Friday, October 29, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 142

"Searching for our skeletons" Edition

Belle of Liberty:
"Where has The Washington Post been these last 18 months? Since the Tea Parties began in April 2009, they’ve been trying to figure out who we are. Certain that it’s some vast, right-wing conspiracy funded by corporate billionaires and cable television networks, they’ve left no stone, pebble, or boulder unturned. Apparently, they’ve searched every closet, cabinet, and cubby hole looking for our skeletons. Liberals have planted ringers in the midst of our rallies, trying to draw us out, drawing only quizzical stares instead. With the 2010 Mid-Term Election only a week away, they’ve finally discovered our secret: we’re just normal, average Americans... Certainly, there’s a top echelon of political celebrities like Sarah Palin leading a national charge, supporting such Conservative candidates as they can find. Sarah’s about as close to an average American as you can find in the inner political circle. They’re well-funded and well-organized, criss-crossing the country meeting with Tea Party groups. The Tea Party Express will be in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey on Oct. 31st. But the original Tea Parties, the Washington Post discovered, really love their independence. They love the fact that they have no national leader, as it were. The Tea Party Express and the Tea Party Patriots do their national thing – and the local tea parties do theirs."
Jennifer Caballero at Cubachi:
"It’s bad enough Charlie Crist attacks Marco Rubio’s Cuban heritage, he is also swinging at Palin, conservatives, and the tea parties... Crist was such a friend to Palin. What happened, Charlie? Conservatism scared you off?"
Mark Ganzer:
"The democratic party has come out with some campaign propaganda listing five democratic incumbents it calls Sarah Palin's Tea Party Targets. Okay, so this is a fund raising strategy aimed to appeal to one's 'reptillian' brain - the part of the brain that acts without thinking. A very unflattering picture of Sarah Palin is on the front cover. We've seen such unflattering pictures of a bevy of democratic candidates, but how ironic that the dems choose to mock Sarah Palin who is NOT EVEN A CANDIDATE, although, she is a force."
Jim Putnam at The Coltons Point Times:
"Sarah Palin and others took a very big chance and embraced the Tea Party movement... The good old boys who controlled the GOP... turned on Sarah to punish her for helping... outsiders that could not be controlled."
Maggie at babalú:
"Charlie Crist... wants you to know he's basically a middle of the road kinda guy (left-of-center is more like it) ... unlike those extremists in the Tea Party, Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio that want to take us down a dangerous road. (What is it with roads, cars, ditches, and Slurpees this election cycle?) Anyhow, from what I've observed with Charlie Crist he seems more concerned with his own reflection in the car's rear-view mirrors than what's ahead down the road."
Cassy Fiano:
"Crist... used to love Sarah Palin. He once called himself a Reagan Republican. And he used to be pro-life... The more Charlie Crist talks, the more obvious it becomes that he’s nothing but a hypocritical, shameless opportunist with no principles."
Samantha Moneypenny at Spotlight OK:
"I find it reprehensible that the press and pundits are demonizing [Mary] Fallin for her comment, that one thing separating her from Askins in the fact that she is a Mom... Clouding the issue in one respect, crystallizes the harmful underpinning of that sentiment, which is that women should be ashamed to be Mothers and Political Candidates. Why do you think the Lefties hate Sarah Palin? Because she flies in the face of the lies they have been told for years, including: Successful career or babies — pick one!"
"Sarah Palin Has Done Obama A Lot Of Damage..."
TheRightScoop at :
"You know, all she said was that once, in a brief moment, she could see and feel the attraction of abortion because of its convenience. But she didn’t abort and I would imagine that it was fairly brief moment that she even considered it. Her point was that even though she disagrees with abortion, she can relate to people who see it as a potential choice. That’s it. And yet, the MSM continues to attack her as though she were Dr. Evil’s wife. Seriously people, when does all the hate end?"
Sen. John McCain via Newsbusters:
"I continue to hold her in the highest regard and continue to be entertained by the attacks of the liberal media against her."
Patrick S. Adams at Unsheathed:
"It’s not a good day in the hideout when Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck have you tied to a chair and she says 'Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Not smart, Johnny.' You can picture Marlon Brando patting Jonathan Martin on his cheek as he says those words... And don’t piss off Mark Levin either. Joey Sack of Bullcrap learned that quickly today on Morning Zoo. His attack on Sarah Palin this morning was met with an instant belting from the Great One. If the battles of broadcast journalism were physical, Joe Scarborough would have a big shiner to show for opening his mouth about our Sarah. Why we talking so tough? This is not like conservatives to get their hands dirty. We go to church. We work. We raise families. But this is survival. You see, these guys want us dead... When they talk about killing cracker babies, when they beat up a button seller at a rally, when they put your tax blemishes online, when they rig voting machines to vote for Harry Reid, when they tell you to sit in the back and when they say they want to punish you, that’s when you bring out the Thrilla from Wasilla to kick some [butt]. Sarah’s not a mean girl. She’s just awesome."
Cato Uticensis at American Conservative Values:
"The dirt bags from Media Matters are frantic and a little nuts. They are admitting their ad boycotts against Glenn Beck are not working, so now their strategy is to enlist the help of Sarah Palin. Good luck on that one."
mcmeador at The Right Frame of Mind:
"David Brock, the founder and CEO of the leftist Media Matters claimed that Glenn [Beck] is erratic and portrayed him as if he is some kind of immediate threat to national security, going as far as to say that we’re on the precipice of another Oklahoma City bombing…oh…ok. That’s kind of strange... I guess media only matters when it’s pushing their socialist agenda. Anyway, he then calls on Sarah Palin to stand up in opposition to Glenn Beck... 'Help us, Sarah Palin. You’re our only hope.' Very Star Wars-y of them."
Tammy Bruce:
"Fat Boy (aka Karl Rove) questions Sarah Palin’s suitability for president. He mentions, as an example, that the fight for 2012 is gonna be 'blood, sweat and tears.' What, like the sweat he breaks our into going from the couch to the kitchen?"
Ross Calloway at The Lunch Counter:
"In the closing days of the mid-term elections (and for weeks preceding) there will be no discussion on the issues that Americans care about. Nothing of substance from Democrats, the legacy media, and other supporters of the Left. Bereft of anything positive to run on, what you will hear instead is she’s a bitch, a witch, and a whore. Have you noticed the vile attacks on conservative women lately? Well, I take that back. Have you noticed the attacks on conservative women since Sarah Palin in the 2008 presidential campaign?"
- JP

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