Thursday, February 24, 2011

M. Catharine Evans: Palin Haters Continue Assault, But Why?

Her zest for life in a culture of death makes her especially dangerous
M. Catharine Evans is the latest of many writers to try to explain the left's unhinged hatred for Sarah Palin:
Sarah Palin continues to be a repository for the Left's paranoia. Ever since her arrival in St. Paul, Minnesota the self-motivated, good-looking, charismatic, conservative Governor has been subjected to all-consuming assaults coming from both genders and both parties. The carnivalistic orgy of insults and torrent of false accusations have not abated, despite the general consensus that she is "unelectable."

While Palin's gender automatically makes her vulnerable in the race for the White House, (no female has ever been elected President or Vice-President), there's some deeper unknown that turned normal curiosity about an unknown candidate in 2008 into full-blown rage.


The truth is Palin likes herself and it shows. She's an oddity for sure. Her undeniable zest for life in a culture of death makes her especially dangerous and foreign to the cultivators of cynicism and political power. Palin, as a palpable symbol of American exceptionalism, comes on to the world stage at precisely the time America's greatness is being challenged from all sides. Along with the millions of real conservatives that have rallied around her message, Sarah Palin's mere existence portends a major shift away from covert and corrupt politics toward a restored vision of real hope.

- JP

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