Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 266

"Beautiful Vision" Edition

Bob Belvedere, at The Camp of the Saints:
“While many men [including myself] find Sarah Palin quite attractive, it has no bearing on why she enjoys tremendous support from male conservatives. I think it safe to say that many of us feel the same way about her as we did and do about Margaret Thatcher. We may talk about some gal candidate being ‘hot’ or a ‘babe’, but such talk is just simply men noticing a pretty face or a nice pair of gams — all in good fun. Women, however, while they may try to join in the male ogle game, often get quite dewy-eyed over candidates like Mitt... That is no way to run a railroad. Choosing a president requires different criteria than choosing a cabana boy.”
Emily Miller via Twitter:
“Best part of the night... Sarah Palin! She said I look pretty. I adore her...”
J. Michael Heilig at Politify:
“The Tea Party Patriots rode in on a political torrent following Obama's tax reforms. Since that time they worked to flip the 2010 midterms upside down! Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and many others have been riding on this same torrent. Their brand of serious conservatism, that promises to brow beat the beltway into submission, has generated a power in America parallel to nuclear fusion! Women in politics won't end with these ladies, as Smart Girl Politics continues its rise on the national stage. Women are no longer siding with the Dems just because Lynda Carter is signing autographs! They have created an era of conservative ‘Wonder Women’ that is fueled by dynamic personalities like Tammy Bruce, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin.”
Rick Moore at HolyCoast.com:
“Palin speaks the language of Red State America and that's what ticks the left off so much.”
Ron Devito at The Bold Pursuit:
“Nearly two weeks have gone by since the deranged pro-abortion Wonkette Twitter attack on three-year-old Trig Palin's birthday, and Trig's Crew Companies continues to expand. The attack followed the posting of a birthday picture by Trig's mother, Governor Sarah Palin. It was some of the worst of humanity on display. Then, Papa John's Pizza, Huggies, and the Vanguard Group pulled their advertising off the site. When we last covered the story, 44 companies had joined Trig's Crew. As of this writing 52 companies now constitute the Trig's Crew Companies Hall of Heroes.”
James Hirsen at Newsmax:
“It is as if someone flipped a switch, causing The Donald to go from media buddy to media target in a New York minute. Unfortunately, Trump is now able to relate to Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann in a way few others can.”
Rick Cohen at The Nonprofit Quarterly:
“Why would Stanislaus and West Hills pay so much for an appearance by Palin? The Associated Press revealed Palin’s secret. Palin’s mere presence at the dais constitutes a phenomenal fundraising tool. For the $75,000 Stanislaus paid Palin for a 40-minute appearance, the school raised more than $207,000 for scholarships. West Hills said that its $115,000 payment to the Washington Speakers Bureau for Palin has already been recouped through ticket sales to a private, post-dinner speech with the political star. Additional ticket sales will fund scholarships and maintenance of the school’s arena.”
Doug Brady at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“CNN Deliberately Misquotes Governor Palin...”
Sheya at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“One Palin bashing website actually cut a clip to show the Governor only thanking President Bush but [conveniently] editing out the part where she thanks the president. And that’s the website Politico and CBS use as a source. I’m just wondering; Why the sudden urge by the media for the governor to approve of the president; I thought she was irrelevant? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the daily changing narratives.”
Peter Ingemi at Datechguy's Blog:
“Of course we must assume the left believes that when she says ‘The President’ she must mean Jefferson Davis.”
Jerry Wilson at POWIP:
“Wow, what an isolationist Sarah Palin has become! I mean, really! Have an objective? Have a plan? Use our armed forces for our interests? Crazy talk if ever there was such. Just because this has been the foundation of every successful military philosophy in history… come on. Next I suppose Palin will throw some hair-brained goof out there like, oh, not overextending yourself militarily. Some people, I tell you.”
John Nolte via Twitter:
“Journ-O-Lism @: . Palin says "thank our President." MSM creates phony meme to avoid talking substance of speech.”
Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO's The Corner:
“An alternative title for Andrew Breitbart’s book might be: I am Tea Party, maybe doing an Incredible Hulk imitation. I like what he went with, though: Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me while I Save the World! It’s more him... What attracts people to a Sarah Palin or Andrew Breitbart... is first and foremost a style that comes across as fearlessness... Whoever is going to be the 2011 candidate is going to have to tap into that in a responsible, presidential way. Not pander. Not be reckless. But get it.”
Robin Abcarian at the LA Slimes:
“Iowa's Palin for President operation pretty much consists of one guy with a computer in Storm Lake and another who is crisscrossing Iowa in a rental car, armed with a laptop and a sunny attitude.”
Martin Kaste at NPR:
“And, lo and behold, in 1996, Palin challenged Stein in the race for mayor. What turned her against him? In her memoir, Palin talks about policy differences. But Chryson thinks there was also a personal motive; he says the mayor and his allies sometimes condescended to Palin. ‘That, I could see, torqued her,’ he says. Chryson says Stein's big mistake was taking Palin for granted. ‘He thought that Sarah was going to be their rubber stamp. And he wound up getting snake-bit,’ he says... She beat him — and then, in a rematch three years later, she clobbered him, 3-to-1. Chryson sees a clear lesson in Stein's experience. ‘The one thing I can say about that is: Don't piss the lady off,’ he says.”
- JP

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