Monday, February 14, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 217

"No TIME" Edition

Tom Blumer at NewsBusters:
"Us Weekly's web site briefly posted a satirical item as legitimate news. The satire item was about Sarah Palin criticizing Christine Aguilera's infamous National Anthem botch at last week's Super Bowl on Sean Hannity's Monday radio show. Palin didn't even appear on Hannity's show on Monday. Once caught by, Us Weekly pulled the item. The same cannot be said of Time was also apparently fooled, but seems to be pretending that it knew the item was satire all along... Sarah Palin is justifiably not amused..."
Steve Eschenbacher at Rabid Sanity:
"A successful con game requires something that the mark wants to believe is true. For the lamestream media, that is Sarah Palin saying things that are over the top. Except she didn't."
"Can it get any more humiliating for the lamestream media, being suckered into reporting a satirical blog post about Sarah Palin? They hate her so much they can't even bother to do the most basic of fact checking. If only they had the slightest sense of humor they wouldn't be such laughingstocks. Well, now Palin is really having fun with them."
Kathy Shaidle at Five Feet of Fury:
"Journalists: your moral and intellectual superiors!"
John Hinderaker at Power Line:
"US magazine, the supermarket tabloid, embarrassed itself by taking seriously an online 'satire' that claimed Sarah Palin criticized Christina Aguilera for flubbing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, and said she is a 'spicy Latin princess' who should be deported. (Aguilera was born on Long Island and grew up in the Pittsburgh area.) Astonishingly, Time made the same error... Governor Palin responded by whacking Time with a two-by-four... The 'clarification' implies that the magazine knew all along that the linked article was satire and its claims were untrue. But there is nothing 'tongue-in-cheek' about Time's original line, 'And you thought Sarah Palin went overboard by commenting that she wanted to deport the singer?' On the contrary, Time's line only makes sense if you assume the alleged quotes were true. Newsweek recently sold for a dollar. At the rate Time is going, Newsweek may soon be eyeing it as a takeover target."
Warner Todd Huston at Right Wing News:
"Apparently TIME hasn't the time for fact checking."
hamaca at Right Speak:
"Sarah the President would resemble Sarah the Governor, rather than Sarah the Campaigner and celebrity. Accomplishing her objectives wouldn't require intellectual banter among elites. It could well be enough to surround herself with expert advisers committed to the same simple principles of limited government and limited international engagement and let these principles dictate the answers to challenges her administration would face... As President, Sarah would retire from campaigning. Her policies don't lend themselves to complex discussion--they are simple, hence the meme she is not knowledgeable. Eliminating programs and getting government out of our lives just isn't all that interesting of a topic in the mainstream media and for the people who watch."
Benyamin Korn of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin:
"Jews for Sarah Palin responds to Dick Morris in Yated Ne’eman..."
Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:
"Watching CPAC play out this year left the distinct impression it has now mostly surrendered, or sold-out to some GOP big tent mentality, as well... Trump taking the stage at CPAC brought it home the most clearly for me. Looking at Donald Trump's history of political donations... He gave to Anthony Weiner and Chuck Schumer in the last cycle, before stepping up with $50k for Rove's American Crossroads and $30k for the NRSC. Aside from being a big Hillary fan, he may actually almost be something of a NY Republican. But is that the record of someone to be viewed as ideologically conservative? I'm not saying he shouldn't have a seat at the GOP table. But if that's what CPAC has become, then it's time to change the name... Worst of all, as regards the Paul-bots... When you have folks like Rumsfeld and Cheney being booed, or called war criminals at what's billed as a conservative event, you have a problem. If Sarah Palin's Alaskan travelogue is supposedly not presidential, yet a rich clown with a bad comb-over and television show is allowed to take the stage at CPAC as a potential conservative 2012 presidential contender, CPAC, you have a problem."
Grant O’Neill at Left Coast Ledger:
"CPAC, as Sarah Palin has quite possibly already figured out, has become irrelevant."
Redbaiter at TrueblueNZ:
"I remember Karl Rove or some other such RINO sell out making the point that in doing the TV show 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska', Mrs Palin had put her ability to win the Presidency further in doubt because it somehow diminished her 'gravitas', evidently an important component in becoming a President. I would have thought if gravitas was a serious issue, the last person we’d be thinking of as President would be Donald Trump. He walks around looking like he’s got a bleached animal’s carcass on his head. He was patron and star of a silly reality show that IMHO has a threshold of dignity far below that of Sarah Palin’s Alaska... I find it gob smacking that people who say that Sarah Palin lacks gravitas or is 'unqualified' to be President are prepared to gush over the Donald. In pure respectability, the hard working down to earth never divorced mother of five children has to be a light years ahead of Trump. Finally though, how can anyone supporting the Republican party seriously consider also supporting someone who gave $50,000 to Obama’s good buddy and recently retired second Lieutenant, Rahm 'never let a good crisis go to waste' Emanuel in his campaign for Mayor of Chicago?"
Henry D'Andrea at Politicons:
"While Rove views Sarah Palin as 'a' frontrunner, we view her as 'the' frontrunner."
Right Minded Moms:
"This is yet another example of how Sarah Palin is able to control what gets talked about in the media and what issues get addressed by the White House. You have got to hand it to her for being able to wield so much power though her Facebook page and Twitter account. Can you name another possible 2012 GOP contender that can say that right now?"
Doug Patton at ChronWatch:
"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been underestimated at every stage of her political life and may yet surprise us once more."
Whilly Bermudez at Whilly's Marketing Straight Talk:
"Before the Election for United States Senate out of Florida took place, I measured the 'Sociability' of each candidate using Social Metrics on The metrics measured the 'brand visibility' of their names on search engines, social media sites, and other media platforms. This time, many of you emailed me asking to do the same for the 'possible' GOP Presidential Candidates for 2012... Palin's score is beyond strong. She has become a 'Power House' in Media."
- JP

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