Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lloyd Marcus: Sarah Palin, leader of the pack

"Our John Wayne is a Momma Grizzly."
Tea Party troubadour Lloyd Marcus has a new op-ed up today in which his first order of business is to get the disclaimer out of the way. Though the grassroots activist says that it's still too early to make a formal endorsement, and mentions that he really likes Herman Cain, Marcus makes no secret of which potential presidential candidate is most on his mind and the one tea party patriots want in the race: "hands down, it is Sarah Palin":
The 2012 presidential election is going to be all about Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm! Thus, we need a candidate who understands this reality and will boldly go after Obama politically; someone with all American John Wayne true grit committed to tea party principles. So far, our John Wayne is a Momma Grizzly.


Now, regarding the issues, Palin is pretty much on the same page as most of us tea party patriots; drill baby drill, smaller government and etc.

And once again, I must cite her boldness and confidence when espousing her conservative beliefs. You never see Palin dancing around questions from liberal media hacks trying to make her conservative ideas sound mean, heartless, stupid and racist. It is extremely refreshing and encouraging to see someone on our side fearlessly challenging the liberal media!

And what about presidential charisma? In my nationwide travels on four Tea Party Express tours, in which Palin participated, nobody sparked excitement nor struck a stronger emotional chord with audiences at the rallies than Sarah Palin. She is a rock star. The people love her.

Marcus calls on conservatives to break the habit of allowing the leftist media select the GOP candidate, and he has little patience for the moderates who media types inevitably maneuver Republicans into nominating for president:
Even Jesus had a problem with moderates. He said, "You are lukewarm — neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth." In other words, for crying out loud, have the backbone, character and conviction to take a stand for something. The liberal media wants to set us up with another moderate linguine to lose AGAIN!
Marcus says that to win his support, a candidate must be a fighter unafraid to wage all-out war on Obama's record of failure and his frightening agenda. That sure sounds like Sarah of the Arctic to us!

- JP

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