Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 271

"Dangerous" Edition

John Hawkins, at Right Wing News:
“What actually happened was that when Sarah Palin burst on the scene, she scared the living hell out of the Left. Here was a beautiful, talented, charismatic woman with a knack for connecting with people and she was vaulting to the top of the political heap at a very young age. This was INCREDIBLY menacing to the Left, not just because they legitimately feared she could become the vice-president or even president one day, but because she’s a woman... Because Palin is such a threat not just to win the presidency, but to a crucial constituency, the Left has done everything humanly possible to try to personally destroy her. They mocked her at every opportunity, they went after her children, they filed phony ethics charges, they invented conspiracy theories about her, and they have obsessively attacked her for every slip-up, real or imagined, that they can come up with.”
Mark Levin, via Facebook:
“This kind of ‘analysis’ is really getting boring...”
William Jacobson, at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
“Zero tolerance is my position on cheap shots at Sarah Palin from the right. I don't expect people to like her or support her, but piling on is unforgivable to me because it just feeds the mainstream media, entertainment industry, and left-blogosphere beasts... Podhoretz's explanation, much like that of Green, pays only passing attention to the unprecedented and relentless attacks on Palin since the moment she was nominated. Attacks joined in with glee from a broad swath of the media, and most importantly, the entertainment industry, which to this day cannot resist mocking Palin. Rather than a thin skin, Palin showed a mental toughness which few if any politicians could muster in the face of the cultural, political and journalistic forces aligned against her from the get-go. By using the analogy of Darryl Strawberry, who truly self destructed from drug addiction, Podhoretz not only uses a bad analogy, he piles on with a cheap shot. And I have zero tolerance for that.”
Ann Althouse, at Instapundit:
“I haven’t read it. I’ve been staring at the odd illustration, a weirdly masculinized painting of Palin. That title and that painting… so angsty… so expressive of something eating at the hearts of Palin-haters.”
“Green writes nearly 6,000 words and yet manages to leave out any mention of the role of the press and its smear campaign against Palin in the 2008 presidential election and since. That’s quite a feat of omission... Green also acts as though Palin made some huge partisan shift with her convention speech; he wishes she had run instead on her Alaskan record as a reformer who could work with both parties. But she did run on that record; her message was drowned out and lost in the libelous media din.”
“They still hate her, but the left Atlantic Magazine [admitted] that Sarah Palin did some remarkable things during her two-and-a-half years in the Alaska governor’s office...”
John Sexton, at Verum Serum:
“So while Green’s piece may be a bit more sympathetic than, say, the dishonest sleaze put out by Michael Joseph Gross last September or what’s coming next from Joe McGinnis, it’s just the other end of the same continuum. In every case, Palin is a failure in need of explanation. In some cases that’s semi-thoughtful, if politically slanted as here, and in others it’s Joe McGinnis comparing her to Hitler on national TV... I had a look over my archives and noticed the number of threats Palin has endured in the last 12 months. Remember the envelope of white powder sent to Dancing with the Stars? How about the death threats she received in the wake of the media’s execrable coverage of her Facebook map? How about the stalker who’d threatened to kill her family and was found by the FBI about 50 miles from her house. And that’s just the serious stuff. I’m leaving out all the endless nonsense like the big splash when Sarah Palin’s daughter fixed her hair in Haiti. That was an international news story, believe it or not. Ah well, just move on to the next attack.”
The Right Scoop:
“My oh my how they underestimate her.”
Kathy Shaidle, at Five Feet of Fury:
“Canadian journalists are a witless bunch, their heads filled to bursting with received liberal wisdom, and they’re operating on tight deadlines. If the next stop on Geert Wilders’ tour is Nashville, and it is, then his entourage should consider themselves lucky Jenny Yuen didn’t ask if Wilders would be helping George W. Bush set up a theocracy, with an assist from Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh. Even if she did, then just laugh it off and say, ‘Next question.’ So while I admit that the way any story written by a Canadian journalist, even one at the Sun, is going to turn out is pretty predictable, I’m still left awestruck at anyone’s attempts to detect and pre-empt ‘personal bias.’ Personal bias — like Hedwig’s ‘angry inch’ – is ALL the mainstream media has to work with (see ‘witless,’ above).”
Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit:
“Sick Leftist Freaks! The whole crazy family was threatening Sarah Palin, her parents and her daughters!”
Brian Preston, at The PJ Tatler:
“Shawn Christy admitted in court to having threatened to rape Palin but has denied her allegations he menaced her daughters. He also admitted sending Palin numerous e-mails and gifts, and to traveling to Anchorage earlier this year. Craig Christy admitted to making more than two dozen early morning phone calls to Palin’s parents over a two-day period in March. He also acknowledged organizing a support group for his son to stage protests at events attended by Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, and he maintains a Facebook page with numerous anti-Palin messages.”
Patrick Ishmael, at Hot Air:
“With over 6000 votes cast, Sarah Palin has again won the Hot Air GOP primary survey. She leads a field of Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Ron Paul, and Mitch Daniels, among others.”
Henshaw, at The Daily Plunge:
“It should be pointed out that when Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was tragically shot a few months ago, the press had no problem attaching Sarah Palin to the story. When Jared Lee Loughner started shooting he didn’t yell ‘you betcha’ or ‘for Palin.’ Over the last twenty years the list of attacks that started with ‘Allahu Akbar!’ are too numerous to mention, but the press can’t speculate on a motive unless it’s Sarah Palin.”
Sean Cockerham, at the Anchorage Daily News:
“The Alaska attorney general's office says it's investigating a charge that former Sarah Palin aide Frank Bailey wrongfully used state emails as the basis for his coming book slamming the ex-governor.”
Tim Slagle, at Big Hollywood:
“Since last Thursday’s GOP debate was devoid of A-list candidates, ‘Saturday Night Live’ didn’t have any solid characters to parody. So rather than make the late night ensemble work, the writers just fictionalized a debate between the more famous undeclared candidates; using characters they will probably be able to recycle during the upcoming campaign. It was like watching a focus group, each actor trying out catch phrases they hope to use over the next year and a half... they decided to trot out Tina Fey, to perform her award-winning impression that she thought was tired three years ago. This makes no sense. Sarah Palin doesn’t even have a Presidential exploratory committee... Back in 2009, CNN thought it was necessary to fact-check ‘Saturday Night Live’ for an Obama skit, I wonder what those fact-checkers are doing today?”
- JP

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