Sunday, February 13, 2011

Devonia Smith: Obama takes Sarah Palin's advice on Iran

Palin has demonstrated the executive power of a few well placed words
At, Devonia Smith observes that just hours after Gov. Palin's tweet challenging the Obama administration to exert the same pressure for democratic change on the government of Iraq as it did on Egypt's Mubarek regime, the White House seemed to be dutifully following her advice:
Today, President Obama honored Sarah Palin's short and tweet advice following the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt. That's another testament to the confidence that Palin fans have in her keen common sense mastery of presidential policy directives.

In a mere 140 word Tweet, Sarah Palin challenged both the sitting American president, Barack Hussein Obama and the national media.

Certainly, Palin has demonstrated the executive power of the value of just a very few words, well placed - from her tweet to the president's ear.

Now, if the White House would only heed Gov. Palin's wisdom on spending and energy independence...

- JP

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