Monday, April 11, 2011

The Sarah Palin Show?

"Leftists are never more unattractive than when they are excoriating the Palins"
With the news that Glenn Beck will leave his afternoon Fox News hour for new ventures, Megan Fox at NewsReal Blog opines that Roger Ailes should fill Beck's slot with a replacement who, like Beck, "makes the Left put their full-blown moonbattery on display." Among the 10 potential candidates to take over the 5 PM slot on Fox News she suggests is Gov. Palin:
Leftists suffer from a derangement syndrome even more acute than the one attached to George Bush when they talk about, read about, write about or even think about Sarah Palin. The second she appears in public, they are programmed like Terminators to lock on and destroy by any means necessary. Nothing is off limits, not even her physically disabled toddler. It’s sad, but it’s a great opportunity to expose the mentally unstable Left to regular folks. They are never more unattractive than when they are excoriating the Palins.

A show hosted by Palin would offer ample opportunities to tweak the Left. After the news or issues of the day, Palin could feature the “Caribou Barbie Corner” where she could demonstrate how to field-dress a moose or how to butcher a caribou and offer helpful freezing tips. That could segue into a cooking segment where a guest could help her prepare the day’s kill. Todd can get in on the action too in “Todd Time” where he can offer stay-at-home-dads advice and guidance as well as snow machine racing footage. This would drive the Left insane.

The best part would be watching the anti-woman feminists come out of the woodwork to try to strip her of her “womanhood,” further demonstrating the faux feminist agenda has nothing whatsoever to do with women, but with the cause of the Left alone.


Did I mention the Facebook group entitled “Sarah Palin Must Die?” It has since been removed, but it had over 1,000 members. She is definitely the right person to make the Left jump right off that cliff of civility.

While the prospect of Sarahcuda making the moonbats bark every weekday afternoon with her own TV program is indeed tantalizing, Palin supporters are hoping that the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate has other plans and higher ambitions.

Some of the other candidates Megan Fox mentions are Tammy Bruce, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Steyn, among others -- all of whom have been successful in radio -- but we're not sure that success would carry over to television. Rush, for one, tried it years ago, and found that radio was much better tailored to his style. We like Megan Fox's #6 pick, Andrew Breitbart:
Andrew Breitbart is some kind of mad genius who has taken the Internet by storm with Big Journalism, Big Hollywood, Big Peace, and Big Government. “Big TV” is the next logical step.
Breitbart's effect on "progressives" is to drive them into fits of rage almost as intense and insane as the seizures into which our Sarah sends them. "Big TV" would be must-see TV for red-blooded conservatives.

- JP

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