Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jeannie DeAngelis: Pelosi Proves Palin's Point

The former Speaker is Washington's newest Death Panel Diva
At the American Thinker Blog, Jeannie DeAngelis is the latest to point out that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have unwittingly proved Gov. Palin's original point that the Democrat's idea of health care reform policy is more of a threat to Americans than disease itself:
When the health care debate was raging, one of arguments from ObamaCare opponents was that an eventual shortage of government monies would result in lost lives. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was mocked and disparaged as a fool for warning Americans that ObamaCare would usher in "death panels" where, due to budgetary restrictions, the aged and chronically ill would be denied care.

Even President Barack Obama joined smarmy liberal comedians like Bill Maher to publicly scoff at the idea of "death panels." The left condemned what they called outlandish scare tactics employed by conservatives attempting to stop a policy that would provide coverage to 30 million uninsured Americans, but in effect would put the government in control of life and death issues.

Fast-forward to 2011 and the very people who condemned Sarah Palin and the Republicans for being over-the-top on the anxiety chart became the harbingers of imminent death panels, only this time the fatalities would be driven by budget cuts.

Take for example Nancy Pelosi saying that the budget bill would starve six million seniors to death and that impoverished children would be jettisoned out of the Head Start program. Worse than that, Nancy said that Republicans, led by Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH), were declaring an all-out "war on women."


According to Nancy, even modest spending cuts would result in a nation of unemployed, underpaid, uneducated, penniless, sick females unable to retire. Pelosi predicted American women would be destined to roam the streets like zombies, riddled with cancer and missing womanly parts of their anatomy, all victims of "the ideological old style agenda of the Republicans."

This is the woman who "called out former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) for having made the ‘lie of the year' for claiming the healthcare bill would set up ‘death panels.'"

- JP

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