Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sarah Palin: Yes, you can see Russia from Alaska

Posted just a few minutes ago by Gov. Palin on Facebook:
Alaska’s Position on the Globe (Yes, You Can See Russia!)

At least week’s revved-up Anchorage rally for Joe Miller I spoke to the independent, inspired crowd about the need to change Washington so Alaska can finally develop our natural resources to help secure the union. In the discussion, of course, the fact was made that our strategic location on the globe is key to resource development, military security, and transportation and shipping lanes boosting export opportunities, etc. And naturally I included a riff on the fact that you can actually see Russia from Alaska, because apparently only Alaskans know it’s true. Anyway, my good buddies throughout the state continue to send their “pictures of truth,” along with the plea to prove my point and put to rest the lamestream media’s mocking of that point. I promised my buddies I would prove it. So here you go. Some friends emailed photos showing how close Alaska is to Russia. This one shows Russia over the shoulder of a tough Alaskan. We are proud of our strategic location as the air crossroads of the world, our rich natural resources, and our valuable shipping and transportation lanes affecting the commerce of Pacific Rim countries. We need a U.S. Senator who will fight the feds for our right to responsibly develop and contribute to the rest of the U.S., so we can help secure the union economically and physically. We need Joe Miller!

- Sarah Palin

On the left of the photo is Little Diomede, behind it is Big Diomede,
and to the right of them you can see the Russian mainland. Photo
of Lynn Nelson.
- JP

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