Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 264

"Not Satisfied" Edition

Felicia Sonmez, WaPo political blogger, via Twitter:
“@sarahpalinusa was at msnbc afterparty... Msnbc's rachel maddow offered to make @sarahpalinusa a drink, & palin asked for a diet coke. Maddow brought 1 over a few mins later...Then both had a v pleasant exchange in which it sounded like r. maddow invited s. palin on the show 1 day and palin responded positively... palin was mobbed once guests realized she was there... Asked whether she's running for potus, palin said a decision's still a few months off and she's still sizing up the field... She said she's not satisfied yet with those who've already announced, but won't make a decision until the summer. Also: family a big factor”
Adrienne Ross at Motivation Truth:
“The story here, of course, was Rachel Maddow -- of all people -- greeting Governor Palin and serving her a diet coke after all the bashing and beating she does of her on the air. It amazes me how differently people react when they encounter the Governor face to face.”
philmon at The Clue Batting Cage:
“The screaming response from the Palin haters is that the Vice President breaks ties in the Senate, and that's it -- as if Sarah Palin got it all wrong... But... so many times Palin says something we're instructed to ridicule and laugh at, and then it turns out she was actually right (but nobody in the MSM does a retraction). So I go grab my handy dandy Constitution. From Article 1, Section 3: ‘The Vice President of the United States shall be the President of the Senate, but shall have no vote unless they be equally divided.’ ‘Shall be the President of the Senate’. Question for you snickerers. What is a President? What is the job of a President? If you are the President of something, aren't you ‘in charge’ of it? ‘pres·i·dent /ˈprɛzɪdənt/ [prez-i-duhnt] –noun... an officer appointed or elected to preside over an organized body of persons...’ Again, Palin ridiculed for giving a supposedly ridiculous answer that turns out to be not so ridiculous.”
Jedediah Bila via Twitter:
“Recall that Levi retracted his negative comments about the Palins, then retracted his retraction. And now he's writing a book. LOL.
bc3b at Be John Galt:
“While every aspect of Sarah Palin’s life was placed under the microscope down to husband Todd’s former membership in the Alaskan Independence Party, Barack Obama was given a free pass. No major media outlet – including FNC – probed deeply into Obama’s relationship with Tony Rezko, his membership in the New Party, his association with William Ayers and [Bernardine Dohrn] or the mysterious periods in Obama’s life when he was MIA. We know Palin attended five colleges, but we have no idea how Obama, who supposedly was a poor to mediocre student at Occidential, managed to get into Columbia or Harvard or how his college expenses were funded.”
John Nolte at Big Hollywood:
“HBO is producing a multi-million dollar in-kind contribution to the Obama 2012 campaign.”
Matt Lewis at The Daily Caller:
The Quotable Rogue is set for publication in June. Following are some of the excellent blurbs that will appear in the book... ‘Sarah Palin is one of the most important conservative leaders in America — and Matt Lewis is one of my favorite writers. Every conservative ought to have a copy of the Quotable Rogue in their personal library — if for no other reason than to refute the distortions and lies constantly hurled at Palin by her detractors.’ – Ken Blackwell... ‘For all the accolades heaped on Mr. Obama for his soaring rhetoric and brilliant, professorial oratory, it’s hard to deny that Sarah Palin is one of the most quotable leaders of the 21st century. The Quotable Rogue brings that into stunning clarity. And it’s not because she’s controversial — it’s because she’s usually just right.’ – S.E. Cupp”
I am Coyote at NW Republican:
“I wish Sarah Palin would actually get in the race now. I know a lot of folks might scoff at her but she is the one who has been banging the energy drum the loudest and the longest. And oh would I LOVE to see the moonbats just freak out should Palin defeat ‘the one.’ Heads would be exploding all over the left coast.”
Bernie Quigley at The Hill's Pundits Blog:
“A phrase recently appeared in the MSM: ‘anti-establishment conservatives.’ Brings to mind that well-worn phrase of the Sixties, ‘counter culture.’ But modeled for a new century and for new generations. Sarah Palin first busted out and today conservatism – from Rand Paul and Judge Andrew Napolitano to former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and Donald Trump - bristles with creativity. It brings a change of paradigm to American politics and culture and suggests a forceful will and intelligence at work in its desire to become real. Commentator Michael Barone compared the change to that of the Sixties. There are now three elements: Democrats, Republicans and the new conservative counter culture which has no real name yet. By 2012 it could well become the new mainstream.”
M. Catharine Evans at American Thinker:
“Could it be that 21st century leftists are descended from a long line of progressive eugenicists? Could it be they are mimicking their ideological forefathers by picking on a Down Syndrome baby?”
Rick Moran at American Thinker Blog:
“In fact, what you will be hearing from Republicans over the next few weeks is that if catastrophe occurs, the fault will lie squarely with Geithner who has it within his power to act on financing our debt in the manner suggested by Palin and others.. If the markets blow up, it will be Geithner's deliberate choice that they do. So the question is: How irresponsible is the Obama administration willing to be on the debt ceiling issue? Given that Obama is already running hard for re-election, the answer is; as irresponsible as he can get away with.”
Phineas at Sister Toldjah:
“It seems to me the woman dismissed as ‘Caribou Barbie’ and a quitter has a better grip on our national interests than the Smartest President in History ever will. Darn her for confusing me by being right when our Cultural Elites insist she’s wrong.”
The Ignorant Fishermen:
“Ever since Sarah Palin entered the national political arena two and a half years ago as the Republican VP nominee, she has caused sheer panic in the hearts and minds of Leftist Liberals and Moderates in America. Accordingly, the Leftist media is hell-bent on doing all they can to discredit Palin’s accomplishments and destroy her character at any cost. Even now, much effort and energy is being expended to deceive the American people regarding her considerable achievements. Her popularity among conservatives is astounding, her books have been flying off of the shelves and many believe that she will get the 2012 endorsement for the presidency.”
Sunny Roseman at The Inconvenient Sunny Roseman Show:
“Have you ever considered hate to be a form of flattery? The harder Sarah Palin’s detractors try to tear her down, the brighter she shines!”
Tim Graham at NewsBusters:
“Rosie O'Donnell... went after Sarah Palin as an ignoramus... But when you start attacking other people as ignorant, it's probably a bad idea to start mangling words and getting things wrong: ‘Sarah Palin has ushered in a whole new level of ignorance as a consumerable quantity.’ Consumerable? If Palin said ‘consumerable,’ how many reporters and comedians would rejoice? (See ‘refudiate.’) Rosie then said ‘When she was running, it was almost like a joke that she would say the things that she did, like I can see Russia from my house. It wasn't ‘almost’ a joke. It was actually a joke by Tina Fey -- and not something Palin actually said.”
- JP

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