Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 222

"Betrayal" Edition

Stacy Drake at Big Government:
"Frank Bailey’s Betrayal of Sarah Palin... Andy Barr and Ben Smith from Politico have taken it upon themselves (obviously without legal council) to run a story repeating distorted claims by a troubled ex-employee, with the goal of smearing Governor Palin in mind. Barr and Smith ponder why it is that no publisher has signed on to print Bailey’s manuscript, which he has been trying to sell for almost 18 months. On top of the legal ramifications, there are many reasons... In fact, the majority of the emails contradict the claims made by Bailey, via Devon and Morris... After reading this manuscript, my only conclusion is that Frank Bailey is a horrible person. A good person, as Frank likes to sell himself as, doesn’t have the capacity to do what he did. Even if Governor Palin was twice the monster he and his leftist allies made her out to be, he still had no right to attempt to have this pile of garbage published. She provided him with a job, which allowed him to provide for his family. At any time, he could have walked away if he felt he worked for someone he could not morally support. Anyone who cannot see this man for what he is, is being willfully ignorant. They are turning a blind-eye to the obvious motives that drove him to betray his former boss."
Stacy McCain at The Other McCain:
"Bailey seems to imagine imagine himself as doing God’s work in backstabbing his former employer. You may search Scripture to your heart’s content and I guarantee you will never find praise for selfish and disloyal servants."
Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:
"A former aide to Sarah Palin has tried for almost 18 months to find a publisher for his gossipy tell-all about the former governor of Alaska. Palin’s team told Politico that Frank Bailey is the 'quintessential disgruntled employee,' which seems rather obvious from the limited excerpts quoted in the article... Maybe someone should work on the title. 'Blind Allegiance'? His allegiance seems to have been pretty conditional on getting favorable positions in the Palin administration, and when he didn’t get them, the allegiance apparently turned into dislike rather easily. Now Bailey wants to cash in on his proximity to a media magnet, which is hardly unusual; in fact, it’s rather surprising that we haven’t seen more of this with Palin. The question is why Bailey can’t sell the manuscript. With all of the intense interest and intense dislike for Palin among progressives, it’s hard to imagine how a publisher would take a pass on the project — unless it’s so bad that it’s unpublishable... If an author with inside knowledge of Palin’s operations can’t sell a book critical of Palin in 18 months, then I’d guess that the book is the problem."
Andrew Zarowny at Right Pundits:
"One must also take into account that co-author Jeanne Devon is a well-known Palin-hater. Devon lives in Anchorage and runs a website called Mudflats which routinely engages in Palin-bashing... When will the madness end?"
Henry D'Andrea at Politicons:
"[Tuesday], rumors surfaced that Gov. Sarah Palin created a fake Facebook account with the name 'Lou Sarah.' Well as expected, the rumors are completely false. Sarah Palin said this on Facebook: 'On a side note, there’s always buzz about fake Sarah Palin Facebook and Twitter accounts. Please know that this is my only authentic Facebook account and SarahPalinUSA is my only authentic Twitter account. Pay no attention to the fake accounts and their fake messages.' The moronic Anti-Palin haters need to get over the fact that Sarah Palin is here to stay, and very well could become President if she runs in 2012."
Van Helsing at Moonbattery:
"Remember all the sanctimonious rhetoric we were getting from the left about civility in public discourse in the wake of the bizarre liberal attempts to pin the Jared Loughner shootings on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party? Progressives don't."
Elena Ives at Thinklets:
"Wu obviously has issues. Like I said, I hope he gets the help he needs. But how many case studies like this will it take before even the Democrats are forced to admit that they benefit from some mighty prodigious favoritism from those with the power to promote and destroy careers through the selective rationing of information. Pick any conservative public figure in politics and media, and imagine behavior like Wu’s going on for months and years before finally rating few column inches in the hometown newspaper. By contrast, Sarah Palin’s every move is scrutinized by attack dogs that start to foam even when her daughter pushes back a lock of her hair."
"Well that sure didn't take long! Gaddafi fled Tripoli and before his seat was cold, Matthews compared Sarah Palin to the long-term dictator... This is another in a misogynistic pattern for Matthews..."
Cindy Adams, frequent Palin critic, at the NY Post:
"Palin shines on LI... Did she exactly answer Kevin Law's every query exactly? Who knows? I only know even those who don't love her, liked her. Magnetic, without notes on her hand, she was engaging, amusing, good-looking. The self-important audience laughed, applauded, wasn't bored, never stirred. Unless Palin actually produces Bonzo Jr., what more could you want?"
Kristinn Taylor at Gateway Pundit:
"Given Slate’s prominence as a respected part of the mainstream media with professional standards to uphold, an innocent typo of this magnitude with this subject is highly unlikely."
Anchorage Activist at Alaska Pride:
"In a move that caught every one off guard, Anchorage's premier talk show host Dan Fagan abruptly resigned from his position at KFQD 750AM on February 21st, 2011... Dennis Bookey, who is the market manager for Anchorage Media Group, said he didn't know why Fagan had abruptly resigned, but wished him well nonetheless... At times, he was somewhat of a flip-flopper. One moment he hated Joe Miller, the next he loved him. First he loved Sarah Palin, then he hated her, and then he switched back to loving her again. No in-between, no grey-shading."
Donald Douglas at American Power:
"I don't dislike Romney myself, and I wouldn't be unhappy if he won the nomination, although Palin's... my first pick."
Ian Lazaran at Conservatives 4 Palin:
"Gallup: Huckabee, Palin, Romney Tie for Lead in GOP ’12 Preferences... Her support is steady since November while Romney’s support has dropped by over 15% since then... It’s pretty clear that she’ll take a decent lead over Romney once Huckabee ends the charade and formally admits that he’s not running for the presidency. All of the groups that Huckabee does well with... are groups that would likely favor Governor Palin over Romney. Keep in mind too that the Governor will likely benefit if Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul do not run."
Stacy McCain at American Spectator:
"It is certainly unusual for a potential presidential candidate to promote a potential rival, so eyebrows were raised Tuesday when Sarah Palin used her Facebook page (2.8 million followers) and her Twitter account (422,000 followers) to promote an Investor's Business Daily column by Herman Cain."
Rush Limbaugh:
"You know, these guys amaze me. Look at how they have attempted to destroy Sarah Palin. I mean you can say whatever you want about Sarah Palin. You can insult her family. You can insult her brain. You can insult her looks. You can insult her intelligence, but let me simply observe that Alex Rodriguez would not date the first lady... (laughing) All I said, Jeffrey, is what everybody's thinking. It's that simple. Okay, if somebody's gonna tell us what we can and can't eat, got a big obesity program out there, we're gonna save people, we're gonna demand that schools not serve X, Y, and Z and that schools must serve this everybody, you must eat this, you must eat that, we're gonna have calorie counts on all kinds of food. All right, fine, show us some leadership. It's that simple. But if you're gonna make the rules for everybody else and exempt yourself, I think people are going to scratch their heads over that. "
- JP

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