Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 140

"Who are the real fear mongers?" Edition

Chris Bounds at "Liberty Juice:
"RepubliCorp? Rebranding? Destroyed the environment? Sarah Palin declaring war against China, Norway, and the Pacific Ocean? So who are the fear mongers really?"
bc3b at Be John Galt:
"Obama not only seems to have a 'death wish' for his Presidency, but also seems intent in playing into Sarah Palin’s hand. For the past two weeks Palin’s key talking points have been the importance of this election for 'little guy' and standing up for the 'little guy.' Nothing would drive a stake through the heart of middle class Americans like losing tax credits for their children and tax deductions for their mortgages to fund Obama’s Utopian dreams. If you think homes have lost value now, you haven’t seen anything compared to a day when mortgages were no longer tax deductible."
Jennifer Caballero at Cubachi:
"Look, Allen West needs all the help he can get, but this is ridiculous. Mitt Romney waits until 10 days before the election to endorse Allen West? Sarah Palin endorsed Allen West [in] March."
Jillian Becker at The Atheist Conservative:
"In an article for the Washington Post, Charles Murray writes about a 'new elite', and what the Tea Party thinks of it... That this elite is isolated and ignorant as charged, could not be better demonstrated than by the vicious calumnies and petty sneers that its members... direct at Sarah Palin; they are characterized by snobbery... What’s particularly dangerous about the present elite is precisely its predominant leftism. And that danger in such a class is not new. The important Austrian School economist Ludwig von Mises wrote [about it] in his book Socialism, which was first published in English in 1936..."
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
"I know - [Alec Baldwin]'s only an actor, but his view is likely shared by most members of the media, which is the truly frightening thing."
Bernie Quigley at the Hill's Pundits Blog:
"For well more than a century, Americans have had a choice like that in an old general store I used to go to in rural West Virginia with a swinging sign that read, 'Ice cream, guns and ammo.' The ice cream came in two flavors, vanilla and chocolate. That has been our choice in political parties as well. As of Nov. 2, there will be a new flavor: Libertarian. It is already there. It has fully metabolized into the mainstream. Although not a Libertarian, Sarah Palin is the La Passionara of this new awakening, and Ron Paul, banned from the discussion in 2008, the Gray Champion. At first, that is when she was being called a slut by David Letterman and regularly mocked by Tina Fey, the eagle-eyed op-ed writers of the NYTs sounded a clarion. One of their most capable, the one who lives abroad, said it recalled to him those bad days when the broody earth spirits began to arise in the gnostic German heart. I am sure he was not talking about the Moravians. But today, in only two years, we are merely considered 'extremists.' Now, that is pilgrim’s progress."
Stacy Drake at A Time For Choosing:
"Isn’t it ironic that so many of the players involved in the merciless legal harassment delivered to Governor Palin have gone on to bigger and better things within the Democrat Party system?"
Jim at Jim’s Blog:
"The Democrats assure Republicans that Sarah Palin is unelectable, and that for her to be nominated for president in 2012 is their wet dream, because it would assure Obama of a second term, that if Republican[s] nominate Sarah Palin, Democrats will be celebrating. At the same time, the Democrats are quietly pushing the supposedly much more electable Michael Rubens Bloomberg as Republican presidential candidate in 2012, creating opportunities for him to receive favorable publicity, giving him lots of respect in Democrat controlled publications. If he is so much more electable, why are the Democrats pushing him and mobilizing to prevent Sarah Palin from getting the nomination? Never accept advice from your enemies."
egalia at Tennessee Guerilla Women:
"Sexualizing every last woman who dares to enter the male domain of church and state is one way to keep us women demeaned, trivialized and in our servile place. With women a pathetic 17% of Congress, clearly it's working. Shame on the allegedly progressive Mother Jones."
Jay G at MArooned:
"RI Dem: Obama Can 'Shove It' For Not Endorsing Him... Yo, Barry? This is your party. Not only is this your own party, but this is a Northeast liberal, the very bluest of the blue. When you start losing guys like Caprio, you're really in deep kimchee - and by all appearances, you've grabbed for the solid lead life preserver. Øbama has refused to endorse Caprio out of respect for one of his opponents, former RI Senator Lincoln Chafee - a refusal which may very well prove costly should Caprio ultimately prevail. It's interesting, from a disinterested party aspect, to see this kind of infighting. It's also equally interesting to see the kid-glove treatment given this, especially in light of every "ZOMG Republican X doesn't agree with Sarah Palin/The Tea Party/Zombie Reagan" revelation that comes out when it is shockingly revealed that all Republicans do not eat, sleep, or vote with a common brain."
Howard Fineman, HuffPo's lefty Senior Editor, quoted in the Poughkeepsie Journal:
"I think she'll run. Anyone who thinks she won't hasn't been paying attention. She'll announce it on Twitter. I haven't seen anyone who can push people's buttons in under 140 words the way Sarah Palin can. Don't underestimate her."
JohnHawkins at
"For too long, conservatives have allowed the misogynistic party of Bill Clinton to portray itself as "the party of women." But when even the National Organization of Women approves of sexual harassment as long as it’s done by Democrats and refers to Republican women like Meg Whitman as whores, the time is ripe for a right-wing feminist revolution. …… Which brings us to Sarah Palin. Despite the fact that the Left has hurled every sexist insult at her that you can imagine, nobody on the Left or Right has ever been more effective at pushing women candidates than she has."
Reagan to Palin:
"Wednesday morning (November 3rd), we must immediately gear up for Governor Palin’s campaign for the Presidency. If grassroots America says ‘YES’ we believe she will too. Ronald Reagan answered the call thirty years ago and Sarah Palin is hearing it now."
DrJohn at Flopping Aces:
"Two years ago Brian Kalt wrote an article in which he warned the peril in deriding Sarah Palin: 'Every four years, Democrats in the United States make the same mistake. They underestimate the appeal of the Republican Party to Middle America, and then reduce their own appeal by belittling it. Now, Democrats are falling into the same trap again with Sarah Palin...' This was the one Democrat policy that was shovel ready. And you know what they have been shoveling since then... Palin being stupid is arguably the predominant Democrat theme of 2010... Either Democrats are psychotically obsessed with a stupid woman or they are absolutely full of crap."
Beth Shaw at Blue Star Chronicles:
"Even though the Left is convinced there is a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy keeping Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars, she has earned her time on the show in her own right... She has drawn some vile condemnation from her mother’s enemies just for drawing breath, not to mention being on national television..."
- JP

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