Sunday, October 17, 2010

Politico: Allen West rakes in $1.6M

Retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West announced last week that his congressional campaign against Rep. Ron Klein (D-FL) raised $1.6 million in third-quarter campaign funds, topping his second quarter total of $1.4 million:
The Republican has emerged as a fundraising powerhouse, raking in more than $5.4 million so far for his campaign. Klein, who has yet to announce his third-quarter figures, had raised $2.5 million though Aug. 4. West’s second-quarter takeaway was the highest of any GOP non-incumbent candidate so far.

In a statement announcing his haul, West noted that “over 97 percent of our donations have come from individual contributions." His campaign said the average contribution was about $78.
West has the support of Gov. Palin and the Tea Party movement.

- JP

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