Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brazos Valley Pundit is up and running

Our new blog
Gov. Palin has been keeping a low profile for the past several weeks, with only the occasional appearance on Fox News, Facebook op-ed and tweet to satisfy the hunger for news about the 2008 vice presidential candidate and potential 2012 presidential contender. The conservative establishment media -- i.e., news and opinion magazines such as Human Events, The American Spectator and National Review -- have been correspondingly lacking in Palin content. Even conservative bloggers outside of the Palin web community aren't writing much about Sarahcuda these days. We can only hope this means that she and her inner circle are busy getting all the ducks in a row in preparation for the GOP presidential sweepstakes.

Meanwhile, we have taken advantage of the lull to bring to fruition one of those projects which has long been simmering on the back burners, because we know that once Sarah Palin makes an announcement, things will get busy around here in a New York Houston minute. We have created a new blog focused on Texas news and politics. Brazos Valley Pundit launched April 4 and is covering the Lone Star State, a land which is never short on interesting happenings and political intrigue. We have posts up on the developing race for Kay Bailey Hutchison's soon to be vacated U.S. Senate seat, Ron Paul's expected run for president, spending cuts and shifting budgetary priorities in the Texas House, changes to the powerful state Railroad Commission, Texas' economic and population growth at the expense of higher-tax states and even a proposed bump in the speed limit on the long and unwinding highways of the Lone Star State.

Also, we are building a list of resource links in the sidebar which we hope will be useful to conservative Texans. Please give BVP a read here and let us know what you think.

- JP


  1. Your new site is excellent, JP! I wish there were something even remotely as good here in California.

  2. Jon Fleischman's Flash Report is pretty good:


    I also like Right View from the Left Coast:



  3. Thanks for the referrals, JP. I've bookmarked 'em and will be following them - thanks again.

  4. No problem Glenn. I poke around the web quite a bit looking for any scrap of news or quotes I can find about Gov. Palin, and I've found some decent sites in the process. Of course, I've also seen some real leftist sewers as well.

    - JP