Monday, May 2, 2011

The left attacks Sarah Palin for not lauding Obama

She gave credit where it was actually due
Now the Haterade-swilling PDS ward is attacking Gov. Palin because she didn't praise Obama in her Facebook Note "A Grateful Nation." The vile creatures at a website named "Sarah Palin has a Serpent's Heart" (How middle school!) complained:
"Sarah Palin She can't give credit where credit is due. Yes the Navy Seals went in and killed Bin Laden, but it was PRESIDENT OBAMA who gave the orders"
Wrong, Skippy. As Stacy McCain pointed out, Gov. Palin gave credit where the credit is actually due, i.e., the troops who put their lives on the line to go in and get Bin Laden. President Obama didn't do anything other than the job he was supposed to do to defend the nation from its enemies. And no, former President Bush doesn't deserve special credit either, like some conservative bloggers and politicians are trying to give him.

Regardless of who is in the Oval Office, it would be a crime not to get Bin Laden. That's POTUS' job, one every president takes an oath to perform. Why should any president be lauded for doing what he or she is expected to do? Yes, the Navy Seals on the team that went in there were doing their jobs also, but there's a big difference. They could have been killed or seriously injured carrying out the mission. These heroes are the ones who should get all of the accolades because they earned it.

Now, as for preparing Osama's body following Islamic tradition before burying him at sea, what was the point? Militant Islamists will hate the U.S. for killing OBL anyway, so why try to suck up to them? The man was a monster who is responsible for the deaths of many thousands of people of all nationalities, colors and creeds. He should have been soaked in pig fat to grease his descent into hell. Bin Laden deserves to burn for all eternity for his crimes against humanity.

Update/Related: See Credit for Bin Laden's Killing Goes Entirely to Special Operators, Whiskey for our SEALs, Beer for their Horses... and Obama and Staff Claim Credit For Everything.

- JP

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