Monday, April 4, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 247

"Torn" Edition

Dewaine Shoulders at One Mans Opinion:
"To run for President of the United States is a daunting choice to make. How it will affect your family is something to consider, as you will be putting your life in the spotlight for all to see. Any skeletons that happen to be in your closet will be brought out and displayed, and the pundits will pick your choices in life apart. So, having considered what choices Sarah Palin must be making gives me hope that she will choose to run for president. Having been vetted as much as she has been already, I doubt that there is much left the lamestream media's talking heads could come up, but I'm sure they will continue to try. Compared to Sarah Palin, the choices I have to make in my life seem small in comparison. The big question is: Will she choose to make a run for the presidency? I think we'll know before too long. Until then, I'll choose to wait patiently and continue writing. Choices are sometimes difficult to make, but when you do make them, you must live with those choices. We're already living with a bad choice that was made by many Americans back in 2008... Let's hope sanity returns to America in 2012 and a better choice is made."
John McCommas at John's Garden:
"Think now, who do you want choosing the next nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court? Governor Sarah Palin... or the guy who socialized medicare in Mass?"
Illinois Conservative Examiner:
"Running or not, Sarah Palin is a force to be reckoned with. Like it or not, she is the figurehead of the Tea Party. Conservatism, the nation, and the Tea Party are better for It. And, never forget, Sarah Palin had more political and managerial experience in 2008 than Barack Obama... Join your local Tea Party chapter and get involved in rescuing America from the ruinous policies of the radical left. Speak out and help stiffen the backbones of Republicans, who, even after November 11, still fear criticism from the mainstream media."
Jerry Bloom at Liberty Log:
"As far as I’m concerned, and as I’ve written in a past article... Sarah Palin is the closest thing to Ronald Reagan speaking from the grave."
Stacy McCain at The American Spectator:
"We could probably blame it all on Shelly Mandell. It was at a Sarah Palin campaign rally on October 4, 2008, that Mandell -- president of the Los Angeles chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) -- endorsed the Republican and proclaimed to a cheering crowd: 'America, this is what a feminist looks like!'... As Michelle Malkin once observed, 'If Phyllis Schlafly were a liberal, she'd already have buildings and holidays named after her.… But because she is an unapologetic and outspoken conservative, she is demonized instead of lionized.' Sarah Palin has certainly experienced her share of the hateful demonization that liberal feminists reserve for conservative women. It is their rejection of the Left's grievance-mongering, their refusal to credit their own successes to an identity-politics movement, which makes conservative women an especial target of feminist leaders. Schlafly cheerfully mocks their collectivist sensibilities... No, she didn't need them -- and they'll never forgive her for it, either. Nor are the feminists ever likely to forgive Sarah Palin, who probably needs them even less than Schlafly did."
Kathryn Jean Lopez at NRO's The Corner:
"Sarah Palin appears to be crucified in a recent Los Angeles art exhibit... She is in good company, though. The whole exhibit appears to have been dedicated to giving Christ grief. He has seen worse."
MissLiberty at
"I support the right for the gallery to sponsor a group show called 'Jesus is Coming' regardless of how tasteless it may be. Well, no disappointment here as it’s irreverent, disrespectful and sacrilege – what else would you expect from artistes in LA LA Land? But, here’s the part that really interests me – the painting of Sarah Palin being nailed to a cross. Maybe I’m wrong, but I sense that a painting of Nancy Pelosi being crucified... would have created much hysteria among the presstitutes. I would have wanted the Depends concession when the news of that broke at MSNBC."
Meredith Jessup at The Blaze:
"All in all, just another tasteless anti-Christian exhibition on display in another liberal town."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"In a recent 'Real Time' installment after the riots began in Egypt, the host said that for lasting political change to occur in this region, there's going to have to be a sexual revolution that improves the treatment of women. But apparently to Maher, such equality doesn't begin at home, for he has in the past eleven days called Palin a t--t, a bimbo along with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and now the dreaded C-word which to women is like the N-word to African-Americans."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell [last week] cherry-picked an 'O'Reilly Factor' segment to drum up a feud between Fox News's top prime time host and the former Alaska governor."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"Now, in his supposedly comedic view, Palin was born pregnant while Bachmann came out insane and stupid even for a baby. Clearly, until feminist groups stand up and say something - or the Huffington Post boots him off its front page - Maher is going to continue with these ad hominem attacks. Of course, one of the so-called 'gentlemen' sitting at the table with Maher might have said something. Consider that directly to Maher's right was Sen. Bernie Sanders... America's only avowed socialist member of Congress. Would it have been asking too much for Sanders - rather than laughing at Maher's pathetic attacks - to say, 'Bill, I think you're going a little too far with your treatment of these two ladies?' Would Sanders have sat there and allowed Maher to go after Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Nancy Pelosi without coming to their defense? It really is a sad state of affairs when a comedian can make sexist remarks about Republican women on national television, and a Senator on the opposite side of the aisle sits there laughing. You've come a long way, baby!"
Ed Driscoll at Pajamas Media:
"As one of Ann Althouse’s commenters noted at the time, during the left’s modified limited hangout of attacking Sarah Palin and clip art (though not their own identical campaign rhetoric) back then, is apparently 'How will [my rhetoric] affect the behavior of an obviously crazy person who may or may not hear it?'"
Right Wingnut at Right Speak:
"In addition to leading the charge in the battle against ObamaCare, Palin has proposed numerous free-market solutions to improving the affordability and accessibility of health care insurance. Several are included in her op-eds and Facebook posts. They include - giving individuals the same tax benefits received by those who get coverage through their employers, Medicare vouchers, tort reform, allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines, tackling existing government waste and fraud, and health savings accounts."
Michael Moriarty at Enter Stage Right:
"What must America do to save herself? First overturn Roe v Wade in as many states as possible so that, when Traditional America does say 'No' to the likes of the New World Order, the Progressives know our America and Americans mean 'No!' Second, elect Sarah Palin and Lt. Col. Allen West to the White House."
Adrienne Ross at Motivation Truth:
"If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times: as a coach, I never spent one moment focusing on a nonessential opposing player, I've never devised a game plan around a bench warmer, and I've never run a box-and-one defense against an offensive non-threat. It would have been a waste of time, energy, and resources, allowing the real threat to wipe the floor with us as we messed around with a garbage-time player. The PDS sufferers, however, have coordinated a full-blown strategy to take down Governor Palin--to assault her character, distort her record, and attack her family. But they want us to believe she's a non-factor. Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."
- JP

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