Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 216

"Dangerous" Edition

Jeffrey Jena at Big Journalism:
"Why attack just one conservative value or person when you can you can group them into bunches and deride them as a whole? Journalism Professor Sharon Fish does that when she lumps Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Sharon Angle into a pile and labels that unelectable right wing morons. Sharon Fish seem to think all Conservative women are blundering dunderheads who couldn’t hold Mr. Obama’s jacket. They lack refinement in speech and presentation. My solace is that I am old enough to remember another conservative icon that the media and elitists derided as a fool and bumbler a few years back. He was so dangerous to their ideology that even today they are trying to rewrite history to diminish his greatness."
Lemuel Calhoon at Hillbilly White Trash:
"Like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan before her, Mrs. Palin will join the ranks of great American presidents born during the month of February."
The Steel Rose:
"The right wing elite are at it again. Bashing Sarah Palin and trying to tell us who we need to nominate. The same tired old pundits who gave us John McCain and lost us the election in 2008, still think that they are qualified to decide for us in 2012... And we should trust their opinion? Why? I repeat, these are the same people who told us we needed John McCain in 2008..."
Timothy Donovan at The Right Side Of Kennebunk!:
"John Thune's Jealousy Of Sarah Palin Was On Full Display At CPAC..."
Alex Pareene at far-to-the-left
"Poor Mitt Romney upstaged by fake Sarah Palin... Desperate phony Mitt Romney delivered what amounted to a presidential campaign speech -- though not a very good one. The entire thing was devoted to Palinesque sarcasm delivered without her elan... The jokes got worse and worse... There was a passage devoted to Obama's foreign policy mistakes, though the would-be president had nothing at all to say about Egypt."
Tony Lee via Twitter:
"How can these purported GOP frontrunners play the 'gravitas' card when Sarah Palin had more conviction on Egypt in 140 chrs than they..."
The Australian:
"Sarah Palin has hired a veteran political operative as chief of staff in the clearest indication yet that she is planning a presidential bid next year. The appointment of Michael Glassner upstaged her potential rivals for the Republican nomination, who have been touting their wares at the biggest annual gathering of the conservative movement -- and the unofficial kick-off to the race for the White House."
Guy Benson at's Tipsheet:
"She's either running, or she is uncannily skilled at making timely moves that fuel speculation that she will."
Sloane Graff at Elephants in the Blue Grass:
"The most significant difference from conservative talk radio hosts... beyond the obvious difference in political perspectives, was their mean-spiritedness. The lefty hosts were unrelenting in their negative and derogatory comments about their political foes. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann were particular targets... Are these lefty commentators just naturally nasty and mean? Or is it that they lack the ability to rationally and clearly articulate their opposition to another person's particular policy or decision? Or is it that their positions are so weak that ad hominem attacks are their only refuge?"
Van Helsing at Moonbattery:
"One thing is clear: liberals' loathing of Sarah Palin is an indictment of their own character, not hers."
flyovercountry at Musings of a Mad Conservative:
"Joe [Biden] stands as some of the best entertainment in the Administration. His gaffes became so prevalent during Obama's first year, that we now only see him in public with someone holding a leash. I guess that I'm a little perplexed here, as we were warned that Sarah Palin was somehow unfit for the #2 spot on a ticket, while this imbecile was heralded for his foreign policy experience. Perhaps he is the guy giving Obama advice on Egypt today; that certainly would explain why we have done everything disastrously wrong so far."
Poll Insider:
"Sarah Palin: Won’t Go Below 39% in polls. If she is there with negative media hounding, she won’t go lower when she starts a campaign and runs inspirational and agreeable ads."
Right Coast Conservative:
"No matter how you feel about Palin’s experience or qualifications, you would be remiss in not recognizing her drive and ability to achieve her goals. I think she’s in for 2012. If I were a lefty, I would check out the 'All Palin February' sites and learn who she really is. I don’t think they have a clue other than what’s been spoon fed to them by the liberal main stream media morons."
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:
"OUCH: Sarah Palin drops the hammer on TIME. Noting that even US Weekly caught on faster is really twisting the knife..."
Aeneas at Civil Liberties Alliance:
"Sarah Palin addresses the issue of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. She seems to be one of the few politicians who actually understand the situation and the danger of appeasing groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood are top of the line Islamists and are as dangerous as they come. They cannot be dealt with, they oppose Western values, and their elevation to power in Egypt will bring them on an inevitable collision course with the West."
- JP

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