Monday, May 9, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 269

"Same Old Song" Edition

Josh LeGuern, at
“At one time, I did find Tina Fey’s impersonation of Sarah Palin funny, in the way that I found Will Farrell’s impersonation of George W. Bush funny. We all know where Fey’s and Farrell’s political allegiances lie, but they mastered the art of taking one’s quirks and making them come alive on the screen. Then in the 2008 election cycle something shifted in the performance, it became rather obvious that Fey not only disagreed with Palin’s politics, she was contemptuous of Sarah Palin herself, and her impersonation went from being a harmless goof on Palin’s peculiarities to being a mean-spirited cartoon of liberal’s views on Palin and the culture Palin represented. Last night with Fey hosting SNL, she reprised her role as Sarah Palin in a rather uninspired ‘undeclared 2012 GOP candidates debate’. Fey’s impression of Palin continues to be one of utter contempt and it actually makes it really unfunny. In fact, the only thing that saved that skit from being a complete and total disaster was Darrell Hammond’s spot on impression of Donald Trump and Kenan Thompson’s impression of ‘The rent is too damn high’ guy. But Fey’s mean-spirited liberal jibes directed at Palin pretending to be a impersonation? It fell flat.”
Noel Sheppard, at NewsBusters:
“NBC's Tina Fey guest-hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ last evening, and viewers could hardly be surprised her network took the opportunity to once again use her to bash former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.”
Stogie, at Saberpoint:
“Sarah Palin... wrote a best-selling book... Going Rogue. Tina Fey also wrote a book called Bossy-Pants. It was so popular that it was for sale in book discount stores almost immediately, stacked nice and high because no one was buying it. Perhaps they can sell them to Eskimos for building igloos...or something. Maybe Tina needs to stop pretending to be a comedienne and hire Palin to tell her how to write a that actually sells. Of course, that presupposes that Fey has something to say that anyone wants to read.”
Mike Ryan, at Movie Line:
“Fey’s Sarah Palin impression — which, at least this time around, should have stayed tucked away in the closet — seemed forced in a ‘Tina’s the host, so we have to do Palin’ kind of way.”
Mitch Marconi, at The Post Chronicle:
“Saturday Night Live had Tina Fey back on as a guest host. And of course, much to the delight of liberal media, she was back as in her role as Sarah Palin... SNL writers and Tina Fey worked their hardest to make Sarah Palin once again look stupid. We have to say though, if SNL keeps up the taunting it looks to me like they are waving a red sheet at a bull and they will definitely get the horns if they keep this up. Tina Fey, often a critic of Palin, has said in a few interviews that she is sick of playing as ‘Sarah Palin,’ but she might have a full time job soon if she keeps this up.”
Dave C, at At The Point Of A Gun:
“Tina Fey spent her tour of duty on SNL making fun of the Right to a canned, liberal audience. And those who weren't liberal were being polite in laughing with the crowd so the tires on their car wouldn't be slashed later. Not just Sarah Palin but Republicans in general. That's not really being funny as much as it is pandering.”
Ashley Stinnett:
“Liberals thoroughly enjoy treating the Constitution as if they were at the local buffet bar, picking and choosing what they like and discarding they don’t. They hate the concept that the United States Constitution is reserved for all Americans, not just a select few... In order to get away with the most insanely-driven comments we have seen from the far-left, all one has to do is preface their name with some self-proclaimed title. Without naming names, how many female far left bomb throwers have single handedly played a central role in destroying prominent conservative women such as Sarah Palin? It’s really easy if you apply a title such as ‘comedian’ in front of your name. If you are a so-called comedian you can pretty much say and do anything you want without repercussions. Or how about the loony left that is havened within the film industry? Did you know you can make a documentary about assassinating a president while he or she is still in office without any legal intrusion? All you have to do is apply the title filmmaker before your name.”
Dave Weigel, via Twitter:
“In spin room, Johnson kicking himself for the Palin ‘hands and knees’ line.”
Psota, at Free Will:
“I keep hearing that Sarah Palin is ‘damaged goods’ and ‘unelectable.’ But, announce that she's going to give a speech and you know two things will happen (1) a large, boisterous crowd will show up and cheer her every word, and (2) everything she says will make a lot more sense than Mitt Romney trying to explain away RomneyCare or Newt Gingrich trying to explain why all of his wives began as his mistresses.”
Merv Benson, at PrairiePundit:
“Sarah Palin understands supply and demand when it comes to gas prices... she is clearly better informed than the President on energy issues.”
Steve Flesher, at
“For all of the allegedly-credible polls released in the past months which tell us Palin should forget about running for President, I am astonished at the rush of special-interest projects ready to hit the market in 2011 that seek to destroy her... One wonders just how blind these authors think American voters are as we listen to them proclaim their confidence in her inability to successfully run for President while they simultaneously crank out the same rhetoric Americans are already used to hearing. If this is confidence, many are left wondering: what the heck does insecurity look like?”
Donald Douglas, at American Power:
Is Sarah Palin Over? Asks Newsweek's Howard Kurtz. Obviously not... People are apparently dissing her appearance, of all things. She looks great to me...”
ZIP, at Weasel Zippers:
“Apparently Not Happy With the Amount of Mocking He’s Received, Andrew Sullivan Again Asks Sarah Palin to Prove Trig Is Her Son… Dude, get a life... My personal favorite Sully-mocking was the time his own guest blogger ripped him for his Trig conspiracy theory. Classic.”
Phoebes AZ, via Twitter:
“@SarahPalinUSA won the debate tonight and she was not even there...”
“Todd & Sarah Palin can raise their Down Syndrome Child to be a Fulfilled Person... Here is a man with Down Syndrome who was raised in a nurturing Christian home: He’s now a greeter at his church who is well known for his friendliness, love and great sense of humor. Family blessings like these can follow from loving choices for life – made by parents like Todd & Sarah Palin.”
- JP

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