Friday, February 18, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 220

"Arms Wide Open" Edition

Matea Gold at the Los Angeles Times:
"Palin is particularly popular among antiabortion groups, which applaud her decision not to abort her son, Trig, after learning he had Down syndrome, and her daughter Bristol's decision to give birth after she became pregnant at 17. 'It was just beautiful,' Martha Schieber, a spokeswoman for the Vitae Foundation, said of Palin's speech at the group's September fundraiser in Kansas City, Mo. 'She spoke a true pro-life message to a pro-life gathering, and it gave a lot of people inspiration.' In the last year, Palin has done four fundraisers for Heroic Media... The Austin-based nonprofit runs television and print ads featuring a toll-free number that directs women to pregnancy centers that do not offer abortions. 'We asked her to speak because of her stance on life issues and because she has lived the issue,' said Heroic Media spokeswoman Kimberly Guidry Speirs."
Michael Raab, CEO of CMS LLC:
"When you see her in person, you realize she’s not the idiot they make her out to be on TV. She’ll change more minds if she does more interactions like this."
Lori Calabrese at
"Andrew Coffin stated in an article after her appearance for the Young America’s Foundation, celebrating Reagan’s birth that 'Governor Palin has a remarkable effect on people.' And that was clearly evident at LIA. Palin stood out and garnered the attention of a largely Democratic room. Her love of service was apparent and attendees were still discussing Palin’s popularity as media had long broken down."
Maggie Haberman at Politico:
"Sarah Palin didn't announce her 2012 intentions, but she was presidential as a crowd draw, organizers of yesterday's Long Island Association event said."
Jonathan Capehart, left wing columnist at the Washington Post:
"Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), the Tea Party Princess, played a noxious game of dodge ball with George Stephanopoulos this morning when he asked her whether she believed that President Obama was born in the United States and is not a Muslim. Leave it to the Tea Party Queen -- Sarah Palin -- to show Bachmann and others in the Republican Party the right way to answer the question."
Rick at Wizbang:
"That's, dare I say, Presidential. And her focus is right on."
Sheya at Conservatives 4 Palin:
"It would have been one thing had it been true that Governor Palin actually mocked, knocked or batted the First Lady. As it turns out, not only did the media pick the most irrelevant part of the interview to run with but they also completely faked a controversy... As it turns out, the governor didn’t knock Mrs Obama, she actually agreed with the premise... Of course the media conveniently left out the last part to make it appear that Palin was knocking Michelle Obama. Once again, the media has proven how blatantly biased they are and how they would take a critically acclaimed Q&A session and create a controversy that never existed. Usually, we would expect them to spin something out of context, this time as by their own admission, there was nothing to spin, they just made it up."
M. Joseph Sheppard at A Point of View:
"What has also not been brought to the attention of the wider public is that Palin has wiped the floor with the other possible presidential candidates in a series- not just one- of a number of polls run by various sites [with] massive viewership and credibility."
Sen. Rand Paul in his new book The Tea Party Goes to Washington:
"Palin’s endorsement gave us a boost that energized supporters, brought in new ones and, of course, annoyed my opponent [Trey Grayson] and his Republican bosses to no end... She wanted to know my position on Israel. I said that Israel was an important ally, the only democracy in the Middle East and that I would not condemn Israel for defending herself. In talking to Palin, one of the primary things I wanted to do was allay any fears about social issues, telling her, ‘My opponents call me a libertarian but I want to assure you that I am pro-life.’ Palin responded, ‘Oh, we all have a little libertarian in us.’"
Patrick O'Hannigan at American Spectator:
"Assuming for the sake of argument that there is such a thing as a quintessentially American politician not named Sarah Palin, would this person have voted 'present' more than 100 times in the Illinois State Legislature, as Barack Obama did, or bestow self-aggrandizing gifts on other people, as Barack Obama does?"
DrJohn at Flopping Aces:
"Wisconsin teachers have effectively gone on strike, calling for demonstrations Friday and Saturday. After all the kerfuffle about Sarah Palin and “reload” and cross hairs on maps Democrats and their union villainy have gone off the deep end of hate imagery... It’s well known that Wisconsin, like many states, has been facing a fiscal crisis for some time. A $3.6 billion deficit looms. Governor Scott Walker has warned that as many as 10-12,000 workers could be laid off if his proposals are defeated. Teachers dragged their students to the protest and some students had no idea why they were there... The Democrats who deserted their posts have decided to hold the government hostage... So who could possibly be behind such loathsome actions? Who else? Barack Obama."
Jim Treacher at The DC Trawler:
"Crosshairs are bad. Unless you really really really don’t like somebody! I guess the logic is supposed to be that Palin put up her Magic Voodoo Map of Death that made Jared Loughner shoot a bunch of people, so they’re justified in wishing death on Gov. Walker. It makes perfect sense if you don’t think about it."
Marty at The Spin Cycle:
"The American Radical Left, feeling neglected and unappreciated, had planned 'spontaneous' riots and demonstrations for the USA. They wanted a 'Day of Rage' just like the Egyptian people had in Egypt. However, the plan fell apart once they realized that they already were in full control of the country... They finally settled on something they could all agree on, and were planning massive riots against 'Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glen Beck.' And this plan had the most appeal for them, until one of the smarter liberals pointed out that none of these people holds a public office or has had anything to do with creating any of the problems we have today. So that plan was scrapped too. Now they are left with the prospect of rioting against 'the completely unsatisfactory ending of the TV show LOST' or they just might have to riot about 'having no one to blame but ourselves for the current economic mess.'"
Cato Uticensis at American Conservative Values:
"Lawrence O’Donnell said: ‘We agree that Sarah Palin cannot win the nomination?’ Ann Coulter: ‘No, I love her, she could win…’"
Clay Waters at Times Watch:
"Former Times Washington correspondent David Firestone could barely tolerate the 'clubbing to death' of a halibut on 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska,' the former vice presidential candidate’s reality show for TLC. But what he found truly 'disturbing' was the way Palin used the show to 'enhance her political glow' with 'some extremist politics mixed in with the supposed nostalgia.' In a signed editorial in Thursday’s edition, 'Sarah Palin’s Alaskan Rhapsody,' Firestone finds Palin 'radically different from the way most Americans now live.' Of course you could say the same about a Manhattan-based writer for the Times."
- JP

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