Friday, February 25, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 223

"India" Edition

Benyamin Korn at Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin:
"Comes today the most welcome news that Gov. Palin will be visiting New Delhi, India, capital of the world’s largest democracy, and a famously diverse society... Mrs. Palin will deliver the closing address at the ‘India Today Conclave,’ chaired by the urbane editor of India Today magazine, Aroon Purie... ‘Mother India’ has, of course, fascinated world travelers for centuries, and one would hope that Gov. Palin could see more than the magnificent Himalayas (where she would doubtless feel at home) or the glorious Moghul monuments of Delhi and Agra. An intrepid spirit with fewer responsibilities than hers might have time to visit the Christian-majority (and highly literate) southern state of Kerala, whose ancient Christian community pre-dates the advent of the Roman church, and whose nearly diminished Jewish community may trace its origins to the maritime ventures of King Solomon in ancient Israel. Namaste, Sarah behenji!"
Vicki McClure Davidson at Frugal Café Blog Zone:
"Any bets as to whether or not she’ll bow, or insult or apologize for America?"
Dino Teppara, IACC chairman, via Press Trust of India:
"It is only fitting that Governor Palin travel to New Delhi since India is an economic partner with the United States, with both nations benefiting from USD 50 billion in annual trade, along with mutual cooperation in the global war on terrorism... We appreciate Governor Palin's strong, pro-business positions and congratulate her for making India her first international destination [of 2011], since our two nations share unique political and cultural synergies in our bilateral relationship."
Midknight Review:
"So when exactly is this woman beaten?"
Anchorage Activist at Alaska Pride:
"The percentage of Alaskans approving of Obama has dropped from 46 percent to 38.5 percent in just one year, matched almost point-for-point by a corresponding increase in disapproval from 42.7 percent to 50.5 percent. Consequently, the hysterical Palin and Miller-bashing you read in the comments section to various Alaska media stories is unrepresentative of majority Alaskan opinion. Many are comments posted by Lower 48 cheechakos who masquerade as Alaskans. Alaska remains a fundamentally conservative state, albeit seasoned with a libertarian strain."
Terry Tesar at Caffeinated Thoughts:
"Spending, economy and social issues numbers can be addressed by Palin later, but the big risk for a female candidate is whether she can be seen as 'tough enough' to be President. It looks like she is surpassing expectations by her doubters so far."
M. Joseph Sheppard at A Point Of View:
"One again Sarah Palin, the derided by the leftist media Sarah Palin, the Sarah Palin who is called 'an idiot, dumb, lacking in experience', is proved right and the brilliant Obama-the possessor of every quality that Palin is said to lack, is proven utterly wrong. Once again the American public, in fact the world, is hit hard by the wrong headed decisions based on pandering to the left-wing 'progressive' base by an administration that puts it re-election chances ahead of the basic needs of the American people... As the price of oil goes,once again above the $100 a barrel mark,as the stock market tanks in reaction as the whole American Middle east policy is going down in flames because of a dill dallying weak administration the words of Sarah Palin stand out for their prescience, clarity, intelligence and above all, patriotism... 'In the end, energy independence is not just about the environment or the economy. It’s about freedom and confidence. It’s about building a more secure and peaceful America, an America in which our energy needs will not be subject to the whims of nature, currency speculators, or madmen in possession of vast oil reserves.'"
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"[Wednesday}, Sarah Palin called on NATO to enforce the no-fly zone over Libya... [Thursday], NATO officials responded... Meanwhile, somewhere hiding out in the White House, Obama voted present."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"For several days, we’ve watched the insane and brutal Libyan leader Gaddafi treat his people horrifically, news came out of his demand for the Lockerbie bombing from his former minister, and he is expressing inanities and incoherent messages to the media. Governor Sarah Palin and Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain gave their support for the Libyan people, and now Senator Marco Rubio, who is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, gave his support for the Libyan people seeking freedom, and supports imposing a no-fly zone to protect civilians against aircraft attacks. He also criticized President Obama and his administration for their lack of leadership on this issue. Instead, other countries took the lead."
Iowans 4 Palin:
"Sarah Palin is not in office, but is she in fact the equivalent of a shadow President? This is what real leadership looks like."
Tim Droogsma:
"Remember the recent shooting in Phoenix, and how the left was quick to blame things like Sarah Palin's facebook posts for the 'climate of violnce?' Well, Massachusetts congressman Michael Capuano decided to travel to Madison, where he told the union supporters that 'Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.' Well, the union goons got the message loud and clear..."
Joy Tiz:
"No doubt deeply traumatized by exposure to Sarah Palin’s cross hairs map, Democrats are acting out following their loud demands for a 'new civility'. A union protester assaulted a petite female Freedomworks staffer, Tabitha Hale."
Jeff at Connecticut Comments:
"Sarah Palin's seven month old chart listing target seats get blamed for encouraging a leftist who never saw the chart to attack a congressman, but a Democrat congressman who explicitly calls for violence does not even merit a mention... The media searched in vain to find racist or threatening signs at the Tea Party rallies and discussed such signs even when they could not find them. When the union protesters hold signs that threaten their opponents and use violent imagery nothing is said. I would never expect anything else from the media. Most of it exists to promote the agenda of the Democrats. Nevertheless, it is fair to ask where Obama is. After his speech in Arizona, we have a right to expect him to condemn these actions by his allies. Given that he has found it hard to even condemn the genocide of the Libyan dictator, however, I guess we should not expect any moral courage from Obama."
Aggie at Bloodthirsty Liberal:
"Our official Civility Czar, Barack Obama, can’t find his tongue. It only works when random psychopaths murder folks in Tuscon and people of his ilk can blame Sarah Palin."
Michelle Malkin:
"First lady Michelle Obama said, 'Let’s Move!' Who knew Democratic politicians in Wisconsin and Indiana would take her literally? ... Scores of Fleebagger Democrats are now in hiding in neighboring Illinois, the nation’s sanctuary for political crooks and corruptocrats. Soon, area hotels will be announcing a special discount rate for card-carrying FleePAC winter convention registrants. Question: Will the White House count the economic stimulus from the mass Democratic exodus to Illinois as jobs 'saved' or 'created'? More important question: How much are taxpayers being charged for these obstructionist vacations? ... Many of the loudest Washington and Hollywood critics of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s decision to resign from office in 2009 are themselves now AWOL on the Wisconsin and Indiana AWOL-ians. Who’s all for mocking 'quitters' now? Anyone?"
- JP

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    Try to find where I've been...

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