Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Fix: Gov. Palin explains why she won't attend CPAC

Not that she even needs CPAC anyway
With speculation in the lamestram media alread rising to a fever pitch over Sarah Palin's decision not to attend C-SPAN, the governor emailed The Washington Post blog the Fix Thursday with an official explanation:
"February is our busiest winter month and with all the prior obligations and outside travel already scheduled for the month I had to forgo some of the opportunities in the Lower 48."
It was indeed a scheduling issue, not a personal one or any other reason, as CPAC's David Keene had said:
"We're disappointed that she couldn't make it year. It's due to a scheduling issue. We look forward to having her next year, and she expressed interest in wanting to be there this year."
Not that she even needs CPAC anyway, as even The Fix's Rachel Weiner has to admit:
"...unlike some other potential nominees, Palin doesn't need to raise her profile. She can draw press wherever she goes."


"Even in her absence, however, Palin will have a significant influence. She is, as we have written, the prime mover in the presidential race and until she makes clear whether or not she will run in 2012, she will be a presence at any gathering of would-be presidential aspirants -- whether she is actually in attendance or not."
Blogs 4 Palin blogger Jerry Wilson had already pointed this out in his post January 30 at Goldfish and Clowns:
" must stick firmly in the throat of Washington insiders and wannabes that Sarah Palin can bypass them without missing a beat. She can pick her spots, selecting such prizes as being the keynote speaker at a high profile sanctioned event marking Ronald Reagan’s one hundredth birthday. She speaks to more people in a second with one Facebook page than all the speakers at CPAC combined will reach in a year. Simply put, Palin doesn’t need CPAC. And she doesn’t seem all that inclined to make an appearance there because it’s been elevated to mandatory status by those seeking to enhance their own status."
- JP

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