Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 249

"Sarah's Way" Edition

ArchTriumph at
"In her 3 years of national prominence she has taken more barbs than Ahab’s blue whale. Sarah has survived the onslaught of media character assassins. This is the reason why they continue to marginalize her in push polling. She has no skeletons in her closet. Do you understand the power of a person with integrity? She does not fear taking strong positions because she knows what she believes and she lives a life consistent with her beliefs... Sarah Palin drives a stake in the heart of liberal stereotypes. In this politically correct media driven era, Sarah Palin represents the antithesis of liberalism. She will call out their hypocrisy. Every attack on her is an attack on their bias. She can shield their slings and arrows, and return fire. And when she returns fire it is with a laser guided missile. Now is your chance. Conservatives unite."
pelinore at The Knights of Palin:
"We will continue to pray for Mrs. Palin and her family as they thoughtfully consider whether to take the next step."
Eric the Red at Vocal Minority:
"In this country there are lots of things done that are offensive to Christians and/or Jews. Remember the taxpayer-funded work of 'art' called 'P_ss Christ'? Or the one with elephant dung smeared all over a the Virgin Mary? When Christians merely complained — no one murdered anyone and no one set anything on fire or bombed any buildings, just complained — it was the 'artists' with whom the liberati sided. Offended Christians were told to get over it, that this was a free country and that the religiously offensive pieces of art were protected under the First Amendment. With Jews it’s kind of a PC-determined craps shoot. If some artist, celebrity, or college speaker offends the sensibilities of Jews (especially if it’s an anti-Israel message), then the liberal left will be among the first to support the rights (if not the actual sentiment) of the offending party. But if righty Glenn Beck says something that liberal Jews don’t like or Sarah Palin invokes — gasp!!! — 'blood libel,' the liberati will be first in line to slap a gag order on them, citing First-Amendment-violating 'hate crime' laws."
ZIP at Weasel Zippers:
"God help the kid named Palin who runs into a PDS-suffering leftist."
Diva Daria at The Conservative Diva:
"Ah, Jesse Ventura. Sending thrills up the legs of libertarian anarchists everywhere who accused Sarah Palin of 'hijacking' the Tea Party movement following her speech in Nashville last year and to this day, continue to assail her as a 'shill of the NWO'. Guess they found out she holds secret weekly meetings with the Illuminati, where they are hard at work on their FEMA camp blueprints... Methinks Jesse needs a serious reality check — along with a shower and haircut."
Yochana at The Squibbler:
"Ventura thinks Palin can be 'controlled.' I think Ventura needs to read Palin's, Going Rogue. That phrase didn't come about because Palin can be handled."
Doug Powers at The Powers That Be:
"Oh come on Tina… I don’t think you’re a pinko commie monster… very often. However, I think Fey’s estimate of the percentage of people who might be inclined to think that way on any given day, in general, holds water. By the way, Fey can mock the concept that her Palin impression hurt 30 Rock ratings, but she can’t mock the fact that Palin’s appearance on SNL boosted that show’s ratings."
Ron Devito at US for Palin:
"Horror: Bristol Palin Earns Honest Money for Honest Work..."
The Evil Conservative:
"According to tax documents, Bristol Palin was paid more than $260,500 by the Candie's Foundation to serve as an advocate for teen pregnancy prevention in 2009. And apparently, the 20-year-old daughter of former Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, and mom to 2-year-old son, Tripp, has been worth every penny!"
David Stein at CounterContempt:
"Will the 'kill Palin' page be removed?"
Lona Manning at Sanity Sentinel:
"It's ironic that the alleged 'party of the people' is comprised of the very same people who rammed Obamacare down our throats based on a cost-saving premise of letting the elderly 'expire' rather than receive 'unnecessary' care. Oh, they denied the existence of what Sarah Palin called 'death panels', but even the most cursory examination of the models for this bill - from Europe and Canada - reveal the truth that there is a Logan's Run criteria in the administration of government health care."
"And who is the best person to lead us to energy independence? It's Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is the right person, in the right place, at the right time."
Tyrone at Wake up Black America:
"The media is trying to pick their 'anti Palin' candidate. Trump isn't the only one they are filtering with. I've also noticed the press claiming that Michelle Bachmann is somehow the 'real Sarah Palin'. Before Bachman entertained the thought of running for president, the media branded her as a far right wing nut, but now she is seen as 'more presidential' then Palin? As anyone can clearly see, Trump & Bachmann are being used as pawns in an attempt to try and overshadow and kill a potential run by Sarah Palin... Just keep reading their so-called polls and reading the media's stories on Bachmann and Trump. If they keep bringing up Sarah Palin's name in their stories, you'll know I'm right. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. Trump also was a fan of Nancy Pelosi becoming Speaker of the House back in 2006. He wanted her to do well and said 'she was the best'. Know who the media is pushing."
Saber at Palin Promotions:
"If Sarah can skin a Moose, she can skin a Jackass..."
Douglas V. Gibbs at Political Pistachio:
"I have a friend who has stopped talking to me because he overheard me say that I thought Sarah Palin would make a great president. He then mumbled something about Sarah Palin saying she could see Russia from her house. I corrected him, and said that Palin never said anything of the sort. It was Tina Fey that said it, as she impersonated Sarah Palin. My friend, so conditioned by the media to hate Palin and anybody else the propaganda machine tells him to, stomped off angry with me, assuming I was the uninformed one. Such is the hazard of living in the liberal State of California...Whether or not Palin is going to run, I think she has done more (aside from the Tea Party) to help turn things around for the GOP than any other political figure out there. Sarah is among the top candidates, should she decide to run, and I believe she could beat Obama easily."
- JP

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