Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 221

"In a Time of Her Own" Edition

LifeLongLocal at Auburn Journal:
"I am beginning to question myself as to why I ever liked Sarah Palin. Why would I like someone that has faith in religion? Why on earth, would I like someone that has faith in her country for crying out loud? Why would I have faith in someone with values? Granted, there are those people out there such as Lady Gaga and Madonna to look up to, but Sarah? ... She wants jobs for Americans IN America? How dare she!! She wants factories here on OUR precious soil, to create manufacturing jobs?? Not In My Back Yard she’s not! Not only that, but she actually smiles for the cameras that hound her relentlessly! No frowny looks for the media to have a field day with! How dare she smile! How dare she make a buck off of the liberals that cannot get enough of her! She actually makes my eyes glaze over when she goes on and on about how much untouched oil America has too! Good thing we don’t have our own oil supply so the gas can climb to the sky, with all the Mid-East turmoil!"
Chris Cillizza at The Fix:
"So, why haven't we seen more criticism of Palin from her bigger-name rivals? One reason may be that they have made a calculation that it makes little sense to go after Palin -- and risk alienating her loyal supporters -- before she is even in the race."
Poll Insider:
"A 40% score is good given that for two years the media has: scrutinized every tweet and facebook posting looking to stir up controversy; accused Palin of inspiring a lunatic hitman in Arizona; attacked her for shooting a moose for fun; attacked her for scandalously rigging Dancing with the Stars for her daughter; accused her of being a ditzy reality star; forced her from the Alaska governorship by harassing her and filing expensive, frivolous lawsuits – and then criticizing her for leaving office; accused her of inserting herself in stories after first wondering why she was remaining silent; ridiculed her for writing 3 words on her hand while their guy can’t speak to 5th graders without every word being spelled out; posts story after story of how Palin is 'controversial' and 'unelectable' and 'crazy.' Need I go on? So, despite all that (and all that is the basis for most opinion of Palin), she fares just 1 point worse than Romney, and 3 points less than Huckabee?"
Ann Coulter via CNN's Political Ticker:
"I especially love her for her enemies, I'm insanely jealous of that... I love her for how she makes liberal heads explode."
Joshua Green, liberal journo and senior editor of The Atlantic:
"Good for Sarah Palin. As Karl Rove did the other day, she denounced birtherism... At an event in Long Island... she said, 'It's distracting. It gets annoying. Let's stick with what really matters.' Rove understands that the quickest way to marginalize Republicans in the eyes of independents is to propagate this sort of nonsense. Palin seems to understand this, too."
Big Hollywood:
"Just in Case You Forgot Hollywood Hates You: Kathy Griffin to Play Tea Partier on ‘Glee’"
John Nolte at Big Hollywood:
"Report: ‘Glee’ Sends Out Casting Call for ‘Sarah Palin Type’... ‘Pat me on the back’, Ryan Murphy says, ‘after two seasons, we’re not going to be bigots anymore!’ Wonderful, Ryan. You’ve taken the first step. The next step will be to hire someone for the writing room who actually understands and respects ‘Tea Party, home schooling, Sarah Palin types.’ Or, what some of those in your profession call a Nazi."
Jennifer at Riehl World View:
"Sarah Palin again gets into the heart of the ordeal in Wisconsin. Her latest post points out that the unions are not in this battle for the children or for the workers..."
Max Redline:
"After years of claiming that it's all about the children, over 40% of 'teachers' have shut down the schools by engaging in a coordinated 'sick-out'. And our 'Community Organizer-In-Chief' is clearly up to his neck in it... It would be unbelievable that a President would inject himself into what is clearly a state issue, were it not for the fact that this is BO. Sarah Palin, meanwhile, continues her ongoing policy of addressing issues while making Leftists' heads explode..."
Robert L. Bryant:
"Liberals Want Scott Walker Shot... Ah, Twitter, you sure do reveal a ton about the liberals in America! If they’re not begging for Sarah Palin’s death, it’s someone else."
Brent Bozell on 'Varney & Co':
"You’ve got Christiane Amanpour trying to liken [union protesters] to freedom marchers in Egypt. You’ve got the same media that condemned forever Sarah Palin for having that cross hairs on her website, that same media have the opportunity to show the actual video of these marchers in Wisconsin with cross hairs on the governor’s face, and nobody’s covering that... because... it goes against the narrative. The narrative is that these are noble people doing noble things when in fact they are lying and doctors are committing fraud."
Amanda Carpenter via Twitter:
"A 'Sarah Palin shot my dog' sign appears at Wisc. protest. There is nothing she can't be accused of. http://bit.ly/fodLfz
Patrice at AGAPE Movement:
"Is the media ever going to get over the fact that Sarah Palin is both pretty and intelligent? I guess it comes with the territory, but I never see the media saying, 'President Obama was wearing Nike Shorts on the golf course.' ... The media will definitely play up the 'bimbo' mantra as the days go on with both Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann. Maybe it is because they can’t do it with Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton."
Henry Blodget at left leaning Business Insider:
"In Palin's defense, if the anecdotes of the book that have been released are the worst things Bailey can find to say about her in 456 pages, she has nothing to fear."
EvilConservativ at Evil Conservative Radio:
"It shouldn't surprise anyone that the shortest path between a disgruntled former staffer and a big check is betrayal. I think it's impressive how Sarah seems to be able to brush off attacks like this one and keep moving forward under fire. I also think it bodes well that the liberal establishment continues to place obvious priority on any project they think can take the squeaky off Sarah's clean."
- JP

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