Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reaction to the left's rip-off of Sarah Palin's book

Here's some reaction to leftist rag The Nation's rip-off of Sarah Palin's soon to be released book Going Rogue

Ed Morrissey:
"The Nation has to piggyback off of a Republican VP candidate to achieve relevance. Have The Nation’s editors become so insecure about their product that they feel they can only sell it through deception? In that, it has a lot in common with their progressive agenda."
Ethel Fenig:
"Incapable of originality or resourcefulness, the left is reduced to sucking life out of those who are original and resourceful."
Shawn Macomber:
"The left has predictably juvenile and whiny plans for the day Sarah Palin's book is released."
Mickey McLean:
"Thanks to overreactions like this from the left, she’s likely to remain in the spotlight for a long, long time. (Sort of like Obama and his obsessing over Fox News.)"
PC Free Zone:
"They must be TRULY fearful of Sarah Palin. Disgusting how the far left have become. A bunch of angry, vile, maggots."
Four Right Wing Wackos:
"I'd vote for her just to watch all the commie heads exploding. Really. It would be worth it. I'd hear heads popping at MSNBC from my living room."
"For most Americans the revulsion to hate of that magnitude can only serve to boost support for Palin and, in turn, the conservative agenda."
"My goodness, but the Left is deathly afraid of this woman. And it will be even worse once her book comes out. Sarah Palin could very well end up the first billionaire political author."
Gateway Pundit:
"They just can’t hate this Christian conservative woman enough."
Not A Potted Plant:
"I kind of hope Sarah Palin sues them for all they're worth. I'm not a particular fan of Sarah Palin but she's entitled to write, market, and sell her book on fair terms."
Left Coast Rebel:
"Isn't the President and both branches of Congress occupied by 'The Nation' readers? Why the need to directly compete with Palin? Obsession? I mean come on, she's just a former governor of Alaska..."
five feet of fury:
"Pathetic. And sure to backfire."
Da Techguy:
"It’s a high complement to Sarah Palin and a perfect illustration of the weakness of the left in the marketplace of ideas. How else can the ideas of the left advance if not by deception?"
Political Byline:
"One word to describe something like this; pathetic. This is why I have such a disdain for the far socialist left and even the Libertarian left; because they have an ingrained hatred for anything or anyone who happens to represent traditional or dare I say it? — Conservative Christian values."
"Further evidence of how obsessively the left hates her or just a bunch of lefties looking to make a quick buck by piggybacking on her buzz? Both, of course!"
The Lonely Conservative:
"Wow, the hatred some deranged Americans hold in their dark hearts for Sarah Palin is stunning. They’ve stooped to an all new low."
"I have NEVER witnessed such single minded hatred directed at an individual. This hatred is not directed at Sarah Palin's policies or at any law that she advocated or at any specific deed she committed but at the PERSON of Sarah Palin. The lefties have a goal of DESTROYING this woman and her family. Those on the left not directly involved in this action are cheerleaders for it. It is more than a little disturbing to observe."
- JP

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