Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don Surber: Obama hare, Palin tortoise

The death panels idea is not far-fetched
Our out-of-touch president could lose all 50 states to Sarah Palin next year, comments the Charleston Daily Mail's Don Surber, who says Obama is the hare, and Gov. Palin is the tortoise:
Sarah Palin learned first-hand as a governor that “government health care will not reduce the cost; it will simply refuse to pay the cost.”

Medicaid — run by the states but funded in large part by Congress — pays as little as 70 cents on the dollar for services rendered. That unpaid 30 cents is passed on to privately insured patients, who then see their premiums soar. This then gets twisted into the government making the case for government-run health care since it saves money.

The death panels idea is not far-fetched.

Britain calls its death panel NICE. It denies drugs for sick patients saying Avastin and other medications are too expensive.

Obama already is playing NICE by revoking approval of Avastin retroactively — based on price, and not on the safety or the competence of the drug.

That is a death panel, plain and simple.

Of course, most conservatives knew this. Why credit Sarah Palin?

Because she got attention.

And she roped-a-doped the president.


So the president and his smug buddies — Rahm, Axelrod and Gibbs — went after Sarah Palin tooth and tong, rather tackle the legitimate criticisms and worries. People who have lived through the Depression and World War II know that money is not unlimited. Talk of “saving” $500 billion from Medicare comes out of their hides. Instead of reasoning with them, Obama mocked their concerns.

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