Monday, February 28, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 225

"Faith" Edition

WeHoldTheseTruths at Hub Pages:
"So, could I vote for Palin? Of course, and with enthusiasm. And, now, on to... 'Why'.... Faith. There's a lot more to believe in than just the Bible, for instance. There's the innate wisdom of history, the ability and good will of the people of the nation. Sarah never backs down from, nor in any ever disclaims absolute faith in the American people's ability to do anything that must be done. In this context, we call it 'trust'. I am so incomprehensibly tired of a government that believes I am untrustworthy to live my life, and that I must be made 'good" by regulation, mandates, laws, and rigid rules. The first thing you must know, about someone, is that if you want to know if you trust them... That they trust you. Of that, I have absolutely no doubt. Sarah's economic, societal, and political outlook is all based upon an implicit faith in the outcome of trusting people to do what they should. Not in the ability to FORCE them or BRIBE them to be what they should, but that they ARE what they should be. I find it easy to reciprocate."
Morgan Freeberg via Facebook:
"This is why, if I wasn't already in Palin's corner, one issue by itself would put me there all over again. Out of everyone pontificating about 'energy crisis,' she is the ONLY one who has consistently gotten it right."
Bill at Governor Palin for President 2012:
"Published reports have hit the internet claiming that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich would be announcing the formation of a presidential exploratory committee this coming week... What does this mean for Palin 2012? Actually that her road to the nomination probably just got easier... Mr. Gingrich has shown an almost incoherent ability to swerve leftward randomly and with such veracity that he becomes bosom buddies with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi... As such, Gingrich will find it very hard to draw much support from grassroots core conservatives, which are a core voting bloc in the GOP primaries. His entry in the primaries would actually do more to hurt Palin's main opponent for the nomination, former governor Mitt Romney. Romney, who is proud of his own mini-Obamacare socialist medicine debacle that he foisted upon the people of Massachusetts before becoming a conservative in his quest for the 2008 presidential nomination, is the darling of the GOP establishment. Gingrich will pull donors and supporters from Romney's base and further erode his already Titanic-like plunging numbers."
Terry Branstad (R), Governor of Iowa:
"If Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann participate [in the 2012 Iowa caucuses], this could break all records and could get to be really, really wide open and very interesting."
Leppod's Rant:
"Finally somebody points out the COWARDICE (not duping) of the Right. It sickens me to no end when I see Republicans (of which I am not) and conservatives fall under the pressure of political correctness. If we cannot or will not stand up for this courageous and decent pathetic is that? Sarah Palin deserves our respect and dare I say GRATITUDE. Only idiots are 'duped' by the onslaught of lies and character assassination the left has relentlessly put on this woman and her family. If this is not enough to expose the Left for what they are...I suspect nothing will be."
The Editors of the Beaufort Observer:
"Sarah Palin... can ride the public's disgust with the Elites right into the White House."
Daria at The Conservative Diva:
"Even if you don’t support a Palin run for the presidency as I do, if you’re a conservative you should make that decision based on facts — not because you’ve fallen prey to the left’s Alinsky tactics by which they’ve poisoned all rational discourse about her by branding her as 'dumb'. We’re talking about a woman of accomplishment, both in business and politics — and I’d put her past record as a School Board member, City Council member, Oil and Gas Commissioner, Mayor and Governor up against Obama’s — or any other potential GOP contender — any day of the week. While we’re at it, conservatives with a libertarian streak, please stop falling into the media-driven narrative of Palin as an exclusively social conservative. The woman garnered an impressive reputation for wielding and using a veto pen during her tenure as Alaska’s governor. Conservatives concerned about disturbing things like global jihad and Sharia Law, she’s also strong on national security, foreign policy and energy policy. So while I respect anyone’s right not to support her for president, I do not support anyone distorting her record or turning her into a left wing media-created caricature."
John Nolte via Twitter:
"Dear @GovChristie feeding MSM's Palin narrative was pretty sad. Stop it."
Into The Morning:
"One thing that you can be sure of when Sarah Palin goes to India next month, is that she will not be apologizing for America. She is proud of this country and believes that we are the best place in the world to live. I think that they will be surprised to find that she is a very intelligent woman, unlike how the main stream press is determined to portray her. She proved a few weeks ago that she is perfectly able to answer any question thrown at her with knowledge, class, honestly, succinctly, and without a teleprompter."
Jeff Poor at The Daily Caller:
"Chris Matthews promotes video with sexist and derogatory attacks on Sarah Palin..."
Scipio at
"Last August, the Washington Post sold Newsweak Newsweek magazine for a buck to a 91-year old stereo equipment magnate Sidney Harman, who also assumed the periodical’s debt. Three months later the Daily Beast merged with Newsweek. The cheap purchase price from the Newsweek buy has allowed the Daily Beast to entice Andrew 'Excitable Andy' Sullivan, the 'conservative' pot-smoker and 'expert to the masses' on all things gynecological (which is ironic considering Sullivan’s sexual preferences), especially with regards to Sarah Palin and her progeny, to move to the Daily Beast from The Atlantic. The IQ of the writers at Sullivan’s former employer has increased a million percent."
Julie Ryan Evans at The Stir:
"If Sarah Palin Is a 'Froot Loop,' Jamie Oliver Is a 'Corn Flake'..."
New York Magazine:
"Does the next candidate of the GOP want the mark of 'Bush’s Brain' on their candidacy? To alienate the tea party by ­cozying up to the elitist Rasputin? Certainly not Sarah Palin. 'Of all the potential candidates, Governor Palin would no doubt be the one desiring new energy and ideas,' says her chief of staff Michael Glassner, 'and, refreshingly, hiring advisers who aren’t entrenched in any political machine.'"
Haley Barbour (R), Governor of Mississippi:
"Nobody put (Gov.) Mitch Daniels' picture with a crosshair over his face like they're doing in Wisconsin. You know, if Sarah Palin did that, it would be the world coming to an end."
Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinated Thoughts:
"As far as the 'some Iowa Republicans' who have said privately they don’t expect her to run based on fewer visits to Iowa. So what? Frankly I don’t give much credence to people who can’t attach their names to comments made. It seems like political backbiting from people who support other candidates... I still think she needs to participate in the Iowa Straw Poll and not wait too much longer, but I’m not writing off a candidacy yet. It’s too early especially since no one has formally announced yet. Anyway putting forth a narrative that her favorability is in decline based on the problems inherit with the poll and story seems to be to be a bunch of spin."


  1. Sarah Palin busted her tail for us. She wants to save this country. Without her, we are one voice shy of a royal flush. Let's go all in and have faith that she will come out on the flop and announce.

  2. Wow, I got quoted in the first quote of the day here. I was wondering I was starting to get traffic from all over the place. Thanks guys, honored and a little scared at getting broadcast. It is an honor.