Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quote of the Day (February 26, 2011)

Why Kathleen Parker Was Doomed At CNN
John Ziegler at Mediaite:
"There are many reasons why Parker’s short stint on CNN didn’t work... But the primary reason why the program couldn’t work is also the very reason Parker got the gig in the first place. She was clearly hired because she was perceived as a 'conservative' who was willing to vigorously attack Palin, while not holding any particularly strong conservative opinions which might offend the largely liberal CNN audience... There is also an interesting secondary element to Parker’s demise which might make media pundits a little more hesitant to attack Sarah Palin. Since the 2008 election, many of her biggest media critics have found themselves out of a job. Keith Olbermann, Rick Sanchez, David Shuster, Alan Colmes, Campbell Brown, John Roberts, Larry King, Harry Smith and Parker are all prominently mentioned in my documentary and all of them have been let go from TV jobs since Obama got elected. Coincidence? Perhaps... Regardless, if Chris Matthews is smart, he might want to be careful."
- JP

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  1. Karma, baby!

    Ziegler is right on!

    Btw JP - your link to Texas site Libertarian Republican is missing the first "i"- It might make it easier for folks to find that blog if you correct that link.

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