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Quote of the Day (May 31, 2011)

SarahPalin, Donald Trump split a pepperoni pizza at Famous Famiglia in Times Square
Edgar Sandoval and Helen Kennedy at the NY Daily News:
“Yet again, Trump and Palin threatened to suck up all the oxygen in the GOP primary, which so far features two frontrunners - Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty - who couldn't create a media frenzy if they were on fire.”
- JP

Video: Sarah Palin Uncut and On the Record, May 31 2011

"Undefeated" documentary: "Much of the record will be set straight."
Here's the interview Greta Van Susteren recorded Monday on the bus tour with Gov. Palin. It aired on Fox news Tuesday night.

Part One - 'We Have Heady Days Ahead'


Part Two - 'The Fire in the Belly Is Still Raging'

- JP

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 290

"Feel it in the air" Edition

Freedom Fighter, at Joshuapundit:
“The Governor's tour is apparently going very, very well. So well, that she's making a detour into... Iowa, the site of the first presidential caucus, a place she hasn't set foot in for months. Apparently the bus tour is a sort of test run to see how things go and to get into the swing of things... I think also, that Sarah Palin draws strength spiritually from this country, its sacred places and its history and heritage , and it could just be that she's amping up her courage and strength by hitting places like Mount Vernon and Gettysburg. I've been to Gettysburg - you can't go there and not commune with some pretty courageous ghosts and spirits. You can literally feel it in the air, if you're at all sensitive to such things. I think this is a major sign that Governor Palin is a step closer to jumping into the race.”
Sally Heath, on the media circus following her daughter's bus tour:
“It was unexpected... because I know you all have a million other things to do, to cover.”
Ed Morrissey, at Hot Air:
“Of all the complaints about Sarah Palin and her bus tour, this one’s easily the strangest. CBS reports that the media has begun to grumble that Palin’s decision to keep them out of the loop on the tour’s stops have created a dangerous working environment for reporters... This sounds like a whiny, pouting response to Palin’s decision not to cooperate with the media. That decision is certainly debatable, but not on the basis of public safety. And frankly, on the basis of sheer entertainment value, the decision’s looking brilliant at the moment.”
Pat Austin, at And so it goes in Shreveport:
“Why should she have anything but contempt for the press corps when that's all they've ever held for her?”
Carl Cameron, at Fox News.com:
“All of the candidates say they will run their own races irrespective of what Palin does. Of course, that is nonsense. Palin, known in high school as ‘Sarah Barracuda,’ was brought to the national political stage in 2008 for the expressed purpose of being a ‘game-changer.’ And any Republican who doesn’t have a healthy respect for Palin’s ability to actually be a game-changer in the 2012 GOP nominating race risks being run over.”
William Teach, at Pirate's Cove:
“Sarah Palin 1 – MSM 0.”
John Carey, at Sentry Journal:
“Why does Sarah Palin drive the left so crazy? Why do they attack her academic credentials, her intelligence, and even her family? In my opinion I believe it’s because she’s real. What I mean by this is with her what you see is what you get and this drives the left absolutely bonkers. She’s grounded in strong conservative principles, unwavering in her faith, and devoted to her family; all that the far left abhors and fears. And finally, she connects with the conservative base, and this troubles the establishment... Think about this if you would; if the establishment is against Sarah Palin and the left hates her so much that they’re willing to sink so low and attack her children one must ask why. The answer is simple; she’s real.”
Phil Jennerjahn, at The Jennerjahn Report:
“She's creating her own media... She's running. Get ready for it.”
Tea Party at Perrysburg:
“Apparently the press cannot understand why Sarah Palin isn't falling at their feet, begging them to cover her tour across the country. While the traditional Republicans continue to mock her, they'd kill for the kind of publicity she gets just by being who she is. Starting her tour with Rolling Thunder was a brilliant move, and now that she rolls across the country, the media are begging to find out HER itinerary. They can snot all they want, but she inspires people.”
John Nolte, via Twitter:
“Those of you who don't think Palin can beat Obama... You watching her outfox MSM and GOP Establishment, right now? We should all be so dumb.”
Jeff Goldstein, at Protein Wisdom:
“She won’t send advance teams. She won’t provide an itinerary. She hasn’t phoned ahead to the local GOP headquarters to let them know she’s coming. She doesn’t tell the media where she’s going to be or when she’ll be there. And it’s driving the mainstream press to distraction — giving her the media coverage she needs, on her terms, because they just can’t quit her, and because they can’t help but take offense at her audacity in ignoring them... David Brooks and George Will (among others) may want to rethink who comes to count as an imbecile in this new paradigm...”
Jim Funkhouser, at Tea Party Tribune:
“The earth has obviously shifted under the feet of the likes of George Will et al, and they don’t like it one bit.”
Patrick Roberts, at Irish Central:
“Will and other GOP heavyweights are suddenly running very scared that Palin is a legitimate contender. She represents their worst nightmare, a grassroots candidate who owes the old bulls in the GOP nothing and who is prepared to say so. Sarah Palin is actually looking better and better because of Will and others attacking her. She is showing that she has the real handle on how to shake things up in America, even within her own party. That is why Will and company are so scared.”
William Teach, at Pirate's Cove:
“If she’s so dumb, how does she get people to jump so quickly? How is it that this intellectually challenged woman has remained so relevant and a powerhouse?”
Ed Morrissey, at Hot Air:
“Whether she’s running or not, Sarah Palin will have a big impact on the presidential race — and she demonstrated why today at a stop on her bus tour in Pennsylvania. Palin told Scott Conroy of Real Clear Politics that not only should the US end subsidies for ethanol, but should end subsidies on all energy production, mainly because we can no longer afford to pay them... Palin’s position provides a direct rebuke to Romney, who tried to argue that ethanol deserves federal subsidies because it’s an ‘important part’ of America’s energy future. The problem with that position is that ethanol isn’t an emerging technology. It’s been subsidized for decades on the same basis Romney claimed last week. Subsidies aren’t going to R&D any more; they’re being used to artificially allow ethanol to compete against gasoline on a price basis, which puts government in the position of mandating winners and losers in technology and markets — with predictable results.”

NBC NY: Palin to Visit Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island on Bus Tour

"No particular agenda"
During the One Nation bus tour stop in New York City, according to a report by NBC New York, Gov. Palin will visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island and, as revealed earlier in the afternoon on Twitter, have dinner with Donald Trump:
Palin will meet with Trump at his personal residence tonight before they head out for a meal, a Trump aide told NBC New York. The two Republicans are friends and the meeting has "no particular agenda," according to Michael Cohen, special counsel to Trump.

Sources tell NBC New York that Palin's highly secretive Northeast tour -- thought by some to be a leadup to a presidential campaign announcement -- will head to the Statue of Liberty by private boat early Wednesday morning, and then to Ellis Island.


So far she has visited the National Mall in Washington, Mount Vernon, Va., Fort McHenry in Maryland, Gettysburg in Pennsylvania and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

Though the Palin-Trump meetup is being downplayed by both sides, it has sparked considerable interest, as this tweet by Jake Tapper of ABC News illustrates:
Palin and Trump dining tonight in NYC! Oh to be a fly in the soup! (Doing the backstroke, natch.)
Update - Shushannah Walshe via Lockerz: "Just a family pizza dinner."

- JP

Laura Ingraham: Bus tour a win-win for Sarah Palin

"She's raising an enormous amount of money."
Laura Ingraham was a guest on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday morning, and she was asked what she thinks about Gov. Palin’s bus tour:

Video courtesy of Fox News Insider

- JP

Gov. Palin: New Afghanistan Development Dangerous to NATO

If Karzai takes "unilateral action" against NATO, we should immediately withdraw our forces
Sarah Palin posted on her Facebook Notes page today her her reaction to a recent threat made by Afghanistan's president to NATO:
New Afghanistan Development Dangerous to NATO

After learning this afternoon of Afghan President Karzai’s ultimatum to NATO concerning airstrikes, we need to consider how dangerous this new development is. While it's always devastating to hear about civilians killed in the fight against the Taliban, President Karzai surely knows that no one works harder to eliminate civilian casualties than NATO. His public ultimatum issued today to allies and supposed friends is dangerous. What President Karzai is saying is that if we don’t severely limit our air campaign he will take “unilateral action.” And he further says that if the airstrikes continue we will be seen as an “occupying” power. This is an indirect way of saying that American and NATO forces will be fair game, which is obviously an unacceptable situation that threatens our troops. His comments reflect the reality that there is a growing divide between NATO and the Karzai government. Let us be clear: we are in Afghanistan fighting for the Afghan people and for the security of our country and our allies. If President Karzai continues with these public ultimatums, we must consider our options about the immediate future of U.S. troops in his country. If he actually follows through on his claim that Afghan forces will take “unilateral action” against NATO forces who conduct such air raids to take out terrorists and terrorist positions, that should result in the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and the suspension of U.S. aid. I still firmly support our mission in Afghanistan, but we must have the support of the host government. Our troops’ mission will be compromised and their safety endangered if the Afghan government threatens us.

- Sarah Palin
- JP

Sarah Palin: Reminding Reporters, too, of America’s Foundations

“Well, there you go. You’ll learn a lot about America today.”
Here are Gov. Palin's reflections on Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell from Philadelphia, as the One Nation bus tour rolls on:
Reminding Reporters, too, of America’s Foundations

It’s interesting when (for the 100th time) reporters shout out, “Why are you traveling to historical sites? What are you trying to accomplish?” I repeat my answer, “It’s so important for Americans to learn about our past so we can clearly see our way forward in challenging times; so, we’re bringing attention to our great nation’s foundation.” When that answer isn’t what the reporters want to hear, we’ve asked them if they’ve ever visited these sites like the National Archives, Gettysburg, etc. When they confirm that they haven’t, it’s good to say, “Well, there you go. You’ll learn a lot about America today.” (They usually don’t want to hear that either!)

Anyway, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are symbols of freedom that ALL of us – not just reporters – can appreciate as reminders of America’s unsurpassed freedoms! What a great visit to these awesome sites!

On July 2, 1776, a group of men in Philadelphia changed the world. They voted to declare their independence from Great Britain, and two days later they approved the wording of their Declaration of Independence.

Together our Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to the cause of independence. We will never forget that our nation was founded with such courage, and we must not squander what they gave us.

Days later, the bells of Philadelphia rang during the public reading of the Declaration of Independence, and the Liberty Bell was probably among those heard throughout the city. The rich history here reminds us of the ideals espoused by the Founders who labored during a hot summer and changed history.

One of my previous summertime visits here was with a team of young hockey players who shared interesting insight in what they believed had to have been enormous physical challenges in forming the union. Physically being here allowed the Alaskan athletes an appreciation for the statesmen’s long travels on foot and horseback and the tedious days in sweltering heat crafting the documents; and of course the boys were interested in the bloody battles before and after 1776. After the trip from such a faraway western state, the kids had a greater appreciation of what our Founding Fathers went through as they dedicated their lives to America’s unity. I’d encourage all, especially those who live close by, to take advantage of opportunities to learn about these historical sites and find inspiration to keep up the fight for what is right in America.

Meeting up with Alaskan friends and their Somerset, PA family today was a treat. Philadelphia is beautiful and awe-inspiring! Philly's reporters, the police and the park staff were wonderful. Thank you PA!

Those first place Phillies aren’t bad either.

- Sarah Palin
- JP

Matt Lewis: Palin’s bus tour causes media bickering on Twitter

Set up, like a bowling pin...
The DC's Matt Lewis observes that Gov. Palin has some members of the media in a flame war on Twitter:
“I want them [the mainstream media] have to do a little bit of work on a tour like this,” Palin told CNN. This morning, she fooled some of them, leaving her bus behind as a decoy. Reporters have resorted to chasing her bus. All of this confusion seems to have gotten to the press who, understandably, are trying to get the story and do their jobs.

Now, some of the media frustration is playing out on Twitter.

Some journalists believe Palin is behaving like a celebrity, and that covering her may be beneath them.
Liberal scribes from three left wing publications -- Garance Franke-Ruta of The Atlantic and Politico’s Ben Smith, with The Washington Post's token "conservative" Jennifer Rubin predictably crossing the aisle to side with them against Sarah Palin -- seem to have taken that position, but CNN’s Peter Hamby, to his credit, is calling them on it.

Dave Burge, of Iowahawk fame, has a knack for boiling things down to one often deliciously sarcastic sentence, as he demonstrated by tweeting:
"Breaking: bus containing irrelevant laughing woman chased by angry camera-wielding zombie army of the undead"
Big Hollywood editor John Nolte added this tweet:
"What did you think, MSM? you could accuse Palin of mass murder, weaponize her kids against her & then get a ride on the bus?"
It is nothing short of hilarious watching some of the same DNC stenographers journalists who have thrashed Gov. Palin and her family for the better part of three years now making complete fools out of themselves. None more so than NY Times political blogger Michael Shear, who has his undies all tied up in knots.

Did she set them up? As the Grateful Dead used to sing, "like a bowling pin."

- JP

Gov. Palin: Eliminate All Energy Subsidies

"Bottom line, we can't afford it."
In response to a reporter's question, Sarah Palin stated Tuesday that she is in favor of eliminating all energy subsidies, not just federal support of ethanol, a key issue for Iowa and other farm states of the American Midwest, especially when viewed in the context of the approaching presidential primaries. Scott Conroy has the story at RealClearPolitics:
"I think that all of our energy subsidies need to be re-looked at today and eliminated," Palin told RCP during a quick stop at a coffee shop in this picturesque town tucked into the south-central Pennsylvania countryside. "And we need to make sure that we're investing and allowing our businesses to invest in reliable energy products right now that aren't going to necessitate subsidies because, bottom line, we can't afford it."
The Palin position goes one step further than that of former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty who has spoken out against federal ethanol subsidies and the polar opposite of the position taken by former Massachusetts Gov Mitt Romney, who said last week that he supports ethanol subsidies:
But Palin differs, saying, "We've got to allow the free market to dictate what's most efficient and economical for our nation's economy. No, at this time, our country can't afford the subsidies. Before, though, we even start arguing about some of these domestic subsidies that need to be eliminated -- should be -- we need to look at ending subsidies and loans to foreign countries and their energy production that we're relying on, like Brazil."

If Gov. Palin runs for president, energy matters will likely be her signature issues. she would be able to campaign on her record as governor of Alaska, where she restructured oil taxes and initiated a major natural gas pipeline project.

- JP

Sarah Palin: The Call at Gettysburg

"When duty calls, are we willing to answer today?"
Gov. Palin has posted her impressions of Gettysburg, after visiting the historic battlefield with her family as part of the One Nation bus tour:
The Call at Gettysburg

When I first visited Gettysburg years ago, I was overwhelmed with the sense of sacrifice made to secure our union, but my most recent visit this morning was even more significant as subsequent visits allow reflection on the state of our union today. Striking to me is how ready and willing troops and civilians were in 1863 to lay their lives on the line. Are we as ready and willing to accept the call for sacrifice today in order to keep our union secure?

Hopefully the kids on school field trips whom we met this morning grasped the poignant irony at the site we toured together: that such a beautiful stretch of the Pennsylvania countryside should have been the site of the bloodiest battle in the Civil War. But perhaps it’s fitting that such a sacred place should be so beautiful now in order to commemorate the terrible sacrifices made to bring about, in the words of Lincoln’s famous address, "a new birth of freedom."

But this "new birth of freedom" wasn’t fully realized by the generation that paid the price for it. Over 100 years after the battle, Martin Luther King, Jr. stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and declared, "Now is the time to make justice a reality for all of God's children." It took the struggle for Civil Rights to truly complete what Lincoln called "the unfinished work" for which the heroes of Gettysburg "gave the last full measure of devotion."

Today, when we speak of "fundamentally restoring all that is good in America," we remember the debt of gratitude we owe to those who sacrificed to create and preserve our union. From the Civil War to the struggle for Civil Rights, generations of Americans have made great sacrifices necessary to pass on to us this great gift of freedom. It’s our duty to them to preserve it, cherish it, and pass it on to our children, so "that these dead shall not have died in vain…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

When duty calls, are we willing to answer today? Please remember that freedom isn't free - the price paid for our liberty has been great.

The reminders of the past costs are seen at Gettysburg. The way forward in protecting our unified body is encapsulated in Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address: "...with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds."

- Sarah Palin
- JP

Todd Palin: 'This family has been tested'

"Local politics is in your face every day."
Todd Palin disclosed Tuesday that he is not pushing his wife to run or forgo at run for president. He told a small group of reporters Tuesday that she will decide on her own whether or not to seek the presidency, according to CNN producer Peter Hamby:
But he emphasized that if the former Alaska governor does choose to embark on another national campaign, he and their children will be ready.

"This family has been tested," Palin said. "When people talk about how she was just plucked up out of Wasilla, you have to look at her career. Every step in her career is another step for the family, and we were prepared.

"These kids grew up around the mayor of small town," he added. "Local politics is in your face every day. It's not like you get on a plane and fly to D.C. or Juneau."

The normally-reserved Palin opened up about his family for a few moments after he and Sarah pulled over their "One Nation" bus at Coffee Express, a charming café in the central Pennsylvania town of Dillsburg.

Palin said there is a list of "pros and cons" that the family is weighing. "But this country, we have to get back on the right track," he said.

Todd agrees with Sarah Palin that she still has plenty of time to decide whether or not to compete for the GOP presidential nomination and ultimately the White House.

- JP

Video: Sarah Palin greeted in Gettysburg

Retail politics? No problem...

CBS News video courtesy of The Washington Post

- JP

Shushannah Walshe on Day 2 of the One NationTour

Palin’s ease with a rope line and her politicking skills are one of her best assets
Shushannah Walshe, who covers the political beat for The Daily Beast and co-wrote Sarah From Alaska, reports on the second day of Gov. Palin’s One Nation bus tour, during which the governor dropped a few hints about what a potential Palin presidential campaign might look like, while keeping reporters earning their paycheck in the media's scramble to catch up with her:
At each stop Monday on her family vacation/testing the waters bus tour, Palin was greeted by supporters urging her to run, and by some reporters who were able to figure out her schedule. So far, she appears to be enjoying this untraditional tour immensely. It is clear that if she does run, her campaign won’t look anything like those of her rivals.

According to a source with knowledge of Palin’s thinking, the tour is a test of whether she can do it “her way,” which the source described as “nontraditional, low-cost, high-tech…. The key is to be totally unpredictable and always keep her rivals off-balance.

After two days on the road, Palin now realizes a campaign “could be fun and exciting,” the source said, and she’s getting “more into the swing of things” as she tours and realizes “the press is not hostile to her.” The source added that a “big part” of the tour was husband Todd Palin’s idea; he wanted to get “back onto the road, get into the swing of things, and see how the family pulled together.”


Unscripted moments that go badly can haunt a politician on YouTube during a campaign and into the future, but Palin’s ease with a rope line and her politicking skills are one of her best assets. A Palin campaign may not have a press bus or the more formal interviews that reporters crave, but her team will undoubtedly factor in added time for her to greet supporters and campaign not just in large rallies but one on one as well.


Besides touring the Gettysburg battlefields, where she may lay a wreath, Palin also is expected to make a stop Tuesday at the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. From there her tour heads north to New York City, with a possible stop at Ellis Island, and then on to the first primary state of New Hampshire.

Though Walshe describes the One Nation tour as a "testing the waters" endeavor, we believe that it may also be a test for the Palin and Heath families. They have already felt the impact of a vice presidential campaign on the family, but it was one poorly managed by the McCain team, and more importantly, it was done someone else's way. This time they are getting at least some glimpses of what a presidential campaign could be like when done their way. If the Heaths and Palins can have some fun along the way on this road trip, when and if it comes to a vote of family members, it may more likely be "yes," with perhaps a "hell yes" or two for good measure.

- JP

Day By Day (May 31, 2011)

America First
Good morning! It's a wonderful life if we just take it Day By Day:


Please support Chris Muir's pro-Palin Day By Day.

- JP

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Quote of the Day (May 30, 2011)

The Sarah Palin Express Stops at Mount Vernon
Jim Geraghty at NRO's Campaign Spot:
“From the road, Sarah Palin’s posting to a blog over at SarahPAC, and you tell me this post about visiting Mount Vernon on the Potomac River in Virginia isn’t almost a tease for those wondering if she’s running for president... Gee, who else is a busy person, who’s recently been seen on national television working in the commercial fish industry, who has, at least from some appearances, a healthy reluctance to serve as president?”
- JP

The Palins and Heaths are in Gettysburg

Resting after a busy day...
Fox 43 (WPMT-TV) in York, Pennsylvania reports that Gov. Palin, family, some staffers and a press horde are in Gettsyburg, as the One Nation Tour bus gets a rest for the night:
Her patriotic themed bus is parked outside the Gettysburg Courtyard hotel arriving late Monday afternoon. Palin is not releasing a public schedule, but a crowd is gathering at the battlefield in anticipation she'll make a public appearance Monday evening. Palin is traveling with her husband and daughter on a "One Nation" tour which she began in Washington, D.C.

Monday morning Palin visited the National Archives in Washington,D.C., before stopping in Mt. Vernon, then Fort McHenry.
The NY Times Caucus blog reports that Gov. Palin fielded a few questions from the press outside of her Gettysburg hotel and has this video clip posted:

Finally, The Times of London Washington correspondent Matt Spence uploaded this photo of the Palins taking an ice cream break in G-burg.

- JP

Sarah Palin 'On the Record' interview with Greta Tuesday

Tuesday, 9PM Central/10PM Eastern
Greta Van Susteren went On the Road with Sarah Palin Memorial Day, and Gov. Palin will go On the Record with Greta Tuesday night in an exclusive interview recorded between stops in the One Nation tour bus. Courtesy of Fox News Insider, here's a preview:

And a second one:

- JP

Gov. Palin's reflections on visiting Mt. Vernon & the Nat'l Archives

As posted at SarahPAC
Greetings from the road in Maryland!

Mount Vernon was amazing, really something special.

I’ve said before that George Washington is my favorite Founding Father because he was reluctant to serve, and yet he rose to the great challenges before him. I can certainly see why he dreaded leaving his home on the Potomac. His servant's heart is an inspiration to us all.

When Piper laid the wreath at George Washington's tomb this afternoon, I wished that every American school student could be here to see and feel the spirit of our nation's first father. Even Piper was able to grasp the significance of being in the presence of our first President - who had such diverse interests - when she told me later "how hard he must have worked to keep that farm going!" And then she added, "And can you believe he was a commercial fisherman, from DC?!"

There's so much to learn and absorb at Mt. Vernon. Washington was a very busy man who had a healthy reluctance to serve as President after having dedicated so many precious years in service to others while he lead the military. When he accepted the call to be our nation's first chief executive, he served for the right reasons. Though he loved his home at Mt. Vernon so much, this self-taught, "non politician" was willing to sacrifice his passion for farming, fishing, trade and commerce in order to answer another call of to lead the new nation.

Visiting Washington's home today with fellow citizens from all across the country, including Maryland, Oklahoma, Michigan, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Idaho reminds us of our common bond. That bond can be summed up in Washington's prayer that you can find at his tomb. It reads in part, "I now make it my earnest prayer, that God would have the United States in his holy protection...to dispose us all to do Justice, to love mercy...which were the Characteristics of the Devine Author of our blessed Religion, and without an humble imitation of whose example in these things, we can never hope to be a happy Nation. Amen." (June 8, 1783)

And amen!

I encourage every American to travel east to Mt. Vernon. Beautiful. Educational. Inspiring. Worth it. And the caretakers and tour guides there are superb. They're so proud that the estate, museum and gardens are privately operated and funded. Their patience with visitors and care for Washington's land and possessions is a testament to their passion for restoring a part of America's strong foundation. Their conscientious work is another reason to be proud to be American!

The Archives and Mount Vernon. Can you tell I'm fired up?!

- Sarah Palin
Our Charters of Liberty at the National Archives

On this tour, when I speak of "fundamentally restoring our country," that means restoring it to the ideals found in our charters of liberty. What a great morning we just had seeing the collection of these founding documents at the National Archives!

Seeing America's most historic documents is inspiring, and speaking with staff members who pour their hearts into educating visitors gives us great hope that our nation's history will be accurately passed on to future generations. Many of the artifacts, recordings, and documents on display at the National Archives are evidence of the patriotism and hard work poured into our foundation. These are nonpartisan, valuable historical tools we all need to see, read, and absorb to learn the truth about our past, so we can move forward successfully.

Too often our leaders today behave as if our charters of liberty are outdated, flawed documents from a distant and irrelevant past. They treat our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution as if they aren't much more than old pieces of parchment with pretty words that can be twisted or ignored when it’s convenient. But these can’t be ignored! They point the way forward, like a needed compass that can guide us through the heady times we face as a country. These documents unite us! We ARE one nation under God, and we're indivisible if we follow the blueprints our Founders drew for us.

Amazing visit! Thank you, National Archives.

- Sarah Palin
- JP

Confirmed: Sarah Palin to Visit Iowa (Updated)

"Could Palin leave some of the less charismatic candidates in the dust?"
The Daily Beast's Shushannah Walshe wrote this morning:
According to a source with knowledge of Palin’s operation and thinking, keep a careful eye on how long the tour lasts, because it is intended as a way to test the presidential waters. If the road trip ends abruptly, it’s a sign she didn’t get the enthusiastic responses she believes she needs to launch a campaign. If the tour heads to regions outside of the Northeast like Iowa and South Carolina that, the source says, is a “big indicator” that Palin will pull the trigger.
If Ms. Walshe's source is right, and if RCP's Scott Conroy's sources are right, then Gov. Palin just fired a round and hit the target dead center:
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will travel to Iowa next month as part of her nationwide bus tour, two sources with direct knowledge of the plan told RealClearPolitics.

Palin's trip to the nation's first voting state -- where she has not yet set foot this year --will further escalate the already feverish speculation that she is leaning toward a White House run.

Though Palin has insisted that her "One Nation" bus tour -- being kicked off from Washington over the holiday weekend -- is intended merely to "highlight America's foundation," RCP has learned that the road trip was designed as a test run to find out whether she can execute a decidedly unconventional campaign game plan.

Palin -- and especially her husband, Todd -- is said to be leaning toward running. But multiple sources said that their foremost remaining concern was whether it would be logistically feasible for their large family to hit the road together for the next several months in a prospective campaign that would rely heavily on bus travel.

The answer to that question will play a critical role in how the 2012 race develops.


A political Merry Prankster, Palin clearly relishes her unique ability to confound and surprise her prospective opponents, as she test-drives a possible presidential run that she and her team -- with a discernible wink -- have publicly billed as something akin to a mere sightseeing trip.

This game is soooo on...

Update: Gov. Palin confirmed to CNN Monday that that her "One Nation" bus tour will roll across the key presidential primary state of Iowa:
"I'm sure at some point I will be going to Iowa," Palin said during a visit to Fort McHenry in Baltimore. "At some point."

The comments come on the heels of a RealClearPolitics website story that said Palin is planning a visit to Iowa in June, the same month a documentary about her rise to power is set to debut in the Hawkeye State.

Her tour through Iowa would be her first trip to The Hawkeye State since she made a book tour stop there in December. The governor's most recent speaking engagement in the state was a fund-raising dinner for the Iowa GOP last September.

- JP

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 289

"She can't do that!" Edition

Bill Roberts, at DailyBrisk:
“Sarah Palin's charm consists in part, I think, of her ability to draw from liberals, time after time, the outraged complaint: She can't do that! But she does, with a smile that drives a stake through their hearts... She, her husband Todd and two of their daughters greeted fans and rode motorcycles. The press, naturally, couldn't resist: this was the beginning of Palin's bus tour of the northeastern states, which may or may not be the beginning of her presidential campaign. In principle, other politicians could do the same thing. Maybe some have. What is different about Sarah Palin and her family is that they look natural on motorcycles. Imagine Barack Obama--or, to be bipartisan, Mitt Romney--trying to mingle with the bikers and look at home on a Harley. Heck, if one of the motorcycles broke down, Todd undoubtedly could fix it. And when Sarah greeted the crowd before the ride began, the affection from her fans didn't need to be feigned or bused in.”
Clifton B, at Another Black Conservative:
“Not bad for someone who was declared politically dead after the media's attempt to blood libel her a few months ago.”
SJ Reidhead, at The Pink Flamingo:
“What you need to know is that the person who did the most complaining at Rolling Thunder, Ted Shpak is a big Democrat. Very few people have bothered mentioning this. Of course Allen West had to pander to the Dem instead of sticking up for someone who is responsible for him getting where he is today... Sarah Palin did a tremendous amount to help Allen West. Forget that. Once again he proves that men of the tea party are nothing but he-man, woman-using jerks. Palin was far more gracious than West...”
The Right Guy:
“While the ersatz reporter Andrea Mitchell says Sarah wasn't invited, It seems the riders at the rally didn't mind at all. I surely didn't... Ride on pretty mama grizzly, right on to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”
Rachel Weiner at the Washington Post:
“Many Rolling Thunder attendees said they were happy to have Palin there as long as she didn’t distract the focus from the veterans’ cause... Onlookers expressed concern for Palin’s safety. ‘The girl needs a bodyguard,’ one woman said. But Palin stood in the middle of it all, signing books and leather jackets... After the ride, Palin kept a low profile. She did not speak at the rally that followed the ride; she ate lunch with wounded veterans from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in a tent blocked off from the crowd.”
Freedom Fighter, at Joshuapundit:
“If anyone was hijacking the Rolling Thunder ride for partisan political purposes, it was Andrea Mitchell and the crowd at MSNBC.”
Wild Thing, at PC Free Zone:
“I love Rolling Thunder and Sarah too and I think this was a great thing today. There are still people that have had no clue about Rolling Thunder and what they do. By Sarah being there she brought attention to Rolling Thunder and she did it in a class act way. It was very clear she did not want to make it about her and to forcus on Memorial Day and what it means. I am saying that because there were some jerks that compalined about her even being there. Those that did that would not like anything she did imo and just used this day and event to once again bash Sarah. Thank you Rolling Thunder and thank you Sarah Palin for all you do.”
Rick Moran, at American Thinker Blog:
“To make Rolling Thunder the first stop on her bus tour demonstrates a pitch perfect sense of her base of support.”
ShaddapPlease, at Conservative Blogs Central:
“You can criticise Palin, but you can never question her patriotism, her love for America, her support for all men and women in uniform serving the United States of America, past and present. The presence of Palin at the Rolling Thunder rally brought a lot of attention to the organizations' cause, which the organization needs.”
Don Surber at the Charleston Daily Mail :
“Sarah Palin takes a little motorcycle ride in Washington and suddenly politics is fun again.”
Samuel Gonzalez, at The Last Tradition:
“How [George] Will feels about Palin has more to do with the so-called conservative intelligentsia like Will, David Brooks and others wanting to keep their ‘intelligentsia card’ by trashing Palin. The media has set the template that one cannot be a member of the intelligentsia and like Sarah Palin at the same time. Thus anything these guys have to say about Palin has no value to the general public. They’ve become a bunch of ‘me too’ sounding boards for the media and The Left. I’ve seen this kind of thing before because the conservative intelligentsia also hated Ronald Reagan. That puts Sarah Palin in very good standing indeed!”
Scott Conroy, via Twitter:
“I predict if Palin announces her candidacy, there will still be people on TV giving reasons why she won't run.”
Frank Miele, at the Daily Inter Lake of NW Montana:
“[Dorothy] Thompson and Palin are women of different eras, who made different choices, and are by no means exact parallels, but they are both fearless conservatives who put their principles ahead of their popularity. It should also be noted that Palin, in addition to her political career, is herself an on-air commentator and a hugely popular author... What really cements the case for me is reading Thompson’s conservative analysis of national and world politics. Time after time, she boldly defends the Constitution, common decency and common sense against the platitudes of politicians and the perennial assault of assumed progress. She was certainly akin to Sarah Palin as a defender of Western civilization, and if she had lived today she would have been mocked just as mercilessly.”
Larry Kudlow, via Barbaric Thoughts:
“I Want Sarah Palin to Teach Mitt Romney Economics...”
Jamie Jeffords, at Eye of Polyphemus:
“This week's poll has closed. In spite of a surge in her favor over the last couple days, Michele Bachmann ultimately got trounced by Sarah Palin as your favorite potential 2012 GOP nominee: Michele Bachmann 40%, Sarah Palin 60%... Considering Palin's bus tour and new documentary set to premiere in Iowa, it is safe to say she is running in spite of insider commentary to the contrary. Bachmann is having a tough time gaining any traction to the point; if she is wise, will drop the whole idea of a 2012 bid. She may be in better shape to run later, but I do not believe it is her turn right now.”
- JP

Laughing Matter

Sarah Palin's reaction when told that Vichy David Brooks doesn't like the crease of her skirt:
Sarah Laughing

- JP

Gov. Palin & family at the National Archives (Updated)

"As she maintains her place atop the Republican field of potential candidates"
Fox News reports that Sarah Palin's "One Nation" tour bus made a stop early Monday morning at the U.S. National Archives in Washington, D.C., as her tour continues to fuel speculation that about whether she will try to challenge President Obama in 2012:
"This isn't a campaign bus, this is a bus to be able to express to America how much we appreciate our foundation," Palin said after heading toward the bus carrying her family to famous historical sites on their summer vacation.

Palin said she doesn't doubt that a Republican could defeat Obama in 2012.

"Any Republican candidate is very, very electable," she said. "I think Americans are ready for true change."

But as for her own plans, "We're still kind of contemplating that," Palin said.

Palin said she launched the bus tour -- with family in tow, including two children who've never been to Washington, D.C. -- to bring attention "to our charters of liberty."

"The mission that we are on is to highlight America's foundation, and that's a nice thing that we're getting to do," she said.

She said she is interested in restoring a sense of American exceptionalism by highlighting the historic sites. She reportedly was scheduled to be in Philadelphia later Monday to visit the Liberty Bell.

Another stop on the tour will be at Mount Vernon, a somewhat frustrated CNN producer Peter Hamby revealed via Twitter:
Palin advance dudes roll into special entrance at Mt Vernon. Palin will do a mansion tour. Press will be "allowed" to take pictures.
Mount Vernon was, of course, the home of the hero of our nation's revolution and its first president, whom Gov. Palin was ridiculed for saying was her favorite of all the founders. Of course, the left would have mocked her no matter which of the founders had named. They were all just a bunch of rich white guys who didn't pay enough taxes and owned slaves, in the eyes of "progressives." Never mind that some of them were not wealthy and in fact lost all their material possessions for becoming revolutionaries. Never mind, either, that many -- John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, and Benjamin Rush among them -- were opposed to slavery, and some of those who did own slaves as subjects of the British crown -- George Washington, John Dickinson, Caesar Rodney, William Livingston, and John Randolph of Roanoke are but a few examples -- released their slaves in the years following America’s separation from Great Britain.

Update: SarahPAC has posted photos of Sarah and family's visit to the National Archives.

- JP

GretaWire: Governor Sarah Palin ... today (Updated)

"She is not obliged to tell me or my crew where she is going."
According to GretaWire, Greta Van Susteren will interview Gov. Palin for Fox News' "On The Record" today. That interview will take place on the One Nation Tour bus as it heads to...
Where is her bus tour going ? You got me. My producer who talked to someone who works with her in order to set up the interview told me last night that he would not tell her. We were told to check their website for any information they are releasing. He said they don’t want the media following them and that includes us. Well…with the intense interest in her by everyone (almost everyone) in the media, that is, I suspect, going to happen. The media will probably be in hot pursuit. I do know where she is this morning since I am meeting up with the bus with our crew. She is not obliged to tell me or my crew where she is going. I guess that is like my contract – I am not obliged to tell Fox where I vacation.

Stay tuned…

Update: Shushannah Walshe via Twitter:
. arrives at the Natl Archives to see the const w parents the Heaths, Piper, Willow, Bristol
- JP

Day By Day (May 30, 2011)

Good morning! It's a wonderful life if we just take it Day By Day:


Please support Chris Muir's pro-Palin Day By Day.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quote of the Day (May 29, 2011)

No bus, but there are motorcycles
Robin Abcarian at the Los Angeles Times:
“'I'm glad she got the experience,' said Rolling Thunder member Gus Caporale, a Marine Corps Vietnam veteran who owns an Italian bakery in Cumberland, Md. Palin 'came and respected what we were all about.'”
- JP

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 288

"Heart of the matter" Edition

AWR Hawkins, at Big Government:
“What would it be like to live under government according to President Palin? For starters, there would be a vast reduction in the size of government instead of an exponential growth of the same: the record spending spree would stop... Concerning our energy quandaries, is there anyone who touted ‘Drill Here, Drill Now’ louder than Palin? And she understands that the reasons behind Obama’s refusal to drill boil down to politics... FYI – I know this all sounds like common sense, and it is common sense, which is why the Republican establishment fears Palin so much. Common sense is an anathema to political elites in both parties because it removes the need for endless political discussion (and grandstanding) and gets right to the heart of the matter. It lets Palin explain the justification for stronger border security with simple statements like, ‘Illegal immigrants are called illegal for a reason. And it allows her to sum up her views on the War on Terror by saying, ‘We win, they lose.’ ... Government according to President Palin would be far less intrusive and much, much smaller. Taxes would be lower, borders would be stronger, and more and more of the oil required to fuel our economy would come from here, rather than OPEC.”
Dana Loesch, at Big Journalism:
“I spoke with director Steve Bannon, the force behind films like ‘Generation Zero’ and ‘Fire From the Heartland,’ about his new Sarah Palin documentary ‘Undefeated’...”
John Nolte, at Big Journalism:
“When it comes to Palin, the goal is never the truth; the goal is to Alinsky her with nonsensical personal drama that not only serves to suck all the air out of any chance she has at being taken seriously, but also to exhaust her supporters. This is why — deep breath — the corrupt MSM goes after her family; keeps Levi Johnston in the news; posts two-year old Thanksgiving videos; tells us more about Palin’s wardrobe than President Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers; reduces a speech laying out a foreign policy vision into headlines about her saying ‘our President’ instead of ‘Obama’; blames her for a tragedy in Tucson; writes stories about an aide’s tweets; headlines perceived misstatements or mispronounced words over substance; never fails to air Tina Fey’s latest SNL appearance. This is why Politico reduces a 20 minute television appearance into this, investigates tanning beds, and legitimizes discredited obsessives who have made a cottage industry out of destroying her. And most importantly, this is why Andrew Sullivan — a rancid-soul who attempts to freak-show Palin’s family with astonishing cruelty — will always be welcome into the MSM fold.”
Matthew Balan, at NewsBusters:
“Andrew Sullivan's vendetta against Sarah Palin reached a new milestone on Friday after he insinuated that the former Alaska governor was somehow akin to Adolf Hitler.”
Rush Limbaugh:
“Now, I know that a lot of people think that they're the only ones who know what the media has done to Sarah Palin... At some point the media smear of anybody peaks. They either get 'em out of office or they don't... But Palin is enjoying life. She's got this bus tour. That's why I said on Greta's show last night, ‘Palin has learned to throw it right back at 'em.’ You've heard the old adage, the best revenge is success. She's earning a good living. She's living life as she chooses, where she chooses. They are as angry that they haven't forced her into an insane asylum as anything else. At some point, folks, the smear of Palin has to peak. The smear of anybody has to peak. And the more people see her in relation to what they've heard from the media, the odds are more and more people are gonna realize they've been lied to.”
Ann Althouse:
“Conventional people saying you're not serious because you're not conventional. But what if Palin is out ahead of them, and they can't see it?”
Mark McKinnon, Vichy Republican, at left wing The Daily Beast:
“With pundits and the public atwitter, Palin begins her ‘One Nation’ tour this weekend at the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally in Washington aboard a shiny new cross-country coach boldly emblazoned: ‘One Nation. Under God. Indivisible. With Liberty and Justice for All.’ [Editor's note: Wrong. It's the same RV she used in her TLC series. - JP] ... Iconic images of Palin on a hawg will light up the Internet. It will be like Caesar on a chariot with six white horses. It would be easy to dismiss this tour of historic locales along the East Coast, coincidentally including New Hampshire, site of the nation’s first presidential primary for 2012, as a publicity stunt. But Palin is about more than publicity. She is the voice of many who share her conservative beliefs and feel they are still not being heard, not being represented in Washington. To belittle her as a thumper/clinger is to diminish many hardworking folks in the heart of the nation.”
David C Beach, at BLN:
“There are only two people that BLN will endorse for president in the pivotal 2012 election, Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann.”
Chuck Pettis, president of BrandSolutions:
“This is about political viability. She is... testing the waters. Is this the right time or not? ... I would call her, in terms of an archetype, a combination of a hero and an outlaw - a hero in the sense that she does not want any of what she perceives as wrongs going unchallenged. But on the other hand, a rebel, a freewheeling countercultural (figure). And so it is an interesting combination of the two.”
Jay Newton-Small, at TIME's Swampland blog:
“Michele Bachmann touring Iowa? Mitt Romney making his bid official in New Hampshire? Rick Santorum throwing his hat in the ring in Pennsylvania? All of these events will likely be overshadowed by Palin’s media extravaganza.”
Niall O'Dowd, founder of Irish Central:
“Sarah Palin now the favorite for the Republican nomination for president... Sarah Palin is consistently underrated by Republicans, Democrats and media alike as a possible contender for the White House... Now with the Republican field imploding in the past few weeks, suddenly Palin is back in the limelight again... She looks at this Republican field and sees huge weaknesses, from Mitt Romney's flip flops to Newt Gingrich's womanizing to Tim Pawlenty's lack of charisma... Now Sarah comes swanning back into the limelight and no one has a hold on the Tea Party and Conservative wing like she has... We have to adjust out bifocals folks, here comes Sarah and she is running hard. Good for her.”
Shane Vander Hart, at Caffeinated Thoughts:
“Ok as if I needed more convincing that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is actually going to run, she planned a ‘One Nation’ bus tour starting this weekend that will end in New Hampshire...”
BBC News:
“With one announcement, the slow burning - some might say barely-smouldering - Republican campaign for the White House has, if not caught light, then at least caught the attention of those outside the circle of Washington's campaign professionals. That announcement was from Sarah Palin's Political Action Committee; the former vice-presidential candidate would, the PAC said, begin a tour of north-eastern states, visiting historic sites and patriotic events.”
Ray Schneider, at Political Brambles:
“Sarah speaks common sense which is becoming increasingly uncommon. How can a lady that quotes G.K. Chesterton be far off the mark?”
Jim Funkhouser, at Tea Party Tribune:
“At this point the canard that Palin is slow is not believed by anyone, including the talking heads in the MSM. They would love for it to be so, and they pray daily that she will misspeak ala Gingrich, but even a cursory look at her recent political maneuvers offer scant hope for the RINOs or the DINOs who wish her ill... Palin is right on the issues of course, but that is seldom a product of intelligence. Ideology descends from childhood prejudices, and smart people from both sides of the spectrum more often than not simply construct a mental flow chart that undergird their desires. Obama is not stupid, stupid people cannot read from a teleprompter so convincingly. And Palin isn’t stupid either. In fact, the smartest thing she ever did was to be born into a family that taught her traditional American values like rugged individualism, honesty, and courage. That is Sarah’s real secret weapon, her values.”
- JP

Gov. Palin: Of the People, By the People, For the People

"Americans can feel great pride in our exceptional nation"
Sarah Palin checks in at SarahPAC with an update on her One Nation Tour.
Of the People, By the People, For the People

Took an incognito tour of our beautiful national monuments tonight. We met some great everyday citizens who were also "taking it all in" in honor of the greatest nation on earth. One couple we met traveled from Michigan to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary in our nation's capital, and they expressed how thankful they were to live in this land of great opportunity. We were also priviledged tonight to get to thank a member of the greatest generation for his service in WWII. This fine patriot was surrounded by his large extended family that had pooled together to send their patriarch from Oklahoma to DC this Memorial Day weekend to see the breathtaking WWII memorial built to honor that generation's tremendous sacrifice. Meeting him and his caring family made my heart soar with pride for the honor so many show our military vets.

Tonight, as the sun set and we gathered to read the eternal words of President Lincoln at the majestic memorial in his honor, we were shown more reasons why Americans can feel great pride in our exceptional nation. The Lincoln Memorial reminds us that ours is to be a government "of the people, by the people and for the people" and it's with gratefulness for past generations that we can commit ourselves to living out the promises and values etched on those memorial walls.

And that's what this tour is all about.

- Sarah Palin
Update: SarahPAC has posted photos from the National Monuments here.

- JP

George Will, Republagogue (Updated)

Levin: "The contempt for Palin does, in fact, remind me of the contempt some had for Reagan"
A demagogue is defined as a person, especially an orator or political leader, who gains power and popularity by arousing people's emotions, passions, and prejudices. Which is exactly what George Will did this morning, as Doug Powers observes:

George Will seems to think American voters are concerned that our nuclear arsenal could fall into the hands of… Sarah Palin:

“The threshold question, not usually asked, but it’s in everyone’s mind in a presidential election. ‘Should we give this person nuclear weapons?’ And the answer [in Palin's case], answers itself.”

“You know how chicks are… she’ll probably get upset with a Real Housewives of Atlanta episode and hit ‘the button’…”

Doug recalls that Will's soft-spoken hysteria reminds him of how the elitists demagogued Ronald Reagan, either as “a doddering old fool” without sufficient mental capacity or as a warmongering Hitler salivating at the prospect of starting a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. But Reagan, as it turned out, negotiated with Gorbochev and signed the INF Treaty, which was the first nuclear arms control agreement to actually reduce nuclear arms, rather than establish ceilings that could not be exceeded.

And speaking of George Will and Ronald Reagan, Mark Levin has pointed out in defense of Sarah Palin:
George Will missed the Reagan Revolution not only in 1976 but as late as 1980. In the 1979 Republican Presidential Primary, his first choice was Howard Baker, his second choice was George H. W. Bush, and his third choice was Reagan. Not until days before the 1980 general election did he write on November 3, 1980 that Reagan deserved election. For all his wonderful columns, the Republican electorate better understood the needs of the nation and the excellence of a potential Reagan presidency than Will. It is hard to believe he was so wrong about a matter of such great import, despite Reagan's presence on the national scene for many years.
Lest you think Levin was just posturing to promote Gov. Palin, he worked in the Reagan White House, served as advisor to several members of Ronald Reagan's cabinet, then as Associate Director of Presidential Personnel and finally as Attorney General Edwin Meese's Chief of Staff.

Dan Riehl has a screen cap of a George Will column in which Mr. Bowtie admits that he preferred the two country club Republicans, one after the other, over Reagan. Dan commented:
If we had taken George Will's advice in 1979 and 1980, there would have been no Reagan Revolution. I don't mean to attack him. But it's a fact.

I wonder, where is it Will gets his impressions of, say, a Sarah Palin, a Herman Cain, a Michelle Bachmann, or whomever today? Perhaps it's some of the same people and media outlets he was paying attention to in 1979?
Doug has the likely answer to that question:
George Will is a conservative (usually), but he’s an Ivy League conservative, and as such he might have a tendency to think that anybody who didn’t go to Princeton, Harvard or Yale shouldn’t be trusted with anything more powerful than a Bic lighter.

Did George Will mention a similar concern in 2008 when a community organizer from Chicago was about to be handed the launch codes and subsequently disclose the size of the US nuke arsenal? No, because Obama’s smart — he went to Columbia and all.
Will's demagoguery of Gov. Palin does indeed sound reminiscent of the attacks on Reagan from the political left back in the day. Victor Davis Hanson recalls:
Liberals once slurred Reagan on every occasion. They screamed that he was unhinged, a reactionary nut who would take us to nuclear war (remember the last days of Jimmy Carter's 1980 campaign?).
So Will, the conservative columnist, has a thing or two in common with his elitist counterparts over on the left. And he has demonstrated beyond any doubt that he is a demagogue. Since Will is a Republican, albeit one with his left foot planted firmly on the country club's grounds, and he frequently disses good conservative Republicans, can we call him a republagogue? Whatever we call him, Dan is right on target with his suggestion that when it comes to choosing presidential candidates, conservatives would be better served by trusting our own instincts than letting elitists like George Will pick our candidates for us.

: Whitney Pitcher has more on misogynist Will's "unsubstantiated and disparaging remarks" here.

- JP

Sarah Palin: Roll On, Rolling Thunder! (Updated)

“We will never forget our heroes left behind!”
Gov. Palin posted this on the SarahPAC website today.
Roll On, Rolling Thunder!

There’s no better way to see D.C. than on the back of a Harley! My family may be used to snowmachines more so than motorcycles (though you couldn’t tell it with Todd driving a hog today with Piper on the back and with Bristol riding on the back of another bike). But whether you’re riding the open road or the frozen tundra, you’re celebrating a free spirit. What could be more American than that?

Today’s Rolling Thunder rally in DC is all about freedom. And it’s about duty and loyalty and service. The message heard loud and clear through the roar of tens of thousands of bike engines declared, “We will never forget our heroes left behind!” Truly, our POWs and MIAs honored today are America’s real heroes.

In addition to drawing special attention to POWs and MIAs, Rolling Thunders works to help all veterans, active duty service men and women, and military families in so many ways. Riding with these patriots today reinforced that we must do all we can to remind all Americans that we owe our freedom to our vets and to those missing and to those who made the ultimate sacrifice to make this the greatest country on earth. They deserve our debt of gratitude. It’s not the politician or the reporter who makes us free; it is the veteran.

One man who clearly understands this is Rep. Allen West, who was there today to honor our military. I really appreciated meeting him. Thank you for spending your day with the troops, Lt. Colonel West!

Meeting with Blue Star and Gold Star mothers this afternoon puts much into perspective. These beautiful families sacrifice so much for our freedom. This is what Memorial Day weekend is all about. Many of us this weekend are firing up the grill and enjoying time with our loved ones. Remember that we’re able to do that because someone else’s loved one is willing to lay it all on the line to defend our freedom. Someone is willing to re-deploy again and again far from home. Someone is willing to endure the blistering heat of Iraq’s deserts or the brutal cold of Afghanistan’s mountains. Someone is willing to put his or her own life on hold to make sure we’re safe. We never hear them complain, do we? And we never hear their families complain either. That’s what duty and service means. And Rolling Thunder’s commitment to them is what loyalty means.

I’m thankful Rolling Thunder keeps the mission of honoring our vets alive! For in doing so, they remind us what is good and free and worthy in America. So roll on, Rolling Thunder! Like Martin Luther King, Jr. said about the great struggle for civil rights, “we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream...”

Let’s roll on to honor our vets, to secure our blessings of liberty, and to fundamentally restore our proud America!

- Sarah Palin
Update: SarahPAC has photos posted including some of the governor with Rep. Allen West.


Video: Sarah Palin Joins Rolling Thunder (Updated)

Love the smell of Harleys in the morning. Smells like... victory!

h/t: Breitbart.tv


From AP's report:
Wearing black from head to toe, the Republicans' 2008 vice presidential nominee stopped at a thousands-strong motorcycle ride from the Pentagon to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Palin, who is mulling a White House run, was joined by her family.
And this photo posted at CNN's Political Ticker blog.

NY Time political blog The Caucus reports:
Ms. Palin got off the bike to sign autographs and talk with the crowd. At one point she could be heard discussing “the missing,” a reference to the soldiers still missing in action — a key part of the Rolling Thunder cause.


Ms. Palin rode on the back as another woman drove her motorcycle. Todd Palin drove another motorcycle, with Piper on the back, and Bristol rode on a third with another driver.
Here's some raw video from NBC Washington:

Via Fox News:
In recent polling, Palin scores at or near the top of GOP 2012 presidential hopefuls -- all without stating her plans. The Rolling Thunder parade attracts about 500,000 participants each year, and is a great place to go trolling for votes if she were setting up a bid.

"I'm glad she's here and she can ride on the back of my bike if she wants," one young rider told Fox News.

"I think her coming out shows a great support for the veterans which we haven't seen so far, either," a female biker said. "I think this will make a big difference in the minds of the veterans because there's a lot of us, you know, and it's important that we never forget them."
Photo of Todd (with Piper on the back) and Sarah at Rolling Thunder:

Todd Bike

SarahPAC has put the first pin in the map here.

More video:

- JP

Photos: Gov. Palin at Rolling Thunder (Updated)

The Lady in Black
Just in from WJLA-TV:
The Associated Press reported at about 11:50 a.m. that Sarah Palin rolled into the parking lot of the Pentagon on the back of a motorcycle wearing black from head to toe.
Sarah and Todd Palin joined thousands of motorcycles in the D.C. area today for Rolling Thunder, the annual event which draws riders from across the country.

Erika Bolstad of McClatchy Newspapers posted a photo via Twitter here, and another Twitpic uploaded by RealClearPolitics' Scott Controy is here. Al Garcia has posted more photos here. TheRightScoop has photos here, and The Daily Mail has some here, along with the usual leftist anti-Palin propaganda. Egad, how the socialists and Marxists fear and loathe her! Photos at Yahoo! News here.

SarahPAC has posted photos from the National Monuments here.

- JP

EPIC FAIL: Anti-Palin Books Proving to Be Commercial Flops

The campaign by Sarah Palin's political enemies to destroy her has failed
Both Democrat and Republican progressives, as well as some country club conservatives, have tried to make a cottage industry out of Palin-bashing with the goal of destroying her political career, but after two years and eight months of non-stop attacks on her credibility, her character and even her family, they have failed miserably.

A Gallup Poll released February 24 found Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney, and Sarah Palin leading the field of potential GOP presidential candidates. Gov. Palin was the top choice of Republicans who were focused on national security and foreign policy issues. Among those for whom business and the economy were their top issues, she was second only to Romney, and only then by three points, which was within the survey's margin of error. She was second only to Huckabee among those who listed social issues as their number one concern.

A more recent Gallup Poll released May 26 after Mike Huckabee had announced he would not run for president in 2012 found Gov. Palin in a statistical tie with Romney for the GOP lead. Though he had a narrow two point lead over the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, it was again within the survey's three-point margin of error.

The Palins have, from all indications, purchased a home in Scottsdale, Arizona amid much speculation that Gov. Palin will base a campaign for the presidency there. A new full-length documentary which chronicles her accomplishments as Alaska's governor will be released this summer, and she is about to embark on a bus tour of historic sites and patriotic events through the northeastern states.

Now comes news that two books heavily promoted by the lamestream media as exposés of Gov. Palin as an alleged power-hungry, self-serving politician without principle have failed to rouse much interest in the general public despite all the media hype, as Steve Flesher reports in an American Thinker Sunday op-ed:
Palin-flamethrower, Geoffrey Dunn of the Huffington Post released The Lies of Sarah Palin: The Untold Story Behind Her Relentless Quest for Power May 10th and Frank Bailey, former Aide to Palin, teamed up with Palin-critic Jeanne Devon to release Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of Our Tumultuous Years on May 24th. Ardent opponents of Sarah Palin have been highly-anticipating these books which promised to tear down Palin's public image for the long-term.

Interestingly, Geoffrey Dunn's book has not even hit Amazon's top-100 list since its release; and after a week of media coverage including appearances on NBC, ABC's The View, Fox News, CNN, and many more, Frank Bailey's "memoir" disappointingly debuted at #40 and has already fallen to #75.

While reasonable voters notice that perhaps Americans are beginning to tire of the anti-Palin volume, others are sure to argue that Americans simply don't care about her at all, even though the latest headlines which seem to be tracking her every move impeccably could be enough to put that idea to rest.

One thing is sure for Palin as she moves toward making her 2012 decision. She enjoys the luxury of knowing she has been thoroughly vetted and scrutinized for the last two years. While anti-Palin readers have lined their ammunition up one year before a presidential campaign, her supporters are left wondering who is left in Alaska to interview. Because on the basis of Geoffrey Dunn's and Frank Bailey's accompanying Palin-bombs, what they've come up with so far doesn't seem to be effectively distinguishing the grassroots energy Sarah Palin has uniquely created and maintained.

We have long held that the attacks on Sarah Palin, as vitriolic and petty as they are, would eventually backfire on her attackers when the American public recognized these assaults on her character for what they were and decided that her attacker have no credibility. It appears that we have at long last reached that point, and the campaign against Sarah Palin, which has raged on for the better part of three years now, can be summed up in two words: EPIC FAIL.

h/t: M.Joseph Sheppard

- JP