Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Candie's Foundation Statement on Bristol Palin Compensation

"We know that Ms. Palin's work has had a positive effect on teens."
The leftists and their media lapdogs have their panties all in a bunch over the fact that Bristol Palin was well paid by The Candies Foundation as a teen ambassador. In response to their whining, the foundation has released this statement:
For ten years, The Candie's Foundation has been working to prevent teen pregnancy by producing and funding celebrity-driven print, television, radio and online public service announcements. Ms. Palin was compensated for her work with the foundation, which included appearing in video and print PSAs, two town hall meetings, and numerous media interviews.

The message of the foundation about teen pregnancy prevention has generated more than ONE BILLION media impressions – tremendous reach for any teen pregnancy prevention campaign. We know that Ms. Palin's work has had a positive effect on teens. In a recent independent national survey of 1,000 teens that compared a Bristol Palin PSA with those of another national teen pregnancy organization that use non-famous teens, more than twice as many teens (57% vs. 27%) said Bristol's PSA "got my attention", three times as many (41% vs. 11%) said it was "powerful", and more than twice as many (38% vs. 16%) said it was "memorable".

Bristol Palin is one of dozens of celebrities who has worked with the foundation. She has been a courageous and powerful partner to the foundation as we attempt to discourage teen pregnancy.
Curious, is it not, how the left loses its mud because a non-profit organization, which depends on donations freely given, paid Bristol Palin in six figures. Yet these same leftists think it's all right that millions of dollars of taxpayer money is being used to kill innocent infants in the womb. That's what passes for morality on the left these days.

- JP

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  1. To be honest, I never heard of Candie's before Bristol Palin became associated with it, and I'm betting that is true of most people. That alone is worth what they paid her. It would be interesting to find out how much in donations they took in prior to Bristol, compared to after she signed on with them.

    The part about Bristol's PSA getting a lot of attention from teenaged girls, is almost another indication that the polls showing Sarah Palin's unfavorable number very high, are bogus.