Saturday, February 26, 2011

Team 11 in the lead on final leg of Iron Dog Race (Updated)

Next stop is the finish line
The Arctic Cat Team 11 of Todd Palin and Eric Quam is in the lead of the Iron Dog endurance race headed for the finish line in Fairbanks, Alaska:

At 3:31 p.m local time, Palin and Quam were the first racers through Nenana, according to GPS tracker. The two were also first through the checkpoint of Manley, having taken the lead between Tanana and Manley.

Latest tweet from the Iron Dog Race Twitter page:
"Team #11, Palin/Quam are in the lead. Team #10, Huntington/Olds, just check out at Nenana and are 17 minutes behind."
More here and here.


1. If GPS tracking is correct, looks like Todd Palin has been stopped for some time now. Either that or his GPS tracking lost contact. It appears that Eric Quam may have turned around and gone back to Todd's location. Prayers for both racers...

2. Video stream has gone live for the finish here.

3. Todd's machine appears to have a broken front ski, but we hear that he and Eric are back on the move. Team 11 has dropped into second place behind Team 10.

4. Huntington/Olds (Team 10) win it. KTUU killed the live feed, but last we heard Palin/Quam were in 2nd.

5. Fairbanks News-Miner wrap-up here.

- JP


  1. Unfortunately, KTUU did drop the rest of the racers coming into Fairbanks.

    This has been an outstanding race this year, with Mother Nature showing just who is the boss up here!

    The whole crew of racers worked together to make sure each other could get out of Nome safely.

    The Alaskan way: Help where you can, give your best effort to whatever endeavor you are tackling, and have great respect for Mother Nature!

  2. According to

    Palin and Quam came in second place, arriving 18 minutes after the winning team of Huntington and Olds.