Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 209

"Libs of Constant Sorrow" Edition

Jon Friedman of MarketWatch, via Newsmax:
"It's clear why American liberals hate Sarah Palin. It's obvious why she gets under their skin. The woman is on their minds all the time. Palin has emerged as the spokeswoman of the right — a speaker for all seasons and all situations... The woman is a 2011 phenomenon. She makes news without lifting a finger. Every politician should be so lucky. Can the Palin juggernaut be stopped? Probably not... Do Not Underestimate Sarah Palin..."
MRED at Invincible Armor:
"OMG. Dead man walking? The language! The thought! The threat must be right out of lesser people than the lefty Milbanks of the world. I blame Sarah Palin for the thoughts that caused the words to come out of ElBaradei's mouth! Is there anything she can't do?"
James Delingpole at Telegraph Blogs:
"Of all the many qualities Sarah Palin has, the best of all is this:
She drives liberals totally crazy. So crazy, in fact, that Washington Post lib... Dana Milbank is boycotting Sarah Palin for the month of February and urging other journalists to do the same. But here on Telegraph Blogs we’ve decided to do the opposite. Every day a blogger will mention her. Welcome to Sarah Palin Month on Telegraph Blogs, everybody. It’s there to celebrate. It’s there to annoy."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"Is this really a Palin-free month, if there are two straight days of [Milbank] denying he’s mentioning Palin?"
Vancant at What If?:
"Today, Democrats are pulling out every stop to prevent Sarah Palin from being on the 2012 ballot. Ever stop to wonder why? They're afraid of her and what she stands for. They know that she could and would win... If she's so incompetent, why not praise her ever so gently; encourage her to run; encourage those 'dastardly' Republicans to make her their point person. Then step back and watch her disintegrate... Gosh, if Sarah is everything the Democrats say about her, they should be setting up an election fund to enable her to run for office. But we all know why she's being attacked so. She is the Democrats' worst nightmare come true; she's Freddy on the Democrats' 'Elm Street'; She's the next President of The United States -- she will be POTUS in 2012."
Stacy McCain at The Other McCain:
"In Desperate Bid to End Cairo Violence, Levi Johnston’s Sister Agrees to Pose Nude"
Palinpatriot to Hillbuzz, via
"Then I decided to respond in a different way. A more positive way. In a way that would really neutralize those who put the posters up. I wanted to really screw with their heads. A supportive poster of Sarah Palin in San Francisco?? Yes! That was the best way to respond! It would make people really scratch their heads. They would be complete puzzled by it."
Rodney Graves at Wizbang:
"This is a large part, and perhaps the crux, of why the LSM hate Sarah Palin: her plain spoken truths eviscerate the narrative the LSM would have us accept as right thinking."
Brock Lawley:
"Here is a woman who carries all the symbolic freight of America’s culture war. It has become her fate to symbolize everything that some people like, and others detest about this country’s red states... Sarah Palin has been criticized not only for her record and positions but for her intelligence, her accent, her body, her clothes and even her fitness as a mother. And all this in a time of history celebrated as progressive and forward thinking on the issues of women and power. Many of us watched as her sudden rise provoked a kind of hysteria among liberals and media elite that can only be seen to the objective eye as venomous and cutting. The vicious snobbery and breathtaking double standards will certainly have media consequences for years to come."
Kathy Shaidle at NewsReal Blog:
"River in Egypt: Rachel Maddow blames Glenn Beck for her own stupidity... At least she didn’t blame Sarah Palin."
Dan Riehl at Big Hollywood:
"The thought of an homage to Reagan’s Ranch left me thinking about Sarah Palin’s recent travelogue from Alaska, which some in the establishment viewed as un-presidential. Somehow I doubt they would dare say the same thing about former President Reagan drawing strength from his ranch. It’s also worth noting how his Crawford ranch played such a significant role in the presidency of George Bush. The theme of a rugged outdoorsman, or perhaps one day a woman, and the American spirit, and even the presidency, goes all the way back to Teddy Roosevelt, if not further."
PJ-Comix at DUmmie FUnnies:
"Yes, every day of the month the moonbats suffer from PMS (Palin Madness Syndrome). It causes the DUmmies to believe just about anything -- anything bad -- about Sarah Palin. Thus they will fall for even an obvious piece of satire written about Mama Grizzly, thinking it is true."
Van Helsing at Moonbattery:
"A veteran stands accused of trying to use fireworks to blow up a mosque in the Muslim colony Dearbornistan. Now we all see what menaces Islamophobic patriots can be. But wait — Roger Stockham sounds a lot like a Muslim convert moonbat. He served prison time for threatening to kill George W. Bush; once declared a 'jihad' against the VA office in White River, Vermont; says his Muslim name is Hem Ahadin; and was suspended from a VFW post in Imperial Beach, California for smoking marijuana. A psychiatric evaluation found that Stockham is nutty as a Snickers bar. But at least he's Caucasian; that's all the media needed to portray Jared Loughner as a Sarah Palin fan."
D. B. Light at Light Seeking Light:
"James Taranto writes: 'In truth, PolitiFact was more vulnerable to the charge of lying than Palin was, for its highly literal, out-of-context interpretation of her words was at best extremely tendentious...' So the lying Left branded the truth-teller as a 'liar' and the MSM swallowed the lie uncritically. Just another day in liberal-land."
Morgan at House of Eratosthenes:
"Moderates very often are seduced into being anti-freedom. You can’t call them useful-idiots, because moderates who do this aren’t quite so useful. Now, if you want to be right only one time out of a hundred — ask a GROUP of moderates what is moderate, and allow them to discuss it among themselves before they get back to you. Then they’ll start trying to impress each other. In all likelihood you wont get a coherent answer back, they’ll just come to a consensus that Sarah Palin is a moron, we need to stop hearing about her, and let’s keep talking about her constantly until we’re not hearing about her anymore. When do the moderates feel that they are most powerful? When there is a perceptible fatigue with 'all of the fighting'; that the 'two sides need to get along, and work together to get things done.' When do the liberals feel powerful? In exactly the same situation. They feel that all of the arguing has been done, and they are right to feel this way; they’ll simply package the liberal solution up, as the definitive answer to 'all the fighting,' the moderates will believe it uncritically and thus be taught to parrot the liberal line. As if it were their own."

- JP

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