Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jeb Bush fan Myra Adams wants Gov. Palin to announce first

Beware the Vichy pundit!
While many pundits have pointed out that Sarah Palin has the advantage of not having to announce her candidacy for president until late in the game, Myra Adams argues to the contrary at Pajamas Media:
If Palin is planning on running, she could create a total frenzy by being the first GOP candidate to officially announce. She would have nothing short of complete media domination for at least a day or two. Another advantage of announcing first is that after hers, all the other candidates’ official announcements would be anti-climactic — unless they made their own campaigns all about Palin herself.

Since Palin currently commands so much media attention, one could make the case that she is being somewhat unfair to the other prospective candidates who don’t know whether she will perform or cancel the show. Right now, it’s all center stage but no show. Mitt Romney, the current front-runner, has already given her a pre-show review by stating that Palin would be great in the primaries.

Palin could use the Power of Now to make her decision either way from a position of strength. Announcing now from center stage, instead of from deep within a crowded field, puts her more in control of both alternatives.

If Palin is to make a serious run for the White House she needs to be building a national organization now — one that can raise millions and win primaries in early states like New Hampshire and South Carolina. If she decides to make a late entry, it would be nearly impossible for her to be taken seriously as a candidate and to gain ground. Just ask Fred Thompson.
Time to Release Her Supporters

The tea party base enamored with Palin needs to know her 2012 plans so they can stop wasting their psychic energy fantasizing about her run. Then, if she decides not to run, there’s plenty of time to transfer enthusiasm to other candidates. These party activists will be desperately needed on other presidential campaigns and as boots on the ground for the GOP, even if they are still waving the Palin flag in their hearts.
There are some holes in Ms. Adams' arguments large enough to drive a bullet train through. First of all, Gov. Palin would "create a total frenzy" regardless of when she announces, no matter whether any of her potential rivals for the GOP presidential nomination have announced. If and when she throws her cap in the ring, she will have "nothing short of complete media domination," and not just for "a day or two."

Secondly, we couldn't disagree more with Ms. Adams' assertions that "one could make the case that she is being somewhat unfair to the other prospective candidates" by waiting to announce. What, we ask the author, does Gov. Palin owe her potential rivals? While she has been on the front lines leading the battle against the excesses of the Democrats, they have mostly been content to be silent and let her take most of the fire and the abuse. While she's been in the crosshairs of the left and its captive media, some of the other prospective GOP candidates have been taking their own potshots against her. She doesn't owe them a blessed thing.

Point number three: Ms. Adams' claim that the tea party base is "wasting their psychic energy fantasizing about her run" is simply ridiculous. We wonder where in the world she got that silly notion from? It sounds like something someone on the left or in the Vichy Republican establishment would say. In fact, the entire Adams op-ed has that GOP establishmentarian air about it. We find it interesting that the four potential Palin rivals Ms. Adams names by name are Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Newt Gingrich, and Haley Barbour -- all establishment types.

Ms. Adams is not a disinterested observer. If you have any doubts about where she's coming from, read her opinion piece advocating a presidential run by Jeb Bush here and her anti-Palin propaganda here. Also, along with fellow Vichy Republican Mark McKinnon just last month, Ms. Adams predicted President Obama's reelection here. It's pretty clear that whatever side Myra Adams is on, it's certainly not Sarah Palin's or that of any other Reagan conservative.

- JP