Friday, October 29, 2010

Candidates for governor in Oklahoma agree: Palin is presidential material

The two women who are competing for the top government job in Oklahoma expressed opposing views on most of the issues at Thursday night's OSU-Tulsa gubernatorial debate, but they do agree on at least one thing. Both Democrat Jari Askins and Republican Mary Fallin said they believe that Sarah Palin is presidential material:
"I personally admire Sarah Palin and her true grit, her hard work, her tenacity, her willing to say whatever's on her mind," Fallin said. "She's earned great admiration, especially trying to put up with some of the things she's had to go through with even the national media.

"I appreciate what she does. She certainly has been a leader in talking about how we get America back on track."

Askins said she has not met Palin yet but that she would love for her to come to Oklahoma.

"I'd love to go hunting with her," Askins said. "Take her turkey hunting."

Askins said she thinks it would be a nice and informal way to become acquainted with Palin.

"I haven't been hunting grizzly bears, but if she would invite me up there (Alaska), I can promise you I'd go," Askins said.

"She's a wonderful communicator. She does a great job in trying to reach the people and communicate with them, and I think everyone in the U.S. realizes now that if you have the desire, anyone who sets their mind to it can run for president of this country, and she's certainly one of those."
Fallin said Gov. Palin would be one of the top candidates for president in 2012.

- JP

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