Friday, May 6, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 268

"Rip Her To Shreds" Edition

John Nolte, at Big Journalism:
“The idea is, at all costs, to undermine her seriousness and to create a relentless storm of nonsensical controversies around her that serve the leftist MSM’s partisan desires in three ways. First, by creating a narrative out of the ridiculous, the Governor is never allowed to get her message out. Second, it furthers the goal of turning her into a punchline. Finally, this Palin-Fury the MSM constantly brews up is meant to condition us to wince every time she pops her head out of the ground... Monday night, at a military fundraiser, Governor Palin laid out what you might call the Palin Doctrine, a five-part plan that defines her vision for American national security. As a potential GOP candidate, any mainstream news outlet that wasn’t corrupt would find this to be a very big deal, but what did we get instead? Alinsky 101...”
Crusty Burgerhead, via Twitter:
“Mediate is mad that Sarah Palin referred to Obama as ‘our President?’ How will they feel when she refers to the President as ‘me?’”
Jonathon Seidl, at The Blaze:
“We found some video of the event posted by the liberal group Right Wing Watch. While the description of their video says Palin ‘sought to credit President Bush for the capture of Osama Bin Laden while not mentioning President Obama,’ the video shows that’s not entirely true... Here’s what she said: ‘And we thank our president, we thank President Bush…’ The Associated Press noted the mention in its story on the speech, separating the two mentions with a period and indicating they were two definitive mentions... That sure seems like she mentioned ‘the president’ and didn’t set out to snub or completely ignore him. Sure, she didn’t mention him by name and the crowd obviously loved the Bush mention better, but is that so wrong?”
Jedediah Bila, via Twitter:
“AP,did you forget about @'s speeches/posts re:Iran/START/Afghanistan/criteria for force when u wrote this?
Mark Whittington, at Yahoo!/Associated Content:
“With her detailed critique of Obama foreign policy, Palin has demonstrated a grasp of strategic thought that none of her critics are likely willing to credit her with. Palin also showed boldness in delivering a foreign policy speech at a moment in which President Obama has enjoyed a foreign policy victory in effecting the death of Osama bin Laden. In the same speech, she lavished praise for the takedown of bin Laden, albeit by not mentioning President Obama's name and with the mention that the policies of George W. Bush led to the execution. She might be making a good bet in this case; preliminary polls show that Obama's bump is minimal and temporary at best. The speech also suggests that Palin is edging toward a run for the presidency herself. Laying out a foreign/defense policy doctrine was one of the steps that many people had suggested she do before presenting herself as a candidate. Here she seems to have done so with great alacrity. She will be a formidable opponent indeed should she decide to run.”
NewsGuy, at The Right Perspective:
“Sarah Palin has removed two influential neo-conservative advisers from her inner circle and replaced them with people who have a more pragmatic view towards American foreign policy.”
John Houk, at Slant Right:
“Sarah Palin correctly wonders how in the world Usama bin Laden could live in a life of luxury for quite some time near the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad when the public shpeel was UBL was hiding in caves along the AfPak border which suggested a life of asceticism. Well anyway she questioned Pakistan not knowing where UBL was. I was wondering the rest. Pakistan looks extremely foolish and deceptive when that nation denies there was any knowledge of bin Laden’s whereabouts.”
Allahpundit, at Hot Air:
“This is the sort of thing that, had Palin said it, would be cited by the George Wills of the world as proof of her alleged ‘intellectual incuriosity’ and as evidence that she should never, ever be nominated... But since it’s Daniels, no doubt it’ll be applauded as refreshingly candid and a demonstration of charming Hoosier modesty.”
The Progressive Big Lie, not a Palin supporter:
“Sarah Palin, a woman who knows only traditional truths and speaks them with authority, so terrorized the Obama campaign, they slimed her, her family, friends, and town... Palin’s unvarnished honesty and simple language is enough to dismantle Progressivism and Obama’s Presidential run. Why else would they do what they did? What really did they have to fear from an unknown Alaskan governor, who lived up to the ideas she promoted? Palin so believed in the Right to Life, she bore a Down’s syndrome child; rather than aborting the baby. This too, is unassailable conduct, but Obama, the MEDIA, and feminists, found news lows to plumb when they wrote about that child. If the Obama campaign did not fear Palin, then what they did to hurt her political chances ranks at the top of despicable, cowardly, behaviors; and reveals another side of Obama/Progressives – a malicious and nefarious side.”
Rob Long, at Conservative Lite™ blog Ricochet:
“She's right, she's clear, she's decisive, and she's carrying a couple of cheesesteaks.”
Rodger the Real King of France, at Curmudgeonly & Skeptical:
“‘Dear Matt, I’m a conservative who plans to vote in the Virginia presidential primary next year. But I’m torn. There are so many Republicans running for president, I can’t make sense of the field. The non-crazy candidates are all boring, and the non-boring candidates are all crazy. Whom do you think I should support? —Matt C.’ That, a question asked of Matt Labash on Daily Caller. Simple answer number one is: ‘Matt C., you ignorant slut. Your key words are *next year,* so don't angst-out already. By that time it will be manifestly clear that Sarah Palin is the genuine product, and only choice if you're actually interested in making us great again..’ But, oh no...”
Karl, at Hot Air:
“Is Sarah Palin unelectable? If you took the latest Quinnipiac University poll at face value, you might think so... However, there is ample reason to not take this poll at face value.”
LawHawkRFD, at Commentarama:
“One potential Republican presidential candidate has figured out the only way that the GOP has a snowball's chance of winning in California in 2012. That person is Sarah Palin. The election will be won or lost in the Central/San Joaquin Valley, where a federal government-imposed artificial drought is killing California agriculture and putting thousands of out work while putting California's economy even deeper into the debt hole... Of all the candidates and potential candidates for the presidency, only one has done the right thing and visited the towns of the Central Valley. And she has done it twice.... Any Republican candidate who is serious about winning in California (or at least adding substantially to his or her popular vote) had better learn from Sarah Palin and follow her lead.”
John Podhoretz, via Twitter, after last night's Tier 2 GOP debate Q&A:
“If I'm Palin, I'm thinking seriously about running after this.”
John Hayward , at Human Events:
“The first debate between Republican presidential contenders was held in South Carolina Thursday night. Not all of them were in attendance. Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee were among the declared or likely contestants who didn’t attend. The attendees were asked for their thoughts on the missing candidates, so we learned that Tim Pawlenty is very fond of Mike Huckabee, while Gary Johnson thinks Sarah Palin spends her time in Alaska crawling around ice floes on her hands and knees... The former governor of New Mexico has a nervous, unsettling style that would be better suited to teaching a scrapbooking class at the local Jo-Anne’s craft store... he doesn’t seem like someone who could go toe-to-toe with Barack Obama, or possibly even Tim Pawlenty. This is a season for warrior-poets, not nerds from poli-sci class.”
- JP


  1. Te Blondie video, 'Rip Her to Shreds," was bitchie mean girls personafied and celebrated. If it wasn't shown on a Sarah Palin website, I wouldn't have guessed it was aimed at Sarah Palin (although given the hatefulness of Palin haters, I'm not surprised). Out of context, it just looks like mean school girls, celebrating their hatefulness. It's sad to see the hideousness that lies just beneath the surface of our culture.

  2. In a BBC documentary, Debbie Harry said "Rip Her To Shreds" is about what gossip columnists do to people's lives.

    - JP