Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 267

"Foreign Policy" Edition

Freedom Fighter, at Joshuapundit:
“It went largely unnoticed in the furor surrounding the killing of Osama bin-Laden, but Governor Sarah Palin made an important policy speech in Denver, Colorado and made a change in her team to reflect it... The meat of the speech reveals that she's been doing some serious thinking on foreign policy issues and how American troops are used... Governor Palin is putting people on notice that she is no neocon, but a Reagan conservative who believes in peace through strength. That was underlined by another move she made, cutting ties with longtime neocon advisers Randy Scheunemann and Michael Goldfarb of Orion Strategies who are no longer working with her PAC. Her new foreign policy adviser? None other than Hoover Fellow and Big Peace editor Michael Schweizer, who aside from being scary smart, has views on nation building and war and peace that correspond a lot with Governor Palin's Denver speech. Aside from being a killer pairing of talent, this once again shows me that Governor Palin is getting very close to making a decision to run for the White House.”
Steve Clemons, oxymoronically self-described "progressive realist":
“If Sarah Palin is about to become a realist, well, I may have to put some of my problems with her aside...”
Daniel Horowitz, at
“In light of Obama’s morally indefensible and dyslexic policies regarding Egypt, Iran, Israel, Libya, and Syria, it is important that our eventual presidential nominee articulate a bold distinction in the realm of foreign policy... Earlier this week, Sarah Palin articulated the principles of a foreign policy that are neither neoconservative nor paleoconservative; rather plain old conservative. Speaking at Colorado Christian University for a military charity fundraiser, Governor Palin outlined the following commonsense principles for foreign intervention... A foreign policy that is merely anti anti-war is not conservative. Sarah Palin’s general principles should serve as the catalyst for a much needed dialogue on the application of conservative foreign policy doctrine to today’s geopolitical issues.”
The Commissioner, at The Bipartisan Rules:
“There is so much wrong with this email from Bill Kristol to Politico's Ben Smith, regarding Sarah Palin's foreign-policy views, that it numbs the mind.”
bc3b, at Be John Galt:
“Palin Splits with Neocons... If so, I believe it’s a smart move on her part. Egypt and Libya appear to be what caused Sarah Palin rethink her position on U.S. military intervention. We’re broke and most Americans are tired of seeing our military wounded and killed in the name of nation building. John McCain, Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes have never seen a war in which they did not want the U.S. involved. There is no way we can build democracies in the Muslim world. Our troops can be far better employed on our southern border.”
MTracy, admitted Obama supporter, at Boring Old White Guy:
“Sarah Palin shook up her foreign policy team this week. Does that mean the former governor of Alaska will make a run for the White House after all?”
I am Coyote, at NW Republican:
“This is going to make the inside-the-beltway Republicans and neo-cons heads explode. Gov. Sarah Palin made a speech in Colorado yesterday that outlined 5 foreign policy points. But what is even cooler than that is this story from The Politico that says that Palin has parted ways with two foreign policy advisors who are staunch neo-cons and has hired a fellow with the Hoover institute, Peter Schweizer, someone who has been critical of Obama's support of the anti-American Egyption protestors and has been skeptical of American involvement in Libya.”
Carl in Jerusalem, at Israel Matzav:
“Sarah Palin has dumped her foreign policy advisers from the McCain days and has enunciated a doctrine of use of force that is music to my ears...”
Ben Domenech, at The Compass:
“I've criticized the Republican 2012 field on numerous occasions for their lack of foreign policy heft and a profound unwillingness to weigh in on difficult decisions they would have to make as Commander in Chief. It's only fair, then, to share one potential candidate's attempt to frame a coherent approach to foreign policy in the public square - in this case, Sarah Palin in a speech in Colorado this week... It's... closer to campaign rhetoric than thorough commentary. But this expression of a framework from Palin is a vast improvement over the stated remarks from other candidates thus far. It is unacceptable, a year and a half before election day, for serious individuals to still mark foreign policy as ‘TBD’...”
Crusty Burgerhead, via Twitter:
“BREAKING: Osama Bin Laden's killer motivated by Sarah Palin's ‘crosshairs’ map.”
Diogenes, at Enough Room:
“In the sidebar of his essay on the capture of bin Laden Michael Goodwin says of Gov. Palin, ‘she congratulated everybody involved except President Obama.’ Not so. She thanked the President, contrary to the continuing elitist propaganda campaign to discredit her. CBS News edited out her thanking the president from their video, but admitted she did so in the text of their report... Mr. Goodwin did not listen to the complete video of her speech. Instead he took a cheap shot and got it wrong like most of his inept colleagues. Will this factual error cost Goodwin as dearly as he threatens his misreporting will cost Gov. Palin?”
The Right Scoop:
“It’s clear that she is thanking Obama, and ‘The View’ owes Sarah Palin an apology for smearing her on national TV.”
Ann Althouse, Obama voter, because McCain wasn't conservative enough or something:
“‘Sarah Palin Can't Name Most Influential Journalist,’ crows HuffPo, trying to make Palin look dumb, and inadvertently making journalism look lame. Because who can name the most influential journalist? I can't. Seems like maybe you have to be a journalist to think in such terms... Those White House Correspondents' Dinner ‘attendees’ who ‘had no problem coming up with answers’ were journalists giving laughably self-interested answers like ‘my boss, Arianna Huffington.’ And there were plenty of attendees who couldn't come up with an answer or who changed the question...”
Ann Coulter, diehard Chris Christie advocate (though Mitt's her other guy):
“Gov. Sarah Palin... She’s sort of soared beyond the entire cast of candidates there. She is a powerhouse. She’s a shooting star.”
John Smithson, at Meet Sarah Palin:
“Understand that I write several blogs but, only one is dedicated to any of the presidential hopefuls and that is Sarah Palin. She is my choice and for only one reason -- she is correct on nearly every issue being debated in the present political economy. She has been successful in each of her political endeavors and continues to be on the leading edge of the political debate. Forget Trump. He is an idiot and a Democrat. The notion that he is a TEA party icon is embarrassing to me. Hopefully that sort of thinking will die out in a hurry, before the libs use it against the conservative movement to illustrate a gullible quality that bespeaks pure D ignorance. We, as TEA Party participants, are smarter than that.”
- JP

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