Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blogs 4 Palin Bloggers Make NRB Top 10 TP Bloggers List

These folks boldly articulate the philosophy which drives the Tea Party movement
Three bloggers whose websites are listed on the Blogs 4 Palin blogroll have made the list of The Top 10 Tea Party Bloggers You Need To Read at David Horowitz's News Real Blog. Compiled by NRB contributor and Tea Party organizer Walter Scott Hudson, the list includes The Conservative Pup, C-POL and Motivation Truth:

The Conservative Pup:
From the start, the Tea Party has been criticized as “AstroTurf” by leftists conditioned to assume that any gathering of protesters is bought and paid for. After all, that’s how they do it.

In truth, the Tea Party is authentically grassroots, wholly amorphous, and beyond wrangling. It has drawn many citizens to an activism they would never have before considered. There are always new faces at rallies and community meetings, taking time out of their busy lives to champion the preservation of liberty.

The anonymous author of The Conservative Pup sums up the stakes.
I… believe that America and her Constitution are not invulnerable. We must not take our liberty and fundamental God-given rights for granted. There always have been, and always will be, those who will attempt to “fundamentally change” this nation.
The American Idea is under attack. The forms of attack are not always intuitive to articulate. But people know them when they see them.
… it seems that the National Labor Relations Board is suing Boeing for opening a second plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state. Apparently this is seen as “retaliation” for a strike at the Washington plant a few years back, and is considered [an] “unfair labor practice.”

If that’s the case, how would a business operating in a union state ever open another location in a right-to-work state?

This seems like an attack not just on Boeing, but on all right-to-work states and their ability to attract new business to themselves.
Put another way, it’s an attack on fiscal federalism, the ability of states to compete for the best public policy in service of their residents. Government intervention begets government intervention. That’s why federalism has yielded over the years to a centralized nationalism. The only way for bad public policy to “work” is at the expense of good policy. Rather than recognize the folly of monopolistic labor unions, the Left prescribes protecting their monopoly. That’s precisely the kind of battle the Tea Party is primed to fight.
Starting out as a listserv during the pioneering years of the internet, C-POL was a necessarily short handle for discussion of “constitutionalist, conservative politics.” Since developed into a blog, C-POL retains the listserv feel. Its author is a grassroots activist who makes his living developing software for a university in Texas. Though C-POL predates the Tea Party, it is nonetheless a conduit for the movement’s philosophy.
In the early years of this blog, I posted often about cities that seize private property through eminent domain proceedings, only to turn the property over to private developers who promised more money for the tax coffers than the previous owner brought in (this tax revenue increase was the “public use” justification!). The practice, even though it was upheld by the Supremes in the Kelo decision, is manifestly contrary to what the authors of the 5th Amendment ‘takings’ clause intended.
The issue is worth revisiting given the prominence in presidential politics of real estate mogul Donald Trump, who has happily taken advantage of eminent domain in the past.
Trump, apparently, has no respect for the private property rights of those who stand in the way of his business interests. And we should support him because…?
The Tea Party’s support of free markets does not condone crony capitalism. Lobbying government to impose restrictions upon competitors and seek subsidies or bailouts is as counter to free market principles as universal health care. It doesn’t matter whether the beneficiary is a welfare-recipient or a Fortune 500. Wealth redistribution is theft.
Motivation Truth:
When Sarah Palin burst onto the national scene as John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election, she excited a wide swath of conservatives, and frustrated countless leftists. Palin’s story ran counter to the radical feminist narrative regarding women, family, and misogyny. In the oppressive female-denigrating America of leftist fantasy, Sarah Palin should not exist. The Left certainly wasn’t going to let her tarnish their narrative further by ascending from relative obscurity to the vice presidency.

As a black woman, Palin-supporter and blogger Adrienne Ross adds another dimension to that counter-narrative. Ross runs a blog called Motivation Truth, produces video commentary on YouTube, and engages her community in public debate on the issues relevant to their lives. Apparently, those issues have nothing to do with race or gender.
Joe the Plumber brought the whole spread the wealth issue to America’s attention in 2008, and nothing has changed. President Obama is still committed to spreading the wealth around and even more committed to class warfare. The more he talks, the clearer it becomes that he definitely has no real interest in cutting spending. Rather, he’s content to cut more out of people’s income, particularly those people he deems filthy rich. It’s obvious, too, that to him “filthy rich” isn’t just an expression. In fact, he’s already told the country that at a certain point people have made enough money(…)

… In a town hall speech last week, he spoke of those rich people who cannot be allowed to just relax and “count [their] money.” First of all, does he not realize that people have the right to do whatever they want with their money? If they want to get naked and roll around in it, is that not their decision to make? Is it really government’s business what a person does with the money that is rightfully his or hers to enjoy? Has President Obama and his tax and spend administration failed to understand that some of those he has coined rich are small business owners–job creators–who have been too busy to just count cash all day? Instead, they have been hard at work producing needed services and providing opportunities for others so they can then take care of their own families.
The very existence of a commentator like Ross is an embarrassment to the Left. A black woman elevating private property rights above some esoteric sense of “social justice” is anathema to them. If for no other reason than that, you should follow Adrienne Ross.
Congratulations to the three Blogs 4 Palin bloggers singled out for special mention by NewsReal Blog. Your hard work and dedication reflect well on Gov. Palin, the Tea Party, and our blogroll.

- JP

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