Tuesday, October 26, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 139

"Louisville Sluggers and Hockey Sticks" Edition

Christo Strom at Country Christo:
"Hockey Mom Sarah Palin and Carrie Underwood together on stage with
Louisville Sluggers and Hockey Sticks would be awesome!"
John Romano at Yes, But However!:
"Personally, I’ve been mostly ambivalent in regard to Ms. Palin... However, my opinion of Ms. Palin’s prospects for the GOP nomination changed greatly after seeing a video of a recent speech she gave in Orange County, California. After seeing the twenty-minute clip of her, I have no doubt that she is running for President in 2012. Democrats will rejoice with glee if my prediction is true. They would be laughing at their own potential electoral doom... One must think of the sheer vitriol that Ms. Palin has been greeted with by the press and Democrat party over the last two years. She threatens them... Palin is stone cold junkyard political dog. The more they poke her, the stronger she gets. And that’s character... 2012 is the year of the Palin."
Doug Powers at The Powers that Be:
"I Can See Palin Mocking the History-Challenged Left From My House..."
John Fund at the Wall Street Journal:
"Liberals in the media seem puzzled about why so many women are showing up at Tea Party rallies, not to mention the existence of Tea Party-backed candidates such as South Carolina's Nikki Haley and Nevada's Sharron Angle... Even liberals such as Peggy Drexler, an assistant professor of psychology at Cornell Medical School, grudgingly acknowledge that Sarah Palin has a point when she says the 'Momma Grizzlies' of the Tea Party are the real feminists. 'These are women rising up to confront a world they feel threatens their families. They are loud, determined, unafraid and - politically speaking -- have very big teeth,' she wrote in the Huffington Post last month... Given that a Rasmussen poll this month finds that three out of ten Americans consider themselves Tea Party members or have close friends or family members who are, it has the potential to reshape the political landscape."
John Sexton at Big Journalism:
"Sarah Palin was right. It’s time for NPR to become National Private Radio."
Stacy Drake at Conservatives 4 Palin:
"Once again, the media is guilty of trying to spread the meme that Governor Palin is 'too polarizing' and is someone who fellow Republicans are trying to 'distance' themselves from... The funny thing about all of this is the fact the man the media spends their time shilling for, Barack Obama, is actually polling much worse in states like Florida than Governor Palin. According to the most recent Sunshine State News commissioned poll from Florida, Governor 'Palin’s net favorable rating in Florida' [is] 'stronger than Obama’s by eleven points.' With Obama’s numbers continuing their downward spiral, maybe Ben Smith should have posted a story about all the people who left the Democrat rally in Minnesota before the president gave his speech."
Time for Thorns:
"Obama is in full cry about the meanness and stupidity of those who disagree with him, and whining about distrust and fear, while Sarah Palin is outed as really smart by no less than liberal rock star John Mellencamp."
David Bossie at Big Journalism:
"Another pollster in the Washington Post article credits 'Sarah Palin – who endorsed Ayotte in the primary – with helping shift a decades-old dynamic. Where suburban women were a core part of the Republican party in the 1960s and ’70s, they shifted to the Democratic party in the 1980s and 90s, and have been a core part of the Democratic base ever since.' The leadership of such strong conservative women of the past like Clare Boothe Luce, Phyllis Schafly, and Margaret Thatcher, has brought forth the modern leadership of women like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, which in turn is bearing fruit in today’s female-led Tea Parties and closing the gender gap at the ballot box."
William at BudSpeech:
"Sarah Palin conducted herself with poise and grace while suffering the most shameful and shameless personal attacks in recent American political history. And she even had the ability to keep her sense of humor."
Jason Riley at the Wall Street Journal:
"Given that the tea party — a diffuse network of local groups with no central leadership — focuses not on race but on limited government, the NAACP's obsession with the movement might seem odd. And given the real challenges facing black Americans today, the fact that the nation's largest civil rights group is devoting time and resources to monitoring Sarah Palin rallies for Confederate flags is also rather sad."
The Fearless Conservative:
"The Liberal Media knows that Palin is a strong force for conservatives and are hitting her with everything they've got. Luckily, a lot of Americans are waking up and realizing that the Liberal Media cannot be trusted..."
Fuzzy Slippers at Fuzzy Logic:
"Heck, just look at the kind, benevolent leftists who hate with such relish, such passion . . . in the name of tolerance and understanding and peace... The more they try to stamp out 'racism' (and we all know that they care not one iota about actual racism, for they are the purveyors of the most pure racism known to mankind. No, they care only about using race as a bludgeon to beat people into silent submission, and the more they do that), the more acceptable racism becomes (real racism, not RAAAAACISM, the latter is a punchline to a well-known, exceedingly unfunny joke). The more the National Organization of Leftist Women (for they care not about women, as women. Women who are hurdling sexist barrier after sexist barrier . . . unless they are liberal loons. They even have the audacity to moan about Bristol and Sarah Palin . . . *gasp* not staying at home with their children. Um, sorry, but isn't that what feminism was supposed to be about? Opening doors to women that didn't lead to the nursery and the kitchen?) attack women who don't fit their political ideology, the more they reveal the sexism inherent in their stagnate, static 'movement.' Ditto class. Ditto religion. Ditto, ditto, ditto straight down the line of things to hate about others, particularly those who refuse to be 'otherered' like strong, conservative women and strong, conservative black men (and women) and now (finally!) Christians."
Alan Peters at Anti-Mullah:
"Hey Obama... Sarah Palin has more sense and love for America in her little fingernail than you have in your whole evil, corrupt embodiment."
John Smithson at Midknight Review:
"The Juan Williams debacle presents to the world the heart and soul of the Marxist hard left's social ethic... In the end, it is clear that the Left is as biased and closed minded as the Right has suggested for decades... Sarah Palin is another example of Leftist angst. It was not enough for these clowns to oppose Palin, they had to sit around in their pot-filled rooms and craft one lie after another. She and Todd were getting a divorce. Bristol's baby was actually Sarah's. The Governor was a tyrannical bitch. She had had a boob job. We emphasize that these were never 'news' stories, nor were they ever simply rumors. They were stories the major media helped create. They were lies from the very beginning, made up in an effort to completely destroy Palin. 18 frivolous lawsuits were filed against the Governor forcing her to leave-off her time as Governor 17 months early and half a million dollars in debt, nearing the time that she would lose her home and businesses..."
Jen Kuznicki:
"There is no question that the Republican Establishment is fighting hard against Palin and the country class from ever getting anywhere near DC... There is no question that they want her to be a fundraising monkey. It is great to see her frustrate them and make them bend to her."
- JP

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