”
Chris Good, at The Atlantic:
“Palin could stand out as the only Republican who consistently polls in the top five who hasn't flip-flopped on cap-and-trade, if voters grant that her 2008 support was a product of her presence on the McCain ticket.”
Clifton B, at Another Black Conservative:
“First there was George Bush's Compassionate Conservatism, a cute name for small bore progressive policies. Then came Sarah Palin's Commonsense Conservatism which is just good old fashion plain old conservatism. Yesterday, Mitt Romney introduced us to a new brand of conservatism... Contortion Conservatism. Contortion Conservatism is basically twisting yourself and conservatism into a pretzel as you try to unapologetically explain away your very un-conservative past deeds. In Romney's case, he is trying to make the support of individual mandates and RomneyCare look like it sprang forth from a TEA Party movement.”
Josh Leguern, at
“I’m tired of having to accommodate the left’s narrative of Sarah Palin. As Yuval Levin noted back in November 2009, Palin has become the representation of all things they believe about the right, even if they’re not true...”
Wesley J. Smith, at Secondhand Smoke:
“Secondhand Smokette – no fan of Sarah Palin – has a blog out... that points out how abysmally Palin was treated when she first emerged on the national political stage. I have said that I believe much of the irrational, spittle spewing hatred of Palin originates with the birth of Trig, her baby with Down syndrome, which symbolized her personally socially conservative views for some, and brought out the inner eugenicist of others. Debra doesn’t go there, but she notes that the biologically impossible and defamatory rumors that Trig was really Palin’s grandson were seized upon by the media, which rocked the McCain/Palin campaign with scurilous and insulting questions about Trig’s birth, reflecting the intense bias of a press determined to elect Obama... And it was done with malice aforethought. The hatred continues unabated. And while it has been indisputably proven that Trig is Sarah’s son–some still refuse to believe it, the ignoble Andrew Sullivan, for one–and he remains at the core of the Palin haters’ seething cauldron of bile.”
- JP

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