Monday, February 21, 2011

Quote of the Day (February 21, 2011)

Just another bottom feeder peddling thinly veiled lies for a price
Grant O’Neill at Left Coast Ledger:
"Bailey plays fast and loose with the facts, by alleging that Palin made a political appointment to the state Supreme Court as personal payoff. The former staffer claims that the governor appointed a pro-choice judge rather than pro-lifer to the state Supreme Court for ruling in her sister’s favor in her custody dispute with state trooper Mike Wooten... The dispute between Wooten and his then wife, Molly, Palin’s sister, resulted in the 'Trooper-Gate' scandal, which was concocted by DNC operatives in the media to derail the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign. The fact is, both of the judges eligible for the appointment to the court were pro-choice, and the one Palin ultimately selected was never assigned to her sister’s custody case. With that kind of command of the facts, Bailey may be able to secure a recently opened anchor position at MSNBC when book sales die down."
- JP

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