Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hearing Monday in Palin stalker case

Psychiatrist: Christy's sense of grandiosity "could turn somewhat paranoid."
A court magistrate will consider a request by Sarah Palin for a six month extension of the restraining order against a 19-year-old who is accused of stalking her:
Palin's father, Chuck Heath, and her friend, Kristan Cole, are also seeking long-term protective orders against Christy's parents, Craig and Karen Christy.

Craig Christy, also of Pennsylvania, is accused of barraging Palin's parents with harassing telephone messages, including 26 in one day, and contacting Cole's children on Facebook. Cole's request for a protective order against Karen Christy was denied last month.

Palin and Cole obtained original restraining orders against Shawn Christy last year, stating in court documents that he threatened them, sent a receipt for a gun purchase and said he was buying a one-way ticket to Alaska. This year, Shawn Christy flew to Alaska on Palin's February birthday, spending just one day in Anchorage - about 40 miles from Palin's hometown of Wasilla - before returning to Pennsylvania. The visit was monitored by authorities.

"When you combine, you know, all the evidence that includes the parents' threats, including threats that they're not going to end this hellish game until we pony up hundreds of thousands of dollars - that's extortion, I believe - you combine all those pieces of evidence and any reasonable person would fear for their safety, for their family's safety," Palin testified at a recent hearing. "Especially when Shawn Christy traveled to Alaska, I believe just to prove that he had the means and the ways to travel to Alaska from the East Coast."

Magistrate Jonathan Lack issued temporary restraining orders against the Christys last month and set Monday's court date to deal with the long-term orders.

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