Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The hate crime that wasn't worth solving

On September 13 we marked the nine-month anniversary of an unsolved hate crime:
A New York Times story from September of 2008 which said that the Wasilla Bible Church had "come under fire" turned out be frighteningly prophetic, as less than a hundred days after the Times story was published, the church was torched in what was likely a hate crime now mostly forgotten.


Whatever assistance ATF has provided to the task force hasn't helped bring the perp or perps to justice. It is now nine months since the crime, and no arrests have been made.  Who cares? It's not like Obama's church was burned or anything. If, God forbid, that had happened, the lowlife responsible would have already served most of the first year of a long, long sentence.
We're not the only voices shouting in the wilderness on the shameful lack of progress in the investigation. Our friend Mode Lane at RedState.com noted this morning that it has now been ten months since the church the Palin family attends was torched:
Somebody attempted to murder several women and children via arson, and it’s becoming depressingly clear that that person (or persons) has gotten away with it clean.

This offends me. It should offend you.
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has an office in Alaska:

222 W 7th Ave # 39
Anchorage, AK 99513-7597
(907) 271-5701‎

- JP

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  1. If Obama's hate church Trinity United met a smiliar fate, I have no doubt in my mind the people or person would have been caught.