Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Delaware Way: Rock star Sarah Palin in Wilmington this weekend

Blogger Nancy Willing at Delaware Way says Gov. Palin will "definitely" be in Wilmington, Delaware when the Tea Party Express bus tour rolls in to Dravo Plaza on South Madison Street for a 3 PM (local time) rally:
"The chatter has died down since Sarah Palin tweeted that she would come and campaign in Delaware for her Tea Party endorsee, Christine O'Donnell, well, until today anyway.

I was watching C-SPAN this morning when Tea Party Express founder, Sal Russo, said he is heading to Delaware this weekend to rally for O'Donnell. I made a few calls and discovered that area businesses have been contacted by Palin's 'people' and yes, she is [definitely] going to be traveling here with the Tea Party Express."
No confirmation yet from the "Palin people."

- JP

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