Friday, October 22, 2010

Andrew Malcolm: Would Jeb Bush vote for Palin vs Obama? 'You betcha!'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was John King's guest on CNN today. Bush said that today's campaign debates could benefit from a little more substance, and he believes the GOP need to adopt a positive agenda in 2012 that is "big and bold and aspiritional." Then, as our friend Andrew Malcolm observes:
King asked Bush a question off of Facebook: "Would he endorse Palin for president if he does not run himself."

Bush's quick reply: "Well, A, I'm not running. And if Sarah Palin is the nominee and she's running against Barack Obama, you betcha."

So, for at least for one party establishment figure, Sarah Palin could be a unifying factor against you-know-who.
We rarely feel compelled to give props to establishment Republicans, but we have to say good for Gov. Bush.

- JP

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