Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Surprise! Anti-Palin AP gives 'Sarah Palin's Alaska' a positive review

AP Television Writer Frazier Moore Has screened the first episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska," and his review is all positive:
Whatever you may think of Sarah Palin, the fact remains Alaska is magnificent with her as its presenter.

"Sarah Palin's Alaska," premiering on TLC on Nov. 14, adds "TV host" to Palin's crowded resume, which already includes former governor, former GOP vice presidential candidate, best-selling author and conservative superstar.

Palin also is a wife, a mother of five and a grandmother, of course, and her new series integrates her home life with Alaska's great outdoors.

Judging from the first of eight episodes, "Sarah Palin's Alaska" keeps politics out of the picture. Sure, the show is effective in selling the Palin brand. But along the way, Palin throws herself into selling the grandeur of Alaska.


Befitting the travelogue quality of the show, it boasts eye-popping scenes across the state's vastness (roughly twice the size of Texas).

The reviewer's bottom line: "...overall the show leaves no doubt: Alaska is well worth a visit. Presenting it to viewers, Palin is literally at home." The rest of us will be able to see that first episode November 14 on TLC.

- JP

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  1. I love that the review was good. My only correction would be the line about Palin's brand.
    I admit she brands herself better than anyone I've seen, but this Alaska piece is not about her. It's about her promise to Alaskan's when she was forced to step down as Governor. She promised to keep her platform promise of sharing the bounty of Alaska with the lower 48 and the world. That is the point of the show, that's why it's no politics, no "business as usual". It's Alaska and her integrity at their best. Congratulations once again, Governor.