Friday, February 11, 2011

Daria DiGiovanni: Happy Birthday Governor Sarah Palin!

"A class act all the way"
In a Happy Birthday post at The Conservative Diva, author Daria DiGiovanni says her entire family admires and backs Sarah Palin, and their support and admiration for the governor and her family has never wavered:
In fact, the more the left and right elites attack her, the more she stands up to them with gusto and humor, the more we come to respect her. The woman has an indestructible spirit and an endless supply of courage. I don’t know if I could withstand even a fraction of the utterly depraved vitriol she’s had to endure for well over two years now (though I’d like to think so), yet she only seems to grow even stronger with every new attack.


Sarah Palin has also proven herself to be a class act. Some time after the election and in the midst of revitalized political activity via the Tea Party movement, I sent her a copy of my novel Water Signs. On the first page, I wrote a handwritten note in which I expressed my gratitude to the governor for being our VP candidate and putting up such a righteous fight during the 2008 campaign. I also told her how much I admired and respected her courage and grace.

Not long after, I received a notecard emblazoned with the seal of the Governor of Alaska. The inside of the card read:
“Dear Daria,

Thank you for sending me a copy of your book, Water Signs, and for your kind words. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. God bless.


Sarah Palin”
Like I said, a class act all the way.

This small gesture revealed Palin’s genuine “servant’s heart” and her appreciation for the everyday Americans she sought to represent in D.C. I know that was the driving force behind her passionate support of Tea Party candidates throughout the relentless 2010 election season and ultimate “shellacking” of Obama and the progressive agenda — no matter how hard the GOP establishment tries to convince us otherwise.

Happy Birthday, Governor Palin. May God bless you with many more!

- JP

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